Tank Truck 36000L Aluminum for Fuel Delivery

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Product Description:

 Tank Truck 36000L Aluminum  for Fuel Delivery

Product Details

Basic Info.




Load Capacity:25T


Certification:ECE, DOT

Wheel Base:9000-10000mm



Grade:Heavy Duty


Towing Pin Material:Alloy Steel

Impeller Type:Rear Semi-open Type


Hook Type:Single

Universal Joint Type:Rigid Universal Joint


Brake Pad Material:Semimetal

Towing Pin Type:Mushroom Type


Towing Pin Diameter:90mm

Differential Gear Type:Gear Type


Independent Suspension Type:Candle Type

Connecting Type:Semi-trailer



Axle Number:3


Tire Number:6

Self-dumping:Not Self-dumping


ABS Anti-lock Braking System:ABS Anti-lock Braking System




Export Markets:North America, South America, Eastern Asia

Additional Info.




Product Description

1. 3 axles-BPW brand FUWA brand
2. Q235A14mmTanker Body
3. 48 cbm capacity or other volume from 5cbm to 60cbm

                                    Main Dimensions  

Overall Length 13000mm

Overall Width2500mm

Overall Height 3975mm

Curb Weight 7950kgs

Loading Capacity 48m3 

Loading Weight32050kgs

Tank Body 



Total Volume48 m3


Tanker Body Material6mm Aluminum Alloy

End plate8mm Aluminum Alloy 

Lifting Ladder Including Top walkway and backside Aluminum material 

Manhole cover2 sets with 2 breather valves

Bottom Valve1 set

Discharging valve1 set 

Discharging Pipe4"rubber hose, 2pcs, 6m long

Axle3 axles

Fuwa 13 Ton 

Axle load-/24000

wheel base 7000+1320+1320mm


Wheel track(rear)1840/1840/1840mm

Departure angle18°

Landing GearC200,Two-speed, manual operating, heavy duty landing gear

King Pin90#

SuspensionLeaf spring suspension

Pneumatic Braking SystemWABCO RE 6 relay valve; T30/30+T30 Spring brake chamber

Tire12R22.5,12pcs + 1 spare

Other Design and parts1. Vapor recovery system
2. Dust Board to Cover the Tires(optional)
3. Rear and side lights
4. Rear Ladder to access the top of the tanker
5. Tool Box 
6. Double Spare Tire Carrier · 
7. 4 fire extinguisher holders
8. Overfill prevention sensor/Overfill prevention socket
9. Vapor adapter/Vapor vent valve/API loading and unloading valve


Tank Truck 36000L Aluminum  for Fuel Delivery

Tank Truck 36000L Aluminum  for Fuel Delivery


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