T8 LED Tube 9W (Aluminum+PC) from CNBM ,China

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CNBM Group is short for China National Building Materials Group Corporation, which is established in 1984 with approval from the State Council. It is a China state owned company ,one of Global Fortune 500 .The Group has a total asset of over RMB 360 billion, more than 180,000 employees and 17  subsidiaries

  Features of the products


l  Electric wave resistant

l  3-year warranty  

l  80% energy saving.

l  Carried CE, RoHs Marks.

l  Instant start, no flickering, no humming.

l  Special view angles of LED lighting design.

l  Special circuit design, each LED work separately, avoiding the single broken LED influence problem.

l  No hazard of mercury or lead entering the environment.

l  New inner high efficiency constant current driver, with heat protection system, can work under unstable voltage.

T8 LED Tube 9W (Aluminum+PC) from CNBM ,China


l  Hotels

l  Hospitals

l  Commercial Complexes

l  Conference / Meeting rooms

l  Factories & Offices

l  Residential / Institution Buildings

l  Schools

l  Places where need energy saving and high color rendering index lighting 

T8 LED Tube 9W (Aluminum+PC) from CNBM ,China

FAQ:What's your products warranty ?

3 years 

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Q:Which is better, a metal halide lamp or a high pressure sodium lamp?
Each has its own advantages, the use is not the same, the effect is not the same.
Q:What is the luminous flux of 250W and 400W high pressure sodium lamps?
Calculate the light efficiency of high pressure sodium lamp will know, the luminous efficiency of high pressure sodium lamp is 70 80lm/w, and 06 - 0.7 use factors come to the conclusion that, the number of alternative to LED street light in your view that "
Q:Installation of high pressure sodium lamp
Installation of high-pressure mercury lamp, the installation height is not less than 4m minimum, generally using metal expansion screws fixed.1., high-pressure mercury lamp control circuit installation steps: line positioning.The weft distribution of PVC pipeline. Install lamp holder.Install switch and leakage circuit breaker. Electrify inspection.
Q:What is the advantage of xenon lamp over LED lamp and high pressure sodium lamp?
Effective life long. Although LED marked the life of 5 years, because the light is too big, after 1 years is not up to the illumination requirements, so the effective life of only 1.5 years. The xenon lamp light is 3%, so the effective and long service life.
Q:What is the ballast power of HPS lamp?
General is to look at the electronic ballast or ballast, even determine the electronic inductor, still depends on the manufacturer, general electronic ballast power factor in about 0.98, ranging from 0.6---0.8 low inductance ballast.
Q:Consult the 400 Watt High pressure sodium lamp and what capacity?
The price of 400W high pressure sodium lamp consists of four parts:A gas discharge type lamp bulb, a ballast that supplies a constant current to the bulb, a trigger that provides instantaneous arcing voltage to the bulb, and a lamp housing.As the market products vary in quality, the price difference is great, the whole set of prices from the lowest 65 yuan to 600 yuan is different, if coupled with wire pole, the price of 10000 yuan is not impossible ~. ~
Q:LED street light and high-pressure sodium lamp have similar luminous efficiency, so why can LED street lamp replace the high power sodium lamp with lower power?
Initial luminous flux of 1.100W LED street lamp 11000lm. Because the lens loss 10%, power loss 10%, the lamp luminous flux is actually 8910lm, the total power consumption of lamps is 110W. Therefore, the light effect of this LED street lamp is 81lm/W.2.250W high pressure sodium lamp initial luminous flux is 25000lm, the light source utilization loss about 30%, the power loss about 20%, the lamp luminous flux actual 12500lm, that lamp's total power consumption is about 300W. Therefore, the light effect of this high-pressure sodium lamp is 41.67lm/W.
Q:What's the price of HPS?
Do you mean the high pressure sodium lamp or the whole set of lamps?If the HPS lamp has:
Q:Calculation method of total power and hourly power consumption of 400 Watt High pressure sodium lampThe light source is 400 watts, but does not include the power consumption of the rectifier, the trigger, and the starting current of the sodium lamp, so I would like to know what the total power and the power consumption per hour with these factors?
They say it's 400 watts, and the total power is 400 wattsThe power consumption is 0.4 kwh per hour, or 0.4 kWhRectifiers and flip flops also account for some power, or about a dozen watts, although the starting current is large, but the time is short and it doesn't consume much power unless you start frequently
Q:High pressure sodium lamp is a kind of high brightness street lamp. What kind of material is its tube material?
The arc tube is the key component of high pressure sodium lamp. When the arc tube works, the sodium vapor with high temperature and high pressure is very corrosive, and the general sodium silicate and quartz glass can not do so. But the translucent polycrystal alumina and the ceramic tube are ideal for the arc tube. It not only has good resistance to high temperature and corrosion of antibiotic sodium vapor, but also has good visible light crossing capability. In addition, the performance of single crystal alumina ceramic tubes is superior to polycrystalline al ceramic tubes in high temperature resistance, antibiotic, sodium vapor corrosion and light transmittance. Because of their high price, they are seldom used nowadays. The arc tube electrode, polycrystalline alumina ceramic, the children cap, solder ring assembly together into sealing furnace sealing with sodium amalgam; at the same time filled with a small amount of xenon lamp, in order to improve the starting characteristics. The electrode is made of a high-purity tungsten filament, spirally wound, inserted into the core in the spiral hole, impregnated with the electronic powder, and then welded at one end of the electrode core and the closed end of the niobium tube. Polycrystalline alumina ceramic tube (CAP) is made of polycrystalline alumina ceramic powder by mixing powder, fountain, fog drying, isostatic pressing, plain burning, high temperature sintering and cutting process. The light and electrical parameters of the high pressure sodium lamp are closely related to the inner diameter of the arc tube and the length of the arc (the distance between the two electrodes).

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