TECO High Low Voltage AC Motor

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Q:How is electrical energy generated in Dynamic Braking when using AC induction motors?
If the load were to make the motor operate above 100% speed, such as could occur when an electric locomotive is going down hill, the motor operation moves into the red part of the curve. As operation moves from the green part to the red part of the curve, the torque produced by the motor drops to zero and becomes negative.
Q:How Do I Convert A Single Phase DC Power To A Three Phase AC To Run A 30KW 52.3A AC Motor?
If it is made for electric cars, they will make controllers for them. For some reason, I think you are trying to use a motor made for fixed industrial equipment, not to move a car.
Q:Electric motor switches?
If you wish to change the motor's direction of rotation with a switch, you will need reversible motor. It will have separate windings for each direction, and a transfer switch which prevents energizing CW/CCW windings simultaneously. An ordinary AC motor can't be reversed for practical purposes except by removing the end bells and rotor, then reassembling with the rotor's output on the opposite end.
Q:were is the ac blower motor on a 04 ford expadtion?
in the plenum under the dash.
Q:How does IGBT works in frequency inverter for ac motor control?
change motor to a 3 phase motor (very cheap) , buy an ac tech drive
Q:Disadvantage of AC Drive?
Speed Control The main disadvantage of AC motors, when compared with DC motors, is that their speed is more difficult to control. AC motors can be equipped with variable frequency drives, which provide smooth turning moment, or torque, at low speeds and complete control over the speed of the motor up to its rated value. Variable frequency drives improve speed control, but do create losses with reduced power quality. Control Complexity The device used to control an AC motor, known as an AC drive, is typically more complex than that used to control a DC motor. An AC motor controller must convert AC mains electricity to DC, and convert DC back again to an adjustable frequency and voltage output to the AC motor. By contrast, a DC motor has a separate field, or excitation, and power circuits, requiring just a single power conversion from AC to DC -- so the circuitry of a DC motor controller is simpler. Power Torque Historically, another disadvantage of AC motors has been that they develop less power, or less torque, per frame size. Research conducted by Rockwell Automation compared typical, commercial AC and DC motors in industry standard National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) frame sizes, and found this to be the case. However, AC and DC motors employ different classes of insulation and have different service factors -- the overload capacity at which the motor can operate without damage -- so direct comparison is not always straightforward. Other Disadvantages AC motors are typically more expensive than DC motors for most horsepower ratings. If the rotor of an AC motor rotates faster than the speed command of the AC drive, the motor acts as a generator and pumps, or regenerates, energy into the drive. If the drive cannot absorb this energy, the drive will switch off, or trip, with a fault. AC drives capable of regeneration are more complex and more expensive than DC regenerative drives. AC motors may also produce more audible noise than DC motors.
Q:How do I change the speed of the motor?
The speed and frequency of motor poles, polar slip on changing the motor starting capacitor, the direction of rotation of the motor can be changed by a pair of pole motor each phase is about more than 2800 rpm, 4 pole motor is about more than 1400 rpm, 6 pole is about more than 960,.
Q:torque ratings of 3 phase 480 volt ac motors controlled by vector vfd ?
A vector or even a sensorless vector VFD should be capable of operating a motor from base speed right down to or very nearly to zero speed at 150% of rated torque as calculated from the nameplate speed and power ratings. The current required to produce 150% of rated torque should not exceed 150% of the motor nameplate current. The minimum speed at which the motor can produce rated torque continuously and the maximum time that rated torque can be maintained at stall depends on the specific motor design, particularly the cooling provisions. Motors equipped with a separately powered cooling fan can typically sustain rated torque at zero speed continuously. Manufacturers of VFD rated motors usually have rating curves that show the motor torque vs. speed continuous and intermittent capability.
Q:AC or DC motors for rolling gate motors?
Door body is relatively small, such as general shops, doors using DC motor is more convenient, because the door is relatively light, and can add reserve power supply, to prevent the city power failure, the coil gate can still be used.
Q:AC Fan Motor connection?
I know exactly the motor you have with the brown/black/purple....be sure the shaft size /amp draw/ and rpm are a correct match or compatible..I will answer you/but you really need to get a tech out there(seriously)...if you have a four wire condensor motor...the two brown wires will go directly to its own run capacitor/don't rehook to the dual run capacitor in the unit/it will make life easier on you.all you have now is line voltage to hook up.look at the top of your contractor.there is no polarity on 230 single phase.take your yellow or white(motor power lead and go to one side(t-1) and then black will be opposite (t-2)...if you have a heat pump this will be fed off odf on the defrost Board. If its got a yellow and a orange small set of plugs they are your rotation plugs.also make sure you set your depth on your blade....and reomove moisture plug...good luck be careful.

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