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The railway T-beam templatedesigned and produced by our company has the following advantages: exact size,reasonable structure, big rigidity, light weight, easy accessibility, easymaintenance, and good releasing effect, receiving lots of praises from theusers.

Hanshou framingbase’s girder field undertook the production task of laying 144.5km for theTender #2 of main line of the second line of Shi-Chang Railway, laying 25km forthe station line, 516 sets of girders for 42 bridges, 159 groups of newturnouts or changing old turnouts. The construction of this field is the centerand key point for the framing construction in the Tender #2 of the second lineof Shi-Chang Railway with a very important significance.

The No.1 super bridge of Jinzhou Bay sits to the westof Shen-Da Highway and goes parallel with it, where the design speed is 120~160km/h. There are 104 pier platforms and 388 pieces ofprefabricated T-girders. This project was undertaken by China Railway 13rdBureau, finishing the task of prefabricating and installing T-girders. Thecategory of the girder is 32m, 24m prefabricated prestressed concrete railwaysimply-supported T-girder of whole bridge (2005)2201—Ⅰand 2201—Ⅱ.From December 30 of 2008 when the first piece of T-girder was made, guaranteedinstalling one set of T-girders (four pieces of T-girders) per day.

Pucheng girder fabrication fieldundertook the task of supplying 362 sets of girders for Zhang Bridge, which isthe exit of Tong Mushi Tunnel in the tender of BXS-W which belongs to Shanxisection of Bao-Xi Railway, and 38 sets of girders for the left line from NorthGanquan to Mazi Street Bridge. The category of the girders is: 32m and 24mprefabricated prestressed concrete railway simply-supported T-girder of thewhole bridge (2005)2201Ⅰ and 2201Ⅱ.According to the plan, they finished the production by the end of July, 2010.The girder filed sits 5km from the East Pucheng Town, Weinan City, occupying anarea of 89 acres, having 12 girder fabrication pedestal, the bi-layer girderstorage pedestal can keep 213 sets of girders; it products 2 pieces of girdersper day, the maximum production capacity is 60 pieces/month.

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