Termite-repellent and Rodent-repellent Nylon Jacket Compound

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Nylon compound:
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Nylon compound:

1. Applications of Nylon compound:

Nylon jacket compound for non flame retardant optical fiber cable, communication cable and power cable with well performance of low temperature resistance and resistance to brittleness, substitute for imported No.12 nylon jacket compound.

2. Descriptionof Nylon compound:

This nylon jacket compound is developed by ourselves, in order to substitute for the PA12. It has a lot of advantages, such as processing easily, low temperature brittleness resistance, smooth surface, termite-repellent and rodent-repellent. It is suitable for jacket with low temperature brittleness resistance.

3. Processing of Nylon compound:

The compound can be processed with conventional extruders. The L/D should be greater than or equal to 25; and the compression ratio of screw should be greater than 1:2.5.

Drying: be dried at 85-100°C for 3-6 hours before use.

The following temperature(°C) profile of extruder is recommended:


Zone 1

Zone 2

Zone 3

Zone 4



temperature °C







Note: The above temperature is recommended only, and the actual processing temperature should be according to the type of machine and environment.

4. Storage and transport of Nylon compound:

Packaging:25kg/bag,Aluminum foil and PE membrane inside bag, and kraft outside bag.

Storage and transport: Avoiding in direct sunlight and weathering. The storage place should be in clean, cool, dry, and ventilated conditions.

5. Properties of Nylon compound:












Shore D



Tensile Strength




Elongation at Break




Notched Impact Strength




Volume Resistivity




Dielectric strength




Oxygen Index

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