tableware set,F-KU001 carbonized bamboo kitchen utensile

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material:carbonized bamboo



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Easy to carry,very convenient

Size can be customized

Can print your design of packing

Various styles for choice

Can print your design of packing

Small quantity order is accepted

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All of our products are made by our experienced team of hard working artisans in a safe and responsible environment.

We take great pride not only in the outstanding quality of our products but also in the environment in which they are made

Every product that bears our name was made in an ethically and socially responsible way

Treated by high temperature, making our product antibacterial

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Brand-name Parts                   Country of Origin

Distributorships Offered           Experienced Staff

Form A                             Green Product

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Eastern Europe                     North America

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Asia                               Western Europe


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Q:A dinner set of international standards include?
International standard tableware, 1 set of standard tableware includes: 1 soup dish (220 + 6 mm diameter, height 38 + / - 3 mm); 1 flat disc (240 + 6 mm diameter, height of 25 + / - 3 mm); 1 saucer (185 + 6 mm diameter, height of 20 + / - 3 mm); 1 supporting disc (145 + 6 mm diameter, height 20 + / - 3 mm); 1 cup (85 + / - 3 mm in diameter, height 60 + / - 3 mm, volume 200 ml); 1 cup (70 + / - 3 mm in diameter, height 120 + / - 3 mm, maximum volume 270 ml); 1 knife (200 mm), 1 fork (185 mm); 1 tablespoon (190 mm); 1 TSP (180 mm) 1 small spoon (130 mm).
Q:Brigitte fiber weight packages, white kidney bean dietary fiber powder and nutritional meal powder how to eat?
This product is low fat, low sugar, low in calories, high fiber, high protein, strong palatability characteristics such as search
Q:Generally in Meituan buy the two packages, can three people to eat
Can, buy a set of tableware Usually a few dollars I shop to ChaWeiFei also want to buy one
Q:Great god give name!!!!!! A set of ceramic tableware tableware (west). After watching a name, thank you!!!!!!
Time went by Long plate across years slurry, is likely to face of every stage is different scenery, sometimes in high or low! Do you adopt the answer I can hehe...
Q:I want to open a tableware disinfection in nanjing company, small and medium size!
Generation of horse consulting to Shanghai. Company has more than 3000 of tableware disinfection of customer experience, there will be what you want to understand all the information. From building design to late run comprehensive guide customers, is responsible for the enterprise. Search to the company's web site for details.
Q:Write a paper on the advantages and disadvantages of disposable tableware
Disposable tableware is what we usually can use, although it has many advantages, but I am opposed to lunch in school when the use of disposable tableware, because the use of disposable tableware will be more harm than good, I put it the disadvantages of the details are as follows... First, it is not environmental protection, if we continue to use, more landfills will be a burden, it will quickly saturated. According to the data shows that: Hong Kong dropped an average of 27 million sets of tableware for a month this is a very astonishing Numbers. Second, if you don't want to landfills much burden, to put the garbage incineration. But incineration, these disposable tableware emit poisonous gas, inspiratory hind, will be harmful to our body. Third, continue to use, a large number of cut down trees, damage the ecological environment. The businessman said: (the disposable tableware are very clean.) I don't agree with them, there may be some unscrupulous businessmen in order to earn more interest, and the disposable tableware (recycled), the others after eating, the tableware wash with detergent, bleach after dyed, and packing is good, like new, so we won't be noticed. When we use the uncomfortable situation may arise. I suggest that each person only once a week, disposable tableware, the garbage will also reduce the number of, also won't easily move (). In short, we should try to avoid using disposable tableware. 51
Q:What is Shanghai unicom them roughly 131 package
On the front page click on self service, enter the phone number and service password, login after verification code, under the number you can see the small icon, click to view your personal information, including your card number of the customer name, type of user level, certificate, certificate number, account manager, contact information, billing account, payment method, shipping zip code, Email, shipping address, the current state and number types, access date, call level, level of roaming, belongs to the brand, etc., can query to the package information.
Q:Too deep to students take-away meal menu
For men, the amount be larger. Competition is too big, you learn from the Internet bar, what members get a, absolutely works. Not solved? Think about ~ understand?
Q:How to use western tableware for dinner?
Hello!!!!! Western etiquette: tableware western tableware mainly knife, fork, spoon, plate, cup, dish, etc. Tableware generally were set before the meal. Is put in front of each plate or soup plate, plate, fork on the left, put the knife on the right. The number of knives and forks and the word of the food. Eat fish, meat, vegetables have difference of knives and forks. Use fork and knife order is according to the order of serving, from outside to inside. Plate above put a spoon, spoon to eat cold drink, big spoon to drink soup. Above for glass again, in a row from left to right, from small to large order, for all kinds of drink. Bread plate in the key of the left and right of the spoon is butter dish, disc contains special knife. When eating, should not be a knife and fork pointing to talk with people, if need to give people food, must use public tableware. When you drink soup, right hand holding the spoon, lateral, shun soup soup bowl on their own side.
Q:Corning ware household name is the United States? So-called breaking is not broken? Is it true?
Is absolutely fall off, my bowl fell from 50 cm, fall off powder grinding.

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