Tapered Foam Mesh Net for fruit/flower/bottle

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1.EPE Foam Bottle Foam Sleeve Net 

2.Mainly used to protect a wide variety of wine bottle 

3.The color and size can be require

Supermarket Fruit & Vegetable Pack Net

1. Scientific name : EPE/PE  Foam Wine Packing Net Set

2. USE: Mainly used for packaging a wide variety of Wine,also used for protecting the fruit

3. Identified components: Tasteless and non-toxic

4. Material: EPE/PE

5.Size & Weight: any size is available

6.Color: white, pink, red, green yellow (can be according to your requirement)

7.food class

8. Function 

used for the package for the fruits in growing season , in their transit or display in the supermarket to protect the fruits from damage and the pretty color can make your fruits look beautiful , can greatly reduce protection for transport layer of pressure and to extend the preservation time.

EPE Fresh Fruit Packing Net 

1. Color:  white, red, pink (also as your request)

2. Size:  according to your request)

3. Material is EPE

4.  Low price with high quality

5. Tasteless and non-toxic 

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