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10000 pc/month

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Product Description:

Optical fiber cable joint closure for otdr FTTH with PC material 



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  • Advanced internal structure design.

  • Easy to re-enter, it never requires re-entry tool it.

  • The closure is spacious enough for winding and storing fibers.

  • Fiber Optic Splice Trays(FOSTs) are design in SLIDE-IN-LOCK and its opening angle is about 90°.

  • The curved diameter meets with international standard.

  • Easy and fast to increase and reduce FOSTs.

  • Straight-through for uncutting and branching for cutting the fiber.

  • There are 2*3 drop cable elements to be chosen Max. 16 pcs drop cable input/output.

  • It can be installed Max. one 1:8 blockless PLC splitter.

  • Lay adapters suit for FTTH and easy to operate. 


  • Suitable for bunchy fibers

  • Aerial, underground, wall-mounting, hand hole-mounting, pole-mounting and duct-mounting

  • It’s especially applicable to FTTH optical fiber distribution 

Product Description of GJS-2011 


Fiber Optic Splice Closure




Anti-UV, inflaming retarding,rainfall resistant


Communication, network system, CATV and so on


Free sample available


1 piece

Export port


FOB price

15~45 USD

Supply Ability

10000 pieces/week

Delivery Date

3-4 working days

Trade Term



Air,Sea,Express( Door to Door Shipping DHL,FEDEX,TNT,UPS)

Payment Term



4 pcs in a carton or customized




Core capacity(Max.)Optional Assemble


    Dimension     (L*W*H)MM

  Cable Diameter


  Straight-  through






2*round: 13mm 2*round: 16mm

2*round: 20mm

8*round: 3mm




GJS-2011 Ordering Information  

TypeSplice  Capacity

Max. Adapter Capacity


Suitable Cable


GJS-2011 (Bunchy) 8F 8 SC1:8

2 round ports:13mm

2 round ports:16mm

2 round ports:20mm



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Quality Control  


 1.Can you provide free samples for us?

    ---Sure, we can provide the free samples for you, but the shipping cost need be on your account. 

 2.What’s the lead time for all the goods that I required?

    ---About the 3-4 working days after getting payment. 

 3.What’s the warranty for your products?

    ---Normally it is 2 years.

 4.What’s your payment term?

    ---It is 100% T/T in advance 

 5.What’s the MOQ for your products?

    ---1pcs is okay.

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Q:What does it mean to monitor the camera channel?
Channel refers to the physical location of the video input of the camera on the monitoring matrix or the DVR device. Such as: ordinary hard disk video recorders support 16 video signals, so that the back of the hard disk video recorder has 16 video input interface, the channel refers to the physical location of these video interfaces, generally from left to right sort.
Q:What is the meaning of the high definition and standard definition of the surveillance camera?
Camera is divided into ordinary camera (standard definition) and high-definition camera, standard definition camera is the physical resolution of 720P in a video format, 720P refers to the vertical resolution of the video to 720 lines progressive scan, the current standard definition In about 400 lines.
Q:Monitor the camera, how much money one, the kind of video
Video capture card (then used on the computer): 150-300 range, this money a sub-goods. Project costs depends on how difficult you install the installation, if the wiring and installation is no difficulty, then the general is a 50 yuan a camera point, there are difficulties, you have to see the situation to install the situation. And then a video file to save the length of time and your computer's hard disk size has a relationship, because you provide a computer, this business is not responsible. If you want to save a long time, you can ask the business, how much hard disk, not the case, then add a hard disk on it.
Q:How to clean the surveillance camera
Finally, wipe the lens with deerskin clean.
Q:Can the general camera be monitored?
Ordinary camera: ordinary personal computer + ordinary USB camera + software, the establishment of cheap USB camera monitoring system. Applicable to individuals who do not have any requirements.
Q:Monitor the hard disk video recorder how to pick up the computer
You are also a hard disk video recorder manufacturers, I teach you how to install the remote
Q:How to choose to monitor the camera and video capture card?
Fourth: whether the direct wiring or wireless transmission to install. In addition to the expensive price, the wireless network does save the camera installation trouble and unsightly, but need to pay attention to the problem of distance and obstacles. In principle, cement building materials will shorten the wireless transmission distance, metal materials will completely cover the wireless signal, the transmitter (at the camera side) and the receiver (at the host side) to stay away from other electrical appliances to avoid interference, such as the use of wireless networks , There must be more than 2 times the price of the monitoring equipment. We recommend that, unless necessary, try to use wired transmission to install.
Q:Monitoring camera 6mm 8mm 12mm 16mm length and width can be according to how much.
At the same time, the same focal length, length and width shooting range also with the camera CCD has a relationship. Charge - coupled Device, Charge - coupled Device. It is a semiconductor device that converts optical images into electrical signals. At present, most of the CCD chip used in the surveillance camera is 1/3 "and 1/4", that is, the target size is 1/3 inch and 1/4 inch. CCD target surface size, CCD and lens with the situation will directly affect the size of the field of view and image clarity.
Q:Monitor the camera's profit big
Camera technology in this country has been very mature! Profit margins and before is immeasurably! Now you can do this i do! Products are almost! Business only to reduce the price to win the market! Now a lot of camera manufacturers struggling, there is no sales they simply can not live! The price is also very transparent! Chips are the same, why are you expensive for me? Of course, except for the relationship! So now this line is not very good to do! If there is a relationship, get a brand! This piece can still be considered!
Q:An accurate calculation formula for monitoring the focal length and actual distance of the lens
The size of the imaging scene and the size of the imaging object are contradictory, for example, with the same camera to monitor the same parking lot, the choice of short focal length lens can be the entire parking lot to monitor and see the entrance Outside the vehicle out, but can not see the car's license number (the car in the monitor screen only occupies a small area)

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