TDGC,TDGC2, TSGC,TSGC2 series Contact Voltage Regulator

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Principle & Characteristics

The voltage regulator is in the structure of adjustable compensator, it wind a coil on the loop core,thee brush coincide with the rubbed surface of the coil closely under the spring pressure effect,rotate
the revolving shaft to drive the brush stand, and make the brush move along the coil surf ace to change the contact position of the brush, that means change the turns rate of primary and secondary coil, which
can make the output voltage stepless adjusted within the adjustment range. It has the advantage of no waveform distortion, small volume, less weight, high efficiency, simple and reliable operation, un for
long period and so on.

Scope of Application

It is widely used in industry (as chemical industry、metallurgy、instruments、meters、electromechanical manufacturing、light industry etc.)、scientific experiment、public facilities and domestic electric appliance to fulfill voltage regulating、temperature control、speed regulating、light adjusting、power control and so on, it is an ideal AC regulated power source.

Main Technical Parameter Size & Weight

Note: 1.TDGC、TSGC series products are same with the TDGC2j、TSGC2j series. 2.The said overall size and weight are for reference only.

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Q:I have a 2002 ford explorer . my motor got washed and?
you can test for a parasitic draw by using a digital multi meter $20-30 from autozone the booklet that comes with the meter will show you how to set it up to test amps! disconnect the negative batt cable touch one lead to the neg post on batt and the other one to the neg cable watch the reading it gives while having a friend pull one fuse at a time. normal draw is .3 to .5 amps (pcm memory) when the reading drops off the component that fuse powers is draining your batt!
Q:Why is my fuse blowing all the sudden?
most likley when the bass hits its hardest or deepest its to much for your amp so it blows your fuse try turning your bass booster down or the bass alltogether.
Q:Overheated PS3 on accident?
your husband might be wanting to kill you now haha
Q:i have a mono block amp and its one channel at 1 ohm stable so how may subs can i put on my subs?
Kind of a trick can play the ohm game all day long. As long as you come up with 1.0 ohms or greater it will work. You could technically run 8 -2 ohm single voice coil subs and still have a 1 ohm load!
Q:Is the fuse for the A/C located in the hood fuse box or the interior fuse box?
both fuse boxes will have a/c components, and not just fuses. there are also relays
Q:Rover 420 draining battery overnight 4A draining. Removing Fuses dont stop it. New battery, alternator working
the surge whilst shifting into rigidity sounds like a very self sufficient difficulty. many times it incredibly is led to by capacity of low computerized Transmission Fluid. If it hasn't been run in a collectively as, it takes a 2d for it to warmth up so it fills the torque converter thoroughly. before it lurches, it probably sounds like it incredibly is desiring to have extreme RPMs to flow a low velocity. If it makes an extremely loud slamming noise, it incredibly is possible some thing interior the transmission itself is a difficulty, yet in many circumstances it sounds extra like grinding, as though the gears did not somewhat catch. If the motor vehicle starts off, runs and has 14.x volts on the battery, then your floor isn't a difficulty. make helpful in spite of the incontrovertible fact which you have the extremely floor strap grounded to the motor vehicle. at times the helpful cable to the starter is wrapped in black that may bring about issues and a presently lifeless battery in case you floor it to the chassis. yet it incredibly is probably not the difficulty for you. Like different persons have stated, short circuits would reason a speedy battery drain. while you're leaving it for a week and the battery is dying, i does not hassle too lots. the motor vehicle i'm engaged on perfect now, (1986 BMW 325e with 1991 525i engine) loses adequate power over the process a week if it incredibly is not run so as that even the electrical powered locks do not paintings, much less initiate. My chum's 1989 325is seems to run dry quickly too. element is, some automobiles in simple terms are enormous battery wasters and in case you do not rigidity it many times, it's going to lose its charge notably without postpone. wish i've got been effectual, and strong luck fixing your difficulty!
Q:CarAudio I have a 1998 Honda civic stock altenator I want do a 1200 watt amp it says 120 amps fuses?
In the short term, probably. Long term - I'd be surprised if that alt lasts 6 mo. At anything over 1/2 volume that alt will basically be maxed out. Under that much stress the amount of heat produced will be extreme. Heat in alternators causes both the electrical components and the mechanical components to wear out quickly.
Q:Need help in recognizing power pole types and its components.?
Most of these are insulators. A, D, E G are pin or post insulators B, C F are suspension insulators. The items circled in magenta on F and in yellow on G are fused disconnect switches.
Q:Do you trust buying cheap batteries?
If buying NiMH batteries, I always use name brand batteries like Powerex or Eneloop. I also use a good quality charger, like Maha. Having the extra capacity and performance is important so I suddenly don't have enough juice to finish shooting. Also, the quality batteries save money in the long run.
Q:2004 Hyundai Santa Fe Radio problem.?
The radio has a second fuse for memory, although it is used by other components so you would notice that worth a second look though! Check all the fuses with a lest light or a volt meter, if they're all are ok then its likely your radio, they are rather problematic

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