Terrestrial Heat Wood Grain Floor Panel Series

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Product Description:

Terrestrial Heat  Wood Grain Floor Panel Series

Size:1100*150*15   910*125*15   910*125*15

Brief Introduction:

It’s made of natural inorganic synthesized polymer materials. It adopts special low environmental protection technology and realizes one-time formation, no pollution and recyclable. Diversified surface treatment technology makes the different style of the decorative effect.

Application: modern decoration style; family decoration; villa; public office area etc.


Excellent performance: This product has characteristics of waterproof, fireproof, high strength, good wear resistance, no deformation, anti-skid, comfortable foot feeling, acid and alkali resistance, insect prevention, high temperature resistance, fast heat conduction, which is the first choice of energy-saving building panel.

1.  Environmental protection: Anti-bacterial, without formaldehyde and other harmful gas emission, but it also can be recycled and manufacturing.

2.  Fast heat conduction: With fast heating, Shu naide Microlite floor panel usually just need 15 minutes, which can feel higher temperature obviously, and its heating rate is several times than other materials.

3.  Long time of heat storage: It is took the hollow design, base isolation, with good thermal insulation effect.

4.  Energy saving: The microlite floor panel with good thermal conductivity, which used for electric heating, water heating, can achieve the ideal temperature in short time. It can store heat for a long time and can be recycled without formaldehyde and radiation.


Terrestrial Heat  Wood Grain Floor Panel Series

Terrestrial Heat  Wood Grain Floor Panel Series

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Q:Can the building floor be able to withstand 1 ton of weight?
better not. According to the design specifications, most of the floor of the live load design value of 2-2.5kN / square meter, although the general will not be something that is not allowed someday you next to the fish tank and put a small and heavy objects on the dangerous trough More memorable tea remover. Suggestions on the floor above the beam should be no problem. So look at the drawings, find the location of the beam. Or corresponding to the location of the roof beam to find the location of the beam below, because the standard beam position are basically the same.
Q:How to remove the floor tile rust
The rust on the floor to see what the floor, the wooden can be washed with detergent, floor tiles, then there is no way to clean up, because they have infiltrated the inside.
Q:How to fix pergo floor?
different than gluing the chips decrease back in place, the subsequent actual looking answer is to deconstruct the floor to the chipped products and rearrange the tiles with the chips someplace no longer interior the midsection, or replace them altogether. If counters have been placed on ideal of the floor, this may well be lots greater durable.
Q:what to used to gloss or wax a floor.?
Hi Ucleremuss, I’m Blake, I work for Home Depot out in California. For a concrete floor that has been spray painted I would highly recommend going with a more durable protective option than wax. We offer many different types of Urethane floor protectants that will give you the most life out of that paint. They come in gloss or satin sheens. Although wax provides good water resistance, it does little to protect the floor from wear and tear. Urethane will actually provide a rigid armor-like coating for the more brittle spray paint. I hope this helps! -Blake @ The Home Depot
Q:Cannot decide Parquet floors or laminated floors?
Laminated flooring is the easiest surface to clean. Also with all the colours to choose from, it's very tempting. From a money point of view, also art deco-ish, people absolutely love reviding the old parquet flooring. They would not think of taking it out. The quality of the wood is much more hardy than laminate. Once you have taken all the gunk, there probably is, off the parquet flooring, you can have a poly-urethane sealer put on. It does not shine, and can be cleaned with soap and water.
Q:Composite floor with no wax, what brand of wax?
Composite floor roughly sub-composite and solid wood composite: strengthen the composite floor can not wax, but just as good as the skin can do the same as the occasional waxing is also possible! Solid wood flooring must be waxed! Specific brand depends on what you want to buy the price of the!
Q:How does sea-floor spreading account for the age of sea floor?
This Site Might Help You. RE: How does sea-floor spreading account for the age of sea floor? How does sea-floor spreading account for the age of sea floor
Q:Cheap boards and flooring??
Always keep in mind when you buy cheap, you get cheap let the buyer beware.
Q:How do I disinfect laminate floors?
Get some laminate floor cleaner at a home improvement store. It usually contains alcohol. I like to apply it with a Rubbermaid Reveal mop. They sell them at Walmart and other places. You put your own cleaner in the reservoir and it has a pump handle to spray it on the floor (like a swiffer wet jet). Instead of disposable pads, it uses a washable microfiber pad.
Q:laminate floors in the middle of tile?
There are pieces of trim that have one thickness on one side and another thickness on the other for this exact reason where one floor is higher than the other. This trim allows for a smooth transition from one height floor to another. I have had it in my house for years and it never popped out. Mine is oak. Your installers obviously are using the wrong trim for this application as there is a trim for this transition. Go to your local home improvement store and you can see what I am talking about. I wish I had the correct name of this trim to make asking for it easier for you. But, I am sure once you describe the problem, they will know where to direct you. Good Luck

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