tempered glass side table

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DimensionLxWxH): 395*395**600mm
materialtempered glass+powder coated  tube
finishtempered glass in white,black,red,......
glass thickness6mm
leg dia20*20*1.0 mm
package: kd into a brown carton
carton size2: 63*49*3.5cm


Packing WayExport standard packing,5 layers brown carton or color box packing
Payment Term30% T/T deposit in advance and 70% balance payment against the copy of B/L
Delivery Time20-30 days after receiving the payment in advance
PortXin'gang Tianjin


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Q:Is it difficult to sleep in a hard bed?
The hard bed prevents the spine from bending, but the pillow must be comfortable!Bed asleep comfortable but the theory is not a hard bed!Previously, people circulated "sit back and relax", saying that the public thought it was a scientific sleep knowledge. In fact, a large number of clinical cases have proved that excessive pillows can damage the backbone. Therefore, what is appropriate bedding, has become a new problem for people. Some scholars believe that the height of the pillow is very exquisite. The idea of "sit back and relax" is wrong.
Q:s10 bed swap?
I'm guessing that this would work,providing your gas tank and filler spout are in the same location on both beds.Crawl underneath,make sure the mounting bolts are in the same locations,go from there.Good luck.
Q:What size does the 1 meter mattress mean?
A meter mattress generally refers to the size of the 100*200cm.
Q:Method for making invisible bed
Process for making invisible bedStep 1: fix the cabinet with expansion screws to the wall before installation.The second step: take out the foot of the bed, put the shorter iron bar into the plastic tank outside, take out the screw at the end of the bed and fix the end of the bed.The third step: the long self tapping screws through the frame fixed on the panel, the fixed time must pay attention to the bed panel and iron three edge alignment, measurement of appropriate distance is fixed holes, screw, fixed panel.The fourth step: take out the bed frame fixed board, in the installation before, we want to distinguish between the left and right sides of the board, installation should pay attention to balance, the two boards must be at the same height.The fifth step: the fixed screws and short self tapping screws are fixed to the bedstead, and the large screw on the bedstead is screwed to the fixed plate. Tighten the screws at the end of the bed.The sixth step: take out the pressure bar, and use the pressure bar to fix the screw cap, so that the good screw can become more compact. Take out the head shield screw lever, screw the screw cap down, put it behind the baffle plate, screw through the frame and baffle, hold the screw cap behind, and unscrew the screw lever. The rest of the modeled on screw.The seventh step: the bedside board hinge fixed the appropriate seat, and the bedside board on the mattress baffle.
Q:Buy solid wood bed, row skeleton, and some screws, will be thick wood fixed on the bedstead, and some use clips to batten on the bedstead, which is good?
Steel and wood are good, durable and difficult to wear. For a long time are likely to ring, steel and wood can be up in the sound of the parts of oil (preferably rust oil), inconvenient can also use the home cooking oil, but with edible oil, from time to time to add.
Q:Are there crib size bunk beds?
Not crib size bunk beds, per se, but daycares sometimes have stackable cribs to save space. You may try those, if that's what your goal is. I googled it, and here's the first link that popped up. No idea if they're a reputable site, but at least you can see what they look like: www.1st-quality-school-supplies.c...
Q:How to install the air cushion bed with bent skeleton?
I am the rib bed frame, the row skeleton can use independently (generally matches the bed box or the bedstead use), so long as in the row skeleton spreads the mattress, may make the bed frame to use. But don't look good, "hob bed" and "row skeleton" effect can be the same as. But to distinguish.
Q:bed bugs bites ????
'm not sure of the perfume thingy, but they can bite over your clothes..
Q:A bed that can turn the mattress straight to the wall
The designer tied the mattress and the bedstead made by the workman with bandage and fixed it. Fit the hinge and the hydraulic lever on the bed and wall so that the bed can be folded to the wall.
Q:Downward force of jumping on the bed?
You cannot know for certain without knowing what kind of elasticity the bed has. You need to know BOTH how stiff the bed is AND how well the bed does at restoring and rebounding the person, because when this person hits the bed and remains on the bed after impact, it is much different than when this person rebounds off the bed. A person rebounds because no energy is dissipated. A person sticks to the bed because as much energy as possible is dissipated as heat. A riverbed is still a bed (just not one on which you normally sleep), isn't it? And it is made out of very stiff rocks. Let the water run out of it without replenishing it and there you have a bed on Most bed mattresses are made spring formed and enclosed in fabric. Other mattresses may be made from foam or enhanced foam-like materials, and are much less stiff than a typical spring. The stiffer the material and geometry of the bed structure, the less time spent in contact and acceleration with the bed before coming to rest or rebounding, and the briefer the impulses. Brief impulses imply greater forces of impact than a protracted impulse delivering the same total value of impulse.

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