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HANA Heavy-duty coatings originated from newmaterials research in aerospace industry. Test results from the nationalauthorities show that , our products have excellent performance in adhesion,acid, alkali and salt resistance, which are at a worldleading level. It has undertaken stringenttests and already been successfully used in the defense aerospace and heavychemical industry.

Preservation work is directly related to the safe operation of the tank. HANA can not only provide quality products which can meet the national standard, but also can provide products whose performance are world leading for customers. Our products are suitable for petrochemical LNG, crude oil, refined oil st orage tanks, chemical raw materials

storage tanks, gas stations, train transport tanks, motor transport tanks and so on.

Product Features

High Protection

Easy Construction

Maturity and Stability

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Q:Sanya how can sell paint and paint?
In the vicinity of the moon bridge there is a bus to get off the Bank of China on the line 2 Road 4 Road 10 Road to
Q:flat,gloss,eggshell,low sheen paints?
Personally, I'd say use a semi-gloss paint on the legs -- it's more washable than satin paint and the difference in reflection isn't much if any because the planes that'll reflect light at any point are small compared to the table top. Just do a good paint/poly job and don't use flat paint unless you want that shabby chic or a dirty/rustic look.
Q:how to make acrylic paint?
buy it, then you mix it up to get the colors right, and paint, really simple if you're a begginer, also you can get various effects, by adding water,etc Main article: Acrylic painting techniques Acrylic artist paints may be thinned with water and used as washes in the manner of watercolor paints, but the washes are not re-hydratable once dry. For this reason, acrylics do not lend themselves to color lifting techniques as do gum arabic based watercolor paints. Acrylic paints can be used in high gloss or matte finishes. As with oils, pigment amounts and particle size can alter the paint sheen. Likewise, matting agents can be added to dull the finish. Topcoats or varnishes may also be applied to alter sheen. When dry, acrylic paint is generally non-removable. Water or mild solvents do not re-solubilize it, although isopropyl alcohol can lift some fresh paint films off. Toluene and acetone can remove paint films, but they do not lift paint stains very well and are not selective. The use of a solvent to remove paint will result in removal of all of the paint layers, acrylic gesso, etc. Only a proper, artist-grade acrylic gesso should be used to prime canvas in preparation for painting with acrylic. It is important to avoid adding non-stable or non-archival elements to the gesso upon application. Acrylic will not form a stable paint film if it has been thinned with more than 30% water content. However, the viscosity of acrylic can successfully be reduced by using suitable extenders that maintain the integrity of the paint film. There are retarders to prolong drying and workability time and a flow release to increase color blending ability.
Q:What are the characteristics of polymers compared to composites?
The composite material is composed of two or more kinds of materials together, of course, the polymer can be one of the composite material composition, for example, can be used as a composite material of the matrix material
Q:Is it good to have a good wallpaper?
From the daily cleaning and maintenance, the wallpaper is more delicate than the latex paint, you need to manage. In the wallpaper, PVC wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper is better clean, dirty can be dipped directly with detergent wipe the wipe; some high-end wallpaper materials, such as silk, plant fiber, metal texture wallpaper is more delicate , You can use dry cloth, feather duster to dust.
Q:Paint composition and manufacturing process
General oil-based paint (wood paint) on the market are three components Packing: the main agent (the main component is the resin, is the main film-forming material), curing agent (mainly from the curing effect), thinner (from dilution, , Decided to paint dry with the dry speed, the market is common days that water is thinner)
Q:How to distinguish between the brush on the wall is the oily latex paint or water-based latex paint? The 5
Paint is the paint, water-based paint and other decorative materials collectively, because the people and the daily life of direct contact, and now used to the architectural decoration coating directly referred to as paint; latex paint is one of the water-based synthetic resin as the main Adhesives (lotions), common latex paint brands are: Dulux paint, red apple paint, bauhinia paint. In the last 10 years of rapid development, mainly in the construction of convenient, water-based non-toxic, rich color selection, easy maintenance and other aspects of the advantages, of course, cost is also good. In the building materials market is often called wall paint. Latex paint only watery oh.
Q:How to distinguish lithium batteries and lithium polymer batteries
Because of the use of solid electrolyte instead of liquid electrolyte, compared with the liquid lithium-ion battery, polymer lithium-ion battery has a thin, any area and any shape, etc., nor the leakage and combustion and other safety , So you can use aluminum-plastic composite film manufacturing battery shell, which can improve the specific capacity of the entire battery; polymer lithium-ion battery can also use polymer as a cathode material, the quality of energy than the current liquid lithium-ion battery Increased by more than 50%.
Q:Painting Background On Tank?
I dont know about water proof, but at almost any craft store you can get paint that works on glass. Though, it would be best for making a kind of stained glass look rather than a solid colored background and should be used on the outside of the tank.
Q:What is the harm to the paint?
In addition, because the paint as a chemical product, its composition is complex (the United States that there are more than 80 kinds of toxic and harmful ingredients), chemical reactions are more difficult to control the quality of a mixture. Therefore, in addition to the control of harmful substances, but also need other standards, such as health standards. There are some paint volatile harmful substances, ordinary people do not feel out, and the instrument may also be detected, but for children, the elderly, patients and other sensitive people have no small impact. Therefore, we need to reflect the safety of human care indicators. And all this is in the building and improvement.

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