tableware set,F-KU002 beech serving utensils

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material:beech wood



Key Specifications/Special Features:

Easy to carry,very convenient

Size can be customized

Can print your design of packing

Various styles for choice

Can print your design of packing

Small quantity order is accepted

Our advantages:

All of our products are made by our experienced team of hard working artisans in a safe and responsible environment.

We take great pride not only in the outstanding quality of our products but also in the environment in which they are made

Every product that bears our name was made in an ethically and socially responsible way

Treated by high temperature, making our product antibacterial

Primary Competitive Advantages:

Brand-name Parts                   Country of Origin

Distributorships Offered           Experienced Staff

Form A                             Green Product

Guarantee/Warranty                 International Approvals

Packaging                          Price

Product Features                   Product Performance

Prompt Delivery

Main Export Markets:

Eastern Europe                     North America

Mid East/Africa                    Central/South America

Asia                               Western Europe


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Q:A spicy pot shop? Meals can have how much?
How many sets do you want to put a few table 1 table side dishes came out
Q:Hotel clean tableware disinfection distribution equipment prices
Entrepreneurs is not easy, so more investigation before investment laid hands on him again. Hotel clean tableware disinfection equipment on the market at present a lot of, do not rule out the phenomenon of good and evil people mixed up, buy is not good, not only are there more of choose and employ persons, the waste energy, also can't make money, this is the biggest problem, doing business is to make money by working. I am doing the tableware disinfection, buy equipment, excessive, then to change the bally tableware disinfection equipment, equipment is very good, give me bring good economic benefits. I have equipment that cost a lot of water, a lot of electricity, but also artificial help wash, busy all day, still at a loss, now less of choose and employ persons, and soon, I don't go every day to the company, now looking for to do a second place.
Q:I want to open a tableware disinfection in nanjing company, small and medium size!
Generation of horse consulting to Shanghai. Company has more than 3000 of tableware disinfection of customer experience, there will be what you want to understand all the information. From building design to late run comprehensive guide customers, is responsible for the enterprise. Search to the company's web site for details.
Q:China telecom 29 yuan package to check has how many minutes
Where are your problem didn't show.. Is actually check.. Unless you are inside.. Really.. I work in telecommunications. Before. Check in real time during the month. . Check is less than the average person. Only a single department
Q:I'd like to buy a set of tableware and tea where to buy ah, I'm from jingdezhen and don't want to go that far?
Help search the building Lord porcelain library that China has a full ceramic tea set, tableware. Also has a lot of jingdezhen ceramic products
Q:Haagen-dazs ice cream package?
This Mosaic haagen-dazs shenyang store Is the first day of the haagen-dazs shenyang store opened yesterday, and friends to go, ordered a meal, took some photos of pics first and is going to work, not by car, for an explanation of the ingredients, in the evening to write! This package also added two new black tea bags, packages for 218 dollars! In total, including eight small ice cream balls, a piece of fruit mousse sprinkled cake, a matcha cake, two pieces of cookies on a little strawberry jam, two small BuDingDian cookies, six raisins, six strawberries, half a small mango, three kiwi slice! Draw a conclusion, in addition to the ice cream, any other ingredients nothing edible value! Eight kinds of taste, to try the individual feels the most delicious, is an Italian rum honey fruit - I only eat a whole ball! A sour sweet! Ice cream, the most worthy of product, it should be vanilla, because the good quality of ice cream, as long as a taste of vanilla, must be able to feel that haagen-dazs vanilla flavor added to the past! Unfinished, to be continued ~ ~ Try a total of eight flavors, I only recommend Italian liqueur honey fruit and vanilla tastes, as for other flavors, complete by individual be fond of you! Simple to summarize, the entrance of a variety of flavors of ice cream first feeling! 1, Italian liqueur honey fruit: a sour sweet, the entrance to the feel and refreshing - and I only eat a whole ball! (if you don't eat other, estimated that I can eat three goals is no problem) 2, maccha: does have the taste of green tea 3, white walnut: taste, bitter taste of walnut 4, vanilla, sweet and refreshing, it is worth a try Ba: 5, mulberry notes snow more acid taste Ba: 6, mango snow slide is filled, is different from the general of mango, not as heavy, sweet not sweet death 7, red bean: cotton soft sweet, there are red bean sense of continous sand
Q:State banquet feast with tableware
in the early days after foundation of state banquet is separate portions, however, then the dishes on the table, the waiter to points, the guests left over, sitting in the middle of the table, who eat who get it. But 87 years later, are made by chefs in proportion to the number points the dish, the party end up again. Plates are choose hunan liling, shandong zibo porcelain production size of 6 ", 8 "respectively. State banquet tableware, than the general party, it has the unique style of the Chinese nation. Chinese dishes pay attention to with vessels. "Delicious also must be beautiful." Throughout history, the Chinese dishes pay attention to a dragon, a phoenix, attaches great importance to varied forms. The state banquet for single eating, food type affected by a certain, so is very important to choose the appropriate container. Have special Chinese porcelain, pottery, gold, silver, stainless steel, bronze, porcelain, pottery making beautiful pictographic tableware, such as cabbage white porcelain plate, fish leaf form, cattle, fish plate, turtle porcelain, bulged porcelain jar, orange porcelain dish, chicken pot, duck ceramic cylinder, tao steamer, conch, apple shape bowl, etc. And a knife and fork to use silver, choice of chopsticks like bone. Gold has to be fully trust with a waist dish, round cobalt; Xiaoke hand double ear cup shape bowl, ssangyong copper single lift World Cup eat hot pot, etc. These exquisite tableware, grace for the dishes not only, also make the state banquet "color, flavor, shape and implement" the best features.
Q:The use of the western-style food tableware.
How to use knives and forks. Basic principle is that the right hand with a knife or spoon, fork in the left hand. If more than two, should by the outermost a in turn inward. Fork and knife method is light grip the end, the index finger press on the handle. The spoon is with the way to hold pen can. If it is not convenient, can be in the right hand fork, but changed frequently is rude. Use a knife and fork to eat large vegetables folding, cutting. Soft food on the fork to surface, tidy it up with a knife. Just resting, fork and knife set method. If eat to a half want to put down the knife and fork slightly, and should put the knife and fork to eight the shape in the middle of the plate. If a knife and fork highlight to outside of the dish, not security is not good. Speaking while wielding a knife and fork is gaffes. Put your knife and fork into after a meal, at four o 'clock direction
Q:The disposable crystal tableware good do this project? Can you give some advice, thank you!
Sales is not very good, have a need to contact me, I'll lend you a few sets of pin pin a try, don't rush into the pin out. My email
Q:At the dining hall, with the tableware of are common, often eat will get sick.
Public tableware is best not to use, who can guarantee that the virus bacteria is zero, like the hepatitis b virus, the family also regularly in the pressure cooker disinfection disinfection, let alone in the cafeteria, just dry washed two procedures, recommend buying his own set of tableware, with dishes on plastic bags in public places, chopsticks, of course, to be a one-off. Nip in the bud

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