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Our advanced and excellent-performance telescopic crawler crane fillsthe gap in market, and will be ideal lifting equipment at present.

This machinecombines the advantages of ant crane working without boom-disassembling andcrawler crane working with load. The track chassis can be used in variousworking fields, with lower pressure to ground, more close to lifting load. themachine can pass through lower height for its flexible telescopic boom, usuallyas the replacement of auto crane and truss boom crawler crane with much larger tonnages.It is mainly applied to such following fields, such as under-bridge,inner-tunnel and other height restrained off streets area or frequent shiftingyard. This machine also has the track span of hydraulic telescopic crane, withthe advantages of convenient transportation when retracting and stableperformance when extending.

We can provide the tonnage crane has 12t /16 t/25T/32T/40T/50T/65T/80T/100T.

The design of telescopic arm and track chassis combine the advantages of truck crane and crawler crane,Which are as follows:

  • All directional operation in 360°

  • Traveling with load

  • The design if track chassis greatly decrease the ground contact pressure and applicable to all kinds of working fields.

  • The arm can work high efficiently,which is free flex according to different working conditions without dismantling.

  • The hydraulic luffing mechanism can realize rapid change with great efficiency.

  • The entire transportation can reduce accessory equipment as well as transportation facility and cost.

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Q:What are the daily maintenance of the truck crane?
Purchasing the Ministry of Commerce Organize the process, the equipment management department and the equipment manufacturer or agent to sign the "purchase order" (key and important equipment before the purchase order should be approved by the general manager), the purchase order should specify the specifications of the equipment to be purchased, the basic
Q:What is the hook crane technique?
Stop hook, slow,Shake hook, to coincide with the turntable speed.
Q:What is the relationship between all-terrain cranes and tire cranes?
Axis, the number of wheels is less, generally 8-axis 18 rounds, so the car crane is usually smaller tonnage, usually within 100 tons.
Q:What is the reason for the jitter of the crane boom
Once the air into the hydraulic circuit, it will increase the oil elasticity, reduce the hydraulic drive stiffness, the telescopic cylinder impact and crawling phenomenon, causing the boom when the telescopic jitter.
Q:What operating permits are required for truck cranes?
2, the car crane driver must also be made by the company issued by the internal quasi-driving license;
Q:What is the working principle of a truck crane?
The rotary drum is driven by a hydraulic motor, so you can see two tubing, but do not treat the cylinder.
Q:Is the truck crane a special equipment?
Crane boom transmission structure is complex, mechanical or hydraulic system in the event of a problem, will lead to greater risk, lead to accidents, involving life and property security, so it needs to be classified as special equipment for management.
Q:What is the development trend of truck cranes in China?
China's automobile crane production enterprises in order to survive and develop in the field, need to do a lot of things
Q:What is the principle and purpose of the rotary joint of the truck crane center?
Through the tubing will be with the kinetic energy of the hydraulic oil delivered to the work of the motor, with the motor will be with the kinetic energy of hydraulic oil into mechanical energy to promote its working parts work!
Q:How does the car crane handle?
By the Provincial Production Safety Supervision Bureau for a unified, from the date of issuance of two years without a test, continuous trial twice no longer tested.

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