Terrestrial Heat Wood Grain Floor Panel Series

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Product Description:

Terrestrial Heat  Wood Grain Floor Panel Series

Size:1100*150*15   910*125*15   910*125*15

Brief Introduction:

It’s made of natural inorganic synthesized polymer materials. It adopts special low environmental protection technology and realizes one-time formation, no pollution and recyclable. Diversified surface treatment technology makes the different style of the decorative effect.

Application: modern decoration style; family decoration; villa; public office area etc.


Excellent performance: This product has characteristics of waterproof, fireproof, high strength, good wear resistance, no deformation, anti-skid, comfortable foot feeling, acid and alkali resistance, insect prevention, high temperature resistance, fast heat conduction, which is the first choice of energy-saving building panel.

1.  Environmental protection: Anti-bacterial, without formaldehyde and other harmful gas emission, but it also can be recycled and manufacturing.

2.  Fast heat conduction: With fast heating, Shu naide Microlite floor panel usually just need 15 minutes, which can feel higher temperature obviously, and its heating rate is several times than other materials.

3.  Long time of heat storage: It is took the hollow design, base isolation, with good thermal insulation effect.

4.  Energy saving: The microlite floor panel with good thermal conductivity, which used for electric heating, water heating, can achieve the ideal temperature in short time. It can store heat for a long time and can be recycled without formaldehyde and radiation.


Terrestrial Heat  Wood Grain Floor Panel Series

Terrestrial Heat  Wood Grain Floor Panel Series

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Q:My dad went insane over floors?
If he continues to act this way it could be something serious, if it's stress related it might stop. Either way it's not normal so have an intervention
Q:Can the wood flooring often use water?
Can not, the characteristics of the wood floor is dry shrinkage expansion, often with water drag, resulting in water into the wood floor, a serious cause deformation of the floor, expansion, if not handled properly, there will be slits, cracking and so on. So in daily life, be sure to use the wring the mop to tow the floor.
Q:What is clean for composite flooring?
Half dry and not wet soft cloth
Q:Prove that the floor(2x)=floor(x) floor(x 1/2)?
Using the notation [x] for the floor(x) and correcting the equation, you need to show [2x] = [x] + [x+1/2]. By the definition of the floor function, we always have [x] ≤ x < [x] + 1 so our two cases are made just by splitting this inequality into two: Case 1: [x] ≤ x < [x] + 1/2 Then we have 2[x] ≤ 2x < 2[x] + 1 [x] ≤ [x] + 1/2 ≤ x + 1/2 < [x] + 1. In other words, this shows that for this case, [2x] = 2[x] = [x] + [x] = [x] + [x + 1/2] Case 2: [x] + 1/2 ≤ x < [x] + 1 Then we have 2[x] + 1 ≤ 2x < 2[x] + 2 [x] + 1 ≤ x + 1/2 < [x] + 3/2 < [x] + 2. In other words, this shows for this case, [2x] = 2[x] + 1 = [x] + ([x] + 1) = [x] + [x + 1/2] Since in both cases, we can derive the same equation, the equation must be true: [2x] = [x] + [x + 1/2]
Q:Formaldehyde standards for flooring
Flooring production process to use adhesives, and formaldehyde is one of the main components of the adhesive, so there will be formaldehyde in the floor. In addition to formaldehyde, the floor without any other harmful substances. China's national standards on the floor of the formaldehyde emission is the implementation of mandatory environmental standards, as follows: E1 level, ≤ 1.5mg / L (dryer method), ≤ 0.12mg / L (climate box method, when used in arbitration). In line with national environmental standards of the product under normal conditions of use on the human body is no harm. Formaldehyde emission and the thickness of the floor is basically no relationship, and the production of the use of the adhesive properties of the floor and the production process. National standard GB-2001 detection criteria clear test conditions are: require the test sample of the measured surface area of 450mm2 (note that the area is not the volume, but not the thickness), while the sample with four formaldehyde-free aluminum Tape seal. Therefore, the final detection of the floor surface is released from the formaldehyde, and the thickness of the floor has nothing to do. Some businesses say that thick plate formaldehyde release is completely misleading consumption.
Q:tatami flooring????????????
it's recommended that you also do not wear shoes on this flooring as it wears down the tatami mats quickly. Hope this helps!
Q:How to remove the floor tile rust
Rust the main component of ferric oxide, was dumb red, tiles once stained, very stubborn, with the general cleaning method can not remove it. To clear it, ask for acidic substances to help. As a result of the ridicule cans and intestines, the dirt caused by the construction of the dirt are used in the general chemical shops have sold, oxalic acid is weak, not a dangerous goods, buy Unrestricted can clean the tiles, porcelain above the oil, paint, tea, etc., but the effect is not hydrochloric acid is good, hydrochloric acid should be used to dilute it, so as not to cause damage to the body, it is dangerous goods, the purchase also has a certain limit, Wash with oxalic acid. Oxalic acid on the tile surface is not damaged. And the general chemical pharmacy is easy to buy. Second, dilute hydrochloric acid or dilute sulfuric acid: such substances are dangerous goods. Chemical pharmacies are generally not easy to sell, even if the sale will be strictly controlled. Such substances due to acidity is too strong, likely to cause damage to the tile surface. Third, other acidic substances.
Q:How do you create a second floor on The Sims 2?
the is a button which says next floor and then you create the wall/s
Q:Wall color and floor color with what good?
Wall, of course, with a nice white, you can also add some other colors for decoration. The ground is also the best choice of plain, and floor tiles must choose non-slip.
Q:DER Del floor quality okay
[Cp] This is the ground floor for the floor, the installation of a year, the first year after heating the floor began to shrink. Long mouth, short mouth are split out of the seam, the following figure is a repair after the picture, we look after the attention of their own do not take care of the United States, [/ Cp]

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