T8 Led Tube Led 18W 1200Mm Rohs Ce Fcc Ul High Light

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100 Pieces pc
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35,000 Pieces pc/month

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Product Description:



T8 tube light LED 18W 1200mm ROHS CE FCC UL 

We are directly LED manufacturer integrating LED chips packaging,LED Lights R&D and production,LED driver production,and demostic and overseas selling in one.



Brief indroduction

T8 tube light
2.100LM/W,Isolated driver 



Main features and our advantages:


T8 tube light


1.Green LED light-beautiful light shape and even light distribution;


2.Self-packaged PLCC 3328 as illuminant, lumens efficiency>100LM/W;


3.Self-developed constant current driver, PF>0.9,Lifetime>30000hours;


4.Superior aluminum PCB and aluminum alloy heat sink,ensure good heat dissipation;


5.Optical grade milky or clear PC cover contributes the maximum light transmitte;


6.Standard size deliacate for traditional T8/T5 15W to 85W fluorescent tubes replacing;


7.Powerful R&D in LED packaging,Lights design,LED driver,you best choice for OEM;



T8 LED Tube Models: 


Installed in normal room temperature, We provides T8 and T5 tube lights ranging from 0.6m to 1.5m,9W to 25W.


If you need special used lights as freezer lights,or undergound parking lot lights, emergency tube lights, welcome OEM





One tube in one PE waterproof bag;


5 PCS per layer in EPE Grooves


25 PCS per Cardboard Carton



Packaging size:


for SL-T8-L060: 26*27*67CM 25PCS/Carton


for SL-T8-L120: 26*27*127CM 25PCS/Carton


for SL-T8-L150: 26*27*158CM 25PCS/Carton


for SL-T5-L20:   26*27*127CM 20PCS/Carton






For your samples orders,we usually deliver by FEDEX,DHL,UPS,Aramex or by air transportation


If more than 40 cartons, we recommend economic sea shippment.Usually we offer FOB services, if you need CIF, negotiable.




Sample order: 5 to 20 days,detail could confirmed by SOUL engineers.


Bulk order: 10,000PCS/Month


Management system:ISO9001,ISO14001


Product certifications: CE,ROHS,FCC,UL


Customer requirement as:GS,VED,GOST,SAA meetable



Our Services


1.       One of the top LED manufacturer in East China;


2.       10 led chips packaging lines, one assembly workshop and all necessary testing equipments


3.       Sister company-Soul New Energy provides efficiency and longtime LED driver


4.       High lumens efficiency>100LM/W and >25000hours for LED application lights


5.       Factory directly R&D,Production and sales in one, OEM welcome!



Company Information


Our products export to many countries all over the world. Some of oue clients...










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Q:I've just come to this company and I'm an LED fluorescent company
If it's a business that already has business! Then you must cherish and keep in touch! If you want to keep up with the list, let's make sure that you are learning to do business. It may not work very well, it will take time!
Q:Does the installation of LED fluorescent bulbs need to be positive and negative
Agreed to A solar lamp with built-in power source is not required to be divided into positive and negative. But the cooling effect is not so good. The advantage is that you can connect directly to the lampstand. External power supply of the fluorescent lamp, need points are negative, but the cooling effect will be better, and don't have to put the drive into the tube, also make the design simple, the problem is the installation of trouble
Q:How does the traditional daylight lamp tube replace the LED light tube?
You don't have to change any of the lines, you have to remove all of the fluorescent lights, you just leave two lines, and then you connect the two ends of the LED lights
Q:Currently, the 48-inch led fluorescent lamp tube 18w is used for how much dc voltage
There is very little dc voltage input on the market, and there is also a built-in external drive. Most of them are built in, with 220V input.
Q:Which is better? In terms of power and price
I think this brother is not very clear about leds; In fact, the lamp contains the way of the patch Led lamp bead classification 1. Straight insert small power specifications are as follows: straw hat/helmet, round head, concave, ellipse, tombstone type (2 * 3 * 4) bullet, flat head, type (3/5 / flat bread) piranha, etc. 2. SMD patches are usually divided into (3020/3528/5050, these are positive luminescence) / 1016/1024, and these are the lateral luminescent sources. 3. Large power leds are not classified into the patch series, their power and current usage are different, and the photoelectric parameters are very different. Single single high power LED light source, such as no heat dissipation base (generally for hexagonal aluminum), its appearance and the average patch without too big gap, high power LED light source is circular, encapsulation mode basic and SMD patch is the same, but with SMD patch in the conditions of use/environment/effect has essential difference. Photosynthetic efficiency as to what you say, he is equal to the luminous flux/power is the power points, as we have 3014 (0.1 W), 3528 (0.06 W), 2835 (0.5 W)... The flux is also the customer's requirement, we have 5 to 60 lm here, of course the price is different. Hope is useful to you
Q:Ordinary fluorescent lamp ballast can be replaced with led daylight lamp tube
In the process, the ballast is torn down, and the two broken wires in the ballast are connected directly to the wire by the color of the broken end wire. Red is red. The other two colors are connected. Remove the regenerator. The broken line between the two ends of the regenerator needs to be reconnected and wrapped in insulation tape
Q:How did the new daylight tube ring
It's a light tube problem, but it doesn't matter, you don't want to worry about him in a few days.
Q:How does the traditional fluorescent tube stand install led lamp tube reforming method
Replace the lamp and rectifier with LED and matching. Traditional fluorescent lamp or low pressure mercury lamp, is using low pressure mercury vapor release ultraviolet ray after electricity, which makes the principle of phosphor emit visible light, so it belongs to low pressure arc discharge light source.
Q:Can the LED tube be installed as a general lamp holder? It won't burn easily
LED lights need dc power, so the two end of the frame are dc output And the lamp tube needs to communicate electricity, dc is to damage the lamp directly
Q:Now the home decorates is to use LED good or the good of the lamp tube
Now the home is decorated with LED. LED lamp tube also commonly known as the light tube, daylight lamp tube, its illuminant USES LED as the light body. The traditional fluorescent tube, also known as fluorescent lamp, lamp on both ends of each have a filament, inside the tubes filled with tiny amounts of argon and the thin mercury vapor, tubes coated with phosphor, on the wall between the two filament gas when conducting an ultraviolet, the phosphor emit visible light. Led bulbs have many advantages, such as general lighting, office buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, homes, factories, etc. The lamp tube is a kind of fluorescent lamp (or fluorescent lamp, light tube, fluorescent tube), the diameter is 5/8 inches, about 16mm, belongs to the gas discharge lamp. It USES electricity to activate mercury vapor in argon or neon gas, forming plasma and emitting short wavelengths of ultraviolet light, causing the phosphor to emit visible fluorescence to illuminate. The normal fluorescent tube is made of glass, with a socket at both ends to connect the power source and the fixed fluorescent tube. The fluorescent lamp tube is a gas discharge luminescent light source, according to the pipe size of T12, T10, T8, T6, T5, T4, T3, etc., the current T8, T6, T5 are mainstream. Especially since the T5 fluorescent lamp tube, the technical performance is advanced, the light effect is high, the lighting quality and the effect is excellent and so on the technical characteristic, is replacing the T8 fluorescent lamp tube with the faster speed.

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