Tamron Af 70-300mm F/4-5.6 Xr Di For Nikon / Canon / Sony Mount

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  • 9 Groups, 13 Elements Lens Construction

  • Rotation Type of Zooming

  • 9 Diaphragm Blade Number

  • F/32 Minimum Aperture

  • 59 inch Minimum Focus Distance (1.5m) in normal setting, 37.4 inch (0.95m) in macro mode f=180mm-300mm range



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Q:What is my camera lens wiping good?
Clean the first lens with gas blowing, that is, the kind of ball plus a tube, with mouth blowing will be spittle ... ... After the gas blown with a lens with a brush sweep, Shan to float.
Q:What is the requirement for a camera shot?
Together with the above requirements, recommendations 1, large aperture lens is a must 2, if you can use the lens in the long focal length
Q:Nikon camera lens shows how the memory card is locked is going on
You can put the memory card small switch, push the copper side can be.
Q:Card camera lens has been open, can not be closed?
Camera for years? It is estimated that the battery to die. You measure the battery current, with a digital multimeter 10 security, the battery current should reach several amps (after charging). Otherwise it is bad.
Q:How do I recognize the SLR camera with a telephoto lens and a short focus lens?
So when you distinguish, look at the lens of the focal length, you know is wide-angle lens, the standard lens or telephoto lens! For example, Canon 16-35, is a large wide angle - wide angle lens. 50F1.2 is the standard lens. The 70-200 is the standard - telephoto lens.
Q:Camera lens material problem
Resin is light, low cost, but the optical performance is not good, such as light transmittance, color difference, what difference is worse than the optical glass, but the problem is not used in the card machine, because the card itself is not good imaging, no need to use expensive The glass lens. Of course, the stress is generally glass. There is nothing in the camera parameters that relates to the lens material.
Q:Glasses cloth can rub the SLR camera lens!
It is best not to use ordinary glasses cloth paint the lens. No matter what kind of glasses do not wait to paint the lens on the OK. Because the lens of the lens is the glass is not soft, but in order to improve the lens of the light, the lens of the modern lens surface coating, compared to the glass is more easy to paint on the scratch.
Q:NIKON D90 camera how to take the lens
Hold down the lens next to the lens to unlock the key, a twist down. There is a white side of the lens side, and the lens mount next to the white point of alignment, the lens itself down. On the lens when the first point of the white point, the lens down to a turn, hear a click on the line.
Q:Do you want to give the camera when you come back?
SLR cameras have a single body and a set of two kinds of packaging, the package is generally a standard zoom lens. Such as the Canon 400D 18-55, 40D 17-85, etc., contains the most commonly used focal lengths, suitable for beginners SLR use. Stand alone only the body without a lens, you need a single lens, optional wide range, suitable for SLR cameras and lenses have a certain understanding of the user.
Q:The height of the camera lens
4, the uniformity of the field illumination inspection Like the field illumination uneven defects, the vast majority of the lens in the short focus. Therefore, in the purchase of short-focus distance camera lens, should be installed to the corresponding single-lens reflex camera, facing the brightness of the object, through the camera's viewfinder to observe the center of the screen and the four corners of the brightness is exactly the same. If the center is bright and dark four corners, indicating that the field illumination is not uniform, so that the lens shot out of the image center density, four corners density. 5, check the identification rate From the viewfinder to observe the scene, when the focus is good, the edge of the scene is very clear, the lens of the high rate of discrimination; if it looks vague, or even red or blue double line, then the lens dispersion is serious, poor identification rate.

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