TCT hole saw(Thick metal) HTTS-B D.O.C. 1

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D.O.C.  1” 

Made of high quality solide carbide tips , reduce the damage of tips , increase the endurance

Assembled with high quality center drill and spring

Maxium cutting depth of 15mm on solid plate with pistol drill , and 25mm on solid plate with magnetic drills

Shank diameter 10mm for hole saw Φ16mm~34mm , and Shank diameter 13mm for hole saw Φ35mm~100mm.


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Q:What drills are used in stainless steel drilling?
Drilling drills are often used on stainless steel workpieces. Hardened carbide can be made from carbide drills. If conditions permit, we can use super hard high speed steel or ultra-fine Grain Cemented Carbide bit. When drilling, the torque and axial force are large, the chip is easy to bond, difficult to break, and the chip removal is difficult. The work hardening is intensified, the corner of the drill is easy to wear, the drill bit rigidity is poor, and vibration is easy to occur. So the drill grinding chip split groove, grinding chisel to reduce axial force, grinding double angle to improve the radiating conditions.
Q:Which material, gb1436 and 6542, has a good drill?
6542 is a high speed tool steel.Most of the drilling holes for high-speed processing, so the majority of small drill bit is 6542, this is the must choose.Most drilling holes are low speed processing, and the manufacturing cost is considered, so most of them do not use 6542.GB1436 "straight shank twist drill", this is a standard, is a straight shank twist drill specifications, size, not material.
Q:CNC machine tools I use 6.5 bit drilling out is 6.7, what method can be solved?
Finish with 6 and take 6.5 of the drill. Or trim the bit edge of the drill bit slightly
Q:Tap with 5 taps. How many drills are drilled?
Drilling refers to the use of drills to drill holes in solid material. The drilling work in the exploration work, as well as the auxiliary tools needed for drilling and some emergency measures are described here.
Q:By drilling with a bit, why is the hole drilled straight 2 larger than the diameter of the drill?
Equipment: drill precision, bearing wear and drill card precision drill conical burr speed selectionThe lateral and lateral deflection of the bit and the size of the back angleDrilling can only be used for fastening, for mating, for boring, for reaming
Q:How can we change an ordinary drill bit into stainless steel?
Ordinary drill can also drill stainless steel, but the performance is a little bit worse, the use of cutting speed is slower, plus special cutting fluid or vegetable oil for cooling lubrication.
Q:What is the four hole five hole hammer?
The five pit is the BOSCH patent to produce this kind of hammer to buy patents to BOSCH can. Four pits are everywhere, and every household can produce it.
Q:What kind of drilling bit is good for stainless steel?
This depends on the size of your drill, a lot of false open a hole is useless, there are special stainless steel drilling bit, do not buy fake Oh!
Q:How to use glass drills?
With the drill bit in the hole on the glass, water glass drill bit 80 degree angle at the hole grooves and then gradually transferred to a glass surface 90 degrees vertical to continue drilling, and continue to add water cooling the drill bit when drilling, 5mm stopped the machine out the bit within the glass pieces and then drilling. Clean up until the desired depth is reached.
Q:What's the difference between a drill bit and a tap?
You have a good sense of humor. Of course the drill bit is used for punching.

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