Tank Anticorrosion Coating,Paint

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HANA Heavy-duty coatings originated from newmaterials research in aerospace industry. Test results from the nationalauthorities show that , our products have excellent performance in adhesion,acid, alkali and salt resistance, which are at a worldleading level. It has undertaken stringenttests and already been successfully used in the defense aerospace and heavychemical industry.

Preservation work is directly related to the safe operation of the tank. HANA can not only provide quality products which can meet the national standard, but also can provide products whose performance are world leading for customers. Our products are suitable for petrochemical LNG, crude oil, refined oil st orage tanks, chemical raw materials

storage tanks, gas stations, train transport tanks, motor transport tanks and so on.

Product Features

High Protection

Easy Construction

Maturity and Stability

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Q:What can you do with paint?
Not sure if there's any difference in weight regarding liquid and dry paint.
Q:Pigment Heat transfer ink and ordinary pigment ink difference
. The same ink refers to the hot sublimation ink or pigment heat transfer ink, hot sublimation ink can not be used for PVC laminating card, pigment hot ink can be used, PVC laminating card preferred dye ink, color is good, the general Not faint, but the fade is inevitable, but the speed of the problem, which is a common problem of dye ink, if you do not want to fade, with pigment ink, ordinary pigment ink or heat transfer paint can be ink, pigment ink is not faded But the color is not dye ink is good, the pigment type ink used in the PVC laminating card may be dizzy ink, which is a common problem of pigment ink. Or for a kind of pigment ink, or for a brand of PVC card material, there is always a match with no halo.
Q:What are the paper pigments?
Green pigments are mainly chromium oxide and lead chrome green two. Chromium oxide green light resistance, heat resistance, excellent chemical resistance, but the color is dark, color strength, hiding power are poor. Lead chromium green durability, heat resistance are less than chromium oxide green, but bright color, good dispersion, easy processing, due to toxic heavy metals, since the advent of phthalocyanine green and other organic pigments, the amount has been reduced.
Q:Dyed carpets
I long-term supply of the following varieties: direct dyes. Acid dyes. Acidic dyes. Acid media dyes. Neutral dyes. Sulfide dyes. Reducing dyes. Basic dyes. Reactive dyes. Cationic dyes. Disperse dyes. Printing chemicals. Printing with nickel mesh, dyes intermediates. Fur chemical dyes. Leather chemical dyes. Chemical additives. Resins. Ink. Organic chemical pigments. Imported. Domestic waste dyes can be recycled. Companies seeking business and customers to develop , Cast a better future .-- Thank you !!
Q:White paint and green paint mixed together what smoke
Or green is green more and more shallow!
Q:Qilu paint and music pain which is good?
Now the market is the most, but also a higher market share are: Qilu paint, the price a little bit low. Then is the morning rain paint, the price of a little bit, but the business model is good, the quality of some of the better.
Q:Can acrylic paint be painted on a leather bag?
The painting can be painted, but it is easy to buckle after it is done, and the stickiness is not good.
Q:What is the difference between carbon ink and pigment ink?
Carbon ink is carbon type, pigment ink is dye type. Carbon-type easy to plug pen, dye-type color is not carbon-type deep, but not plug pen. I suggest you use the boss brand ink or a little bit of the German ink Parker, Gabriel.
Q:What is the secondary crystallization and post-crystallization of the polymer?
As the name suggests, the secondary crystallization is in the first crystallization, the late occurred in the initial crystal structure under the imperfect site or occurred in the initial crystallization of the amorphous area of the phenomenon of re-crystallization in the stress, annealing is occur.
Q:Is iphone6 a polymer lithium battery?
Lithium polymer battery of the normal working temperature of 0-35 degrees, if found iphone fever will put the phone put up for about 30 seconds, we can help us quickly for the mobile phone cooling.

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