Tactical FlashLight 120lumen With Press Pad Switch And Mount

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Product Description:


Tactial Flashlight with Red or green laser for rifle and pistol.


Key Features:

  • Highest quality CREE LED light source

  • Long Lifetime 

  • Waterproof to 30 meters

  • Extremely durable lightweight T6061 T6 Aircraft Alunimum construction

  • Belt pouch included

  • 2 position end (constant-on, intermittent)

  • Passed the Vibration and Shcok test!

  • Waterproof to 100M

  • Housing material: Aluminum


Finish color: Black or Red optional
Light source type: Cree LED
Max. lumen: 120
Battery type: CR123A x 2
Voltage: 6V
Battery operating time: 120-180mts (continuous on)
Flashlight focus: preset
Lighting period: 100,00 hours
Size: 25 x 125mm
IP rating: 66
Waterproof: To 100 meters
Switch options : ON/OFF press pad switch or button switch

flash light



  • Dark area Illuminating

  • Diving Illuminating

  • Outsports Illuminating

  • Other Military and law enforcement agencies around the world

     Light Source CREE LED CREE LED 
    LensShatterproof & high-heat resistance glass/polycarbonate 2mm thick lens
    Power SupplyTwo CR123 Lithium BatteriesThree CR123 Lithium Batteries
    Battery Life (Continuous)90 min (continuous on)
    Dimensions4.9"L x 1.12" Bezel Diam.6.25"L x 1.12" Bezel Diam.
    Weight without batteries  
    Construction6061 T6 Aluminum & Non-slip rubber-wrapped body with Delrin battery cap
    Waterproof (100m)YES
    FinishMatte Black
    Switch OptionsStraight Cord Pad,Curly Cord Pad,Comes with on/off Pad switch
    Warranty5 Year Limited
    Mount OptionsSM-5900: Rail Mount for  Green Laser or Xenon Flashlight,

                                        SM-5500: Dual Barrel Mount for  Green Laser & Xenon Flashlight


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Q:Can you throw the torch directly? Is it LED charging? Will it explode?
Rechargeable flashlight is a new type of lighting tool which uses LED as light source. It has the advantages of saving electricity, durability and brightness. A rechargeable flashlight is a hand-held electronic lighting tool that can be recharged repeatedly. Rechargeable flashlight green environmental protection, usually use LED bulbs, long life, suitable for night trips, power failure lighting use.
Q:In the light rechargeable flashlight is how much?
Common very long or plastic flashlight lamp are generally small strawhat led, power is 0.05W, diameter 5mm, length 9mm. If the power light flashlight, beads are generally CREE, according to the different forms of packaging, size and power are also different.
Q:Accord LED charging flashlight, the process of charging open, light on it out
It is recommended to find a new flashlight! It's hard to buy accessories yourself!
Q:How many volts are the input and output voltages of the charging devices for a regular LED flashlight?
LED flashlight charging device input voltage 220V, output voltage of about 0.3V 3.6V
Q:Xenon flashlight and general LED what is the difference?
The unit of luminance is lumenBoth LED and xenon lights are the sameThe difference is how it worksXenon, however, is much brighter than LEDIt is a rare gas that gives rise to light
Q:LED lamp with what method from the welding of aluminum substrate nondestructive down (T6, flashlight)
It is hard to say, there is a heating station on the big impact, if there is no heating station, find a skilled worker, generally can be very good treatment... Basically no impact, the head office has welding, patch, and I have tried welding streetlights, will not have any impact. I'm in charge of the aluminum base plant.
Q:High power flashlight LED lamp is 1W, want to use mobile phone battery when 4.2V is connected to electric drums!
The voltage of the LED1 watt is 3 volts and the current is 0.35 amperes. One resistor should be connected in series. The resistance is calculated as R= (4.2-3) /0.35=3.5 ohm. No series diode.
Q:Please master to help me identify what LED said, the more detailed the better, Pailide GL-K139q flashlight inside, not CREE.
Domestic Taiwan led also understand some, fever is less current is too small, can not withstand high current, small current, of course, power consumption will be small, the same current, CREE led heating is not greater than them, brightness is not lower than them
Q:Troubleshooting of LED flashlight
The high-voltage step-down capacitor is damaged or the rectifier diode is damaged by overvoltage and can not be charged. At this point, the ordinary pointer type universal meter can be used to detect and solve the problem
Q:Strong flashlight, LED lamp positive and negative poles, how to distinguish?
If it is high-power LED, especially with aluminum substrate, there is a clear "+", "-" pole mark.I'm a titanium light for a flashlight, so I can talk to each other.

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