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Product Name: T1356 Paver


T601L/T701L Paver Cheap T601L/T701L Paver Buy at Okorder

T601L/T701L Paver Cheap T601L/T701L Paver Buy at Okorder

 T601L/T701L Paver Cheap T601L/T701L Paver Buy at Okorder



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T601L/T701L is a tyre type paver featuring good maneuverability, high speed and large traction force. It can meet different paving requirements, and the paving width can be stepless adjusted from 2.5m to 7.0m. It is mainly used for the maintenance of municipal roads, parking lots, highways of high grade and road paving operations. It can be used to pave multiple kinds of materials, especially the asphalt concrete materials, and it can be flexibly used in small, medium or large paving operations. And it also features satisfactory levelness and compactness.

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