tableware set,F-KU002 beech serving utensils

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material:beech wood



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Easy to carry,very convenient

Size can be customized

Can print your design of packing

Various styles for choice

Can print your design of packing

Small quantity order is accepted

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All of our products are made by our experienced team of hard working artisans in a safe and responsible environment.

We take great pride not only in the outstanding quality of our products but also in the environment in which they are made

Every product that bears our name was made in an ethically and socially responsible way

Treated by high temperature, making our product antibacterial

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Q:How to take to the western restaurant, tableware?
After all, not often use Used to also become accustomed to
Q:Why do western food have size many sets of tableware
An American gourmet once said: "the Japanese use eyes to have a meal, food is in the form of beauty; eat our food, is made of the nose, so our nose is very big, only the great Chinese people know you eat with your tongue." Chinese food is "taste" as the core, the western food, nutrition as the core, as for the taste that there is no parallel Chinese food. That said western food is given priority to with nutrition meat egg milk fish such as sugar, coffee is more, so the knife and fork spoon is necessary. Cutlery of exquisite seen the movie the Thai tower TITANIC many years ago, "the man must have some vestige, the first can see really startled: on both sides of the dish put three to four around each knife and fork, glass has a medium number 3. That is one of the most exquisite, usually on a knife and fork, two is enough. Like to eat seafood is lively, has all kinds of tools, if you don't gets a feel sorry. In the general rules is that every dish, from the outside knife and fork with increases with the increasing use withdraw, eventually it becomes easy. Large cup to drink water, the other for red and white wines. Big spoon only for soup or public; Small spoon have dessert and coffee again, the latter than the former a smaller size. , a meal at home, so the meal down boiler bowl spoon can be enough to wash a phone, fortunately someone invented the dishwasher. I think that China is the world's civilization countries including from use chopsticks and western knife and fork is can see that westerners eat meat maintained as early as the ancients evolution period how to eat, just means we earlier than their civilization
Q:Do a medium-sized disposable tableware processing plants need how many money
A second drawback Price no advantage As for the local I sell it to the hotel restaurant's price is the price of 0.8 yuan disinfection tableware also is same. It takes me to the purchase price on the freight cost about 0.6 yuan And packing seal contraction of what, plus artificial. My basic profit less than 0.1 yuan. The third disadvantage Also I cannot bear most fragile a table to listen to a hotel owner eight people to eat It took more than 20 sets of tableware! Cups and bowls you can only use holding can't pinch A pinch is broken!
Q:A dinner set of international standards include?
International standard tableware, 1 set of standard tableware includes: 1 soup dish (220 + 6 mm diameter, height 38 + / - 3 mm); 1 flat disc (240 + 6 mm diameter, height of 25 + / - 3 mm); 1 saucer (185 + 6 mm diameter, height of 20 + / - 3 mm); 1 supporting disc (145 + 6 mm diameter, height 20 + / - 3 mm); 1 cup (85 + / - 3 mm in diameter, height 60 + / - 3 mm, volume 200 ml); 1 cup (70 + / - 3 mm in diameter, height 120 + / - 3 mm, maximum volume 270 ml); 1 knife (200 mm), 1 fork (185 mm); 1 tablespoon (190 mm); 1 TSP (180 mm) 1 small spoon (130 mm).
Q:Too deep to students take-away meal menu
Object is a college student, this kind of man eating more, the woman is not how to eat. Other: I don't understand, but I feel is that health well, tableware to practical features. More convenient. If is boxes, do not use bubble, toxic, everyone understand.
Q:Children take a fancy to a set of high-end tableware, insisted on, her husband is too expensive
You bought this set of tableware, your wife won't let you wash the dishes, she is afraid of you broke
Q:Hotel clean tableware disinfection distribution equipment prices
Anyway, you are looking for equipment manufacturers, users of their products, to save water and energy saving, manufacturers have the strength, buy equipment manufacturers to look at, a knife and cut wood. No decent factory, impossible to make a good product, it is impossible to have good service, remember! Experience!
Q:Disposable tableware and disinfection tableware which health? Now the hotel which is the most used?
Regular disinfection tableware hygiene. But for now this situation, many enterprises processing disinfection tableware, health is not very pass on its own. Disposable tableware not only is not environmental health. Now with more tableware disinfection. Is popular with consumers.
Q:When eating western-style food, tableware is how take?
1. When eating, eat dish in the middle, the knives and spoons placed on the right side of the plate, the fork on the left. 2. The knife and fork is put on the table, generally not more than three pairs. More than three course meal, have to put the knife and fork placed again after use with serving new knives and forks. 3. In order to use knife and fork from the outside to the inside side. 4. When eating, are generally both cooperate with each other, that is a knife a fork into pairs. 5. Eat meat, regardless of whether or not to cut with the knife, use large knife. Eat some appetizers, want to use the knife. The size of the fork or spoon in general with the knife. When you drink soup, with a large spoon, and drink coffee and eat ice cream, with a trumpet is advisable. 6. Taboo with his own tableware for others to Tony. 7. Can't use the fork with food imports, and should put the food scooping up the entrance. 8. If don't need to eat a dish with a knife, fork held in the right hand is also available. 9. To be on the safe side, do not hand painting feet when holding a knife and fork. To speak or talk, knife and fork on the plate should be decorum. This is also to the person next to a kind of respect. 10. Forks and spoons but entrance, but the knife can not be put into the mouth, whether or not it has food. In addition to the requirements on etiquette, knife entrance is dangerous.
Q:How to use western tableware for dinner?
Hello!!!!! Western etiquette: tableware western tableware mainly knife, fork, spoon, plate, cup, dish, etc. Tableware generally were set before the meal. Is put in front of each plate or soup plate, plate, fork on the left, put the knife on the right. The number of knives and forks and the word of the food. Eat fish, meat, vegetables have difference of knives and forks. Use fork and knife order is according to the order of serving, from outside to inside. Plate above put a spoon, spoon to eat cold drink, big spoon to drink soup. Above for glass again, in a row from left to right, from small to large order, for all kinds of drink. Bread plate in the key of the left and right of the spoon is butter dish, disc contains special knife. When eating, should not be a knife and fork pointing to talk with people, if need to give people food, must use public tableware. When you drink soup, right hand holding the spoon, lateral, shun soup soup bowl on their own side.

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