T33 postpositive activated carbon filter catridge

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Product Description:

T33 filter cartridge(granular activated carbon filter)
Material: PP polypropylene shell and activated carbon, etc.
Production process: polypropylene shell granular activated carbon poured melted into a spin.
Usage: Application on postpositive-filtration water purification equipment. For adsorption of impurities in the water, to achieve the purpose to improve the taste.
Advantages: effectively remove organic matter, rest chlorine and other radioactive substances, and bleaching, Removal of peculiar smell effect.
Weight: 300 grams
Diameter: 50 mm

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Q:Working principle of circulating water filter
The group in the drainage system, positive gravity filtration, with its water district water backwash in siphon head. Therefore, don't need high speed filter, medium filter, mechanical filter and ordinary filter backwash pump must be set as the goods back washing water tower. The filter tank, flushing and cleaning pipe used with the number and arrangement of center axis points in their respective area of graphics. So the backwash water of uniform water distribution, the filtered water and water with water collecting stamp collection, so the filter in place, on top of tank weir level adaptability, and can even water.
Q:Which filter is good for vacuum cleaners?
Disadvantages: for a long time, the filter capacity of the dust bag has declined, the pores of the fabric will open, the filtration capacity is seriously reduced and needs to be replaced
Q:Can water purifier filter heavy metals?
even for hard water cannot deal with soft water; with ion exchange resin treatment, can remove some metal ions, can be treated as hard water softener.
Q:Sequence of fish filter materials
Third: biological filtration first place biochemical cotton (Note: to choose the right size of aperture, high strength, high elasticity, high water filtration rate);
Q:What are the filter materials for aquariums? What's the function? How do they use them?
You've been full, do not need so much.
Q:Cleaning principle of water filtration
Equipment installation, debugging by the technical staff, filtration time and cleaning time conversion, the water to be treated into the body from the water inlet filter to begin work, when it reaches the preset cleaning time, electric controller for hydraulic control valves, motor drive signal, triggered a series of actions:
Q:Homemade fish filter
filter cotton 1.5 yuan, flower and bird market, JS are sold. (but a demon on the market is 8-10 yuan, to DIY fun or convenient to see you)
Q:How much power filters are used in the 200 liter fish tank?
Choose a smaller grass cylinder (if not considering the filtering barrel must be built in it), and fish (such as the three lakes cichlid can) a little, because too thin, only 20cm, do not take into account the large fish.
Q:The vacuum pumps the water in the machine to the vacuum pump. How can the water be filtered out in the middle?
No, the internal structure is different, and the material is different
Q:What brand is pre filter?
does not affect the water pressure, if you want, you can contact me

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