Tank Truck Aluminum Fuel Tank Semi-Trailer/Liquid Semitrailer

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Product Description:

Tank Truck Aluminum Fuel Tank Semi-Trailer/Liquid Semitrailer

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:CHHGC9402



Load Capacity:30T


Certification:CE, ISO9001, ISO/TS16949

Wheel Base:1310+1310mm



Grade:Light Duty


Towing Pin Material:Carbon Steel

Impeller Type:Closed Type


Hook Type:Single

Universal Joint Type:Flexible Universal Joint


Brake Pad Material:Semimetal

Towing Pin Type:Kingpin


Towing Pin Diameter:90mm or 50 Mm

Differential Gear Type:Gear Type


Independent Suspension Type:Spring Suspention

Connecting Type:Semi-trailer


Shape:Side Wall

Axle Number:3


Tire Number:12

Self-dumping:Not Self-dumping


ABS Anti-lock Braking System:ABS Anti-lock Braking System




Product Name:Aluminum Fuel Tank Semi-Trailer



No of Tire:11.00r-20,12.00-20


Leaf Spring:10/10/10

Brake System:ABS


Color:Yellow, White, Red, Blue or Customized

Suspension:Mechanical Suspension, Air Suspension or Bogie SUS


Kingpin:Optional for 2" or 3.5"



Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:Standard Export Packing




HS Code:87163910


Production Capacity:1000 PCS/ Month

Product Description

1.aluminum tank trailer 
2.Reinforced model and strong type 
3.oil, diesel fuel etc liquid transportation 
4.customized capacity 
5.Passed ISO and CCC certification

Aluminum Fuel Tank Semi Trailer
Outer imensions(mm)12290*2550*3650(mm)
Nominal capcity(L)42000L
Total capcity(L)44100L
Fifth wheel height(unload)1319
King Ping Height1218
King Ping setting1100
Wheel distance7960
Axle space1310+1310
Loading gear location2420
Tare weight6400
Maximum payload31600
Maximum gross weight38000
Maximum king pin payload12860
Maximum axle payload25140
MaterialAluminum alloy 5454
Shell5.5mm thickness
Head6mm thickness
Baffles6mm thickness

Tank Truck Aluminum Fuel Tank Semi-Trailer/Liquid Semitrailer

Tank Truck Aluminum Fuel Tank Semi-Trailer/Liquid Semitrailer


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Q:Which brand is more than 3 meters in van?
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