TCT annular cutter with Weldon shank(Version P) DNTP-4

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D.O.C.  50mm
31.75 weldon shank for clamping strength and finish . Suitable foe large cutter above Φ61mm
Selected special-purpose carbide tips with multi-cut geometry for ply-cutting and lower friction . Reduced damage of tip and improved performance of ships removal
Applicable to hole cutting and process of annular groove on various magneric drills and press , like Alfra , Hougen , Jancy , Euroboor , BDS , Ruko


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Q:Method for processing coolant hole of internal cooling bit
In the western market, there are high-speed steel and powder high-speed steel internal cooling tools, their processing technology is more complex, take the core material, hot pressing, cold drawing, core pulling material, hot spin and spiral way. From product applications, there are drills, taps and reamers for internal cooling.
Q:The difference between steel teeth and inserted cone bit
When drilling rig, drive turntable, Kelly, drill pipe and the drill bit rotation, through the drill ground instrument to observe the work of underground drill, after a comprehensive judgment, if you think the drill has been worn, it should immediately stop drilling to replace the roller bit, a bit of oil, insert bit, steel tooth drill, drill wells. PDC bit, diamond drill etc.
Q:What kind of drill is drilled by 40Cr heat treatment with hardness above 40 degrees?
The products made from these materials are almost indestructible, and they pose new problems: how can they be processed into the final product in the most economical way?. It is gratifying to note that the tool suppliers have made new progress in developing milling and turning the blades of high hardness materials. At present, the coated carbide, metal ceramic, polycrystalline boron nitride (CBN), and polycrystalline diamond (PCD) material blades have been applied. The special shape of these advanced materials, the blade of the surface of the special coating attached to the process, can withstand mechanical impact and wear when the heat generated. However, the use of these blades requires additional external conditions, one of which is the close coordination of experienced tool suppliers.
Q:Relationship between pump pressure and bit pressure drop
Classification and nomenclature. For example, according to the drive method can be divided into electric pumps and water turbine pumps; according to the structure can be divided into single-stage pumps and multi-stage pumps; according to the use of boilers can be divided into feed water pumps and metering pumps; according to the nature of the transmission fluid can be divided into pumps, pumpsAnd mud pumps, etc.. In accordance with the non axial structure, can be divided into linear pumps and traditional pumps. It adopts the principle of magnetic suspension and the hydraulic structure of spiral ring to realize liquid propulsion, that is, to cancel the shaft, to cancel the shaft connection, and to cancel the seal structure of the shaft. After starting, the electric current is transformed into a magnetic field, and the magnetic field force drives the spiral ring to move, namely, the spiral ring promotes the liquid advance.
Q:How can we change an ordinary drill bit into stainless steel?
With ordinary stainless steel drill bits to drill, speed down, such as 100, add a little vinegar when drilling well drilling. In two, the lowest drill about three hundred rpm, speed a little faster. It is better to drill on the vertical or rocker arm, and the speed can be adjusted lower.
Q:What kind of drill bits are used in glass drilling?
Drill glass has special drill bits, steel sand drills.Use a twist drill to drill glass. The glass is easily broken and cracked. If you must use a twist shape, buy a milling cutter. It is not easy to use a milling cutter to drill holes in glass.If you buy high-speed steel twist drill is really qualified high-speed steel material, you can drill through the glass, if high-speed steel is not possible, you may consider carbide steel.Small steel sand drill bit will be about 3 yuan, cheaper, it is better to buy this thing.Of course, the diamond is also OK, just so expensive.
Q:What size drills are we going to use to drill the holes in the M7 and with the larger twist drills?
The common thread M7 second series, not commonly used, the coarse thread pitch according to the national standard of 1mm, therefore, the bottom of the thread holes at the 6mm, actually should be: the bottom hole diameter of =7-1.06p, where p is the pitch, calculated 5.94mm, underport with 6mm drill bit, not too bad. After drilling, tap with M7 tap.
Q:How to allocate the electric hammer drill
1, backward extrusion head, drill can be pulled out.2, black down, iron also press down, it came out.
Q:How are the drills classified?
The work part and the handle part constitute. The work part has two spiral grooves, similar to the "twist", hence its name. In order to reduce the drilling hole wall part and the guide friction between the drill shank twist drill to self direction decreases inverted cone diameter. The spiral angle of the twist drill mainly affects the rake angle, the blade edge strength and the chip removal performance of the cutting edge, usually 25 to 32 degrees. The spiral groove can be processed by milling, grinding, hot rolling or hot extrusion, and the cutting edge of the drill head is formed by grinding the front end of the drill bit. The cutting edge of a standard twist drill is 118, the cross edge angle is 40 degrees to 60 degrees, and the back angle is 8 degrees to 20 degrees.
Q:What are the main points of drill grinding?
Grind back from the edge of the blade. When the blade is in contact with the grinding wheel, it should be drawn back from the main cutting edge, that is, contact the grinding wheel from the edge of the drill bit and then slowly grind down the whole flank. Gently contact wheel bit penetration, advanced for less grinding, and observe the uniformity of discharge, timely adjustment of the size of the pressure on the hand, but also pay attention to the drill bit cooling, can not be allowed to wear too much, causing the edge to edge discoloration, annealing. When the blade temperature is high, the drill bit should be cooled in time.

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