T/R two way stretch plain fabric S0001/(40/2+40D)x(40/2+40D)

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CART NO.:S0001






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Q:What fabric is softer than the jeans?
All cotton stretch fabric feels soft. The cost is also higher. Generally, 95-98% vary in content of cotton and 5%-2% of varying amounts of spandex.Cotton content is relatively high, but also relatively comfortable.Now there's a fabric called nylon. The content of this kind of spandex is also greater. Up to 20%. This fabric is not fabric, cost is lower than that of cotton, and the textile process is faster than that of cotton, with data indicating a 40% increase in production.These two fabrics are used a lot in the clothing industry, especially the cowboy.More cotton bullets are used as materials used in our factory.
Q:Is dacron cloth waterproof?
The real waterproof finishing is not PU coating, but the use of hydrophobic finishing agent to deal with fabric, can improve waterproof, looking still or dacron cloth, not artificial leather! Advanced waterproof treatment, but also breathable. For example, the United States world famous brand, Gore Tex's fabric, widely used in outdoor products, such as assault clothes, assault pants, climbing shoes, etc., in ensuring the permeability of the premise, with waterproof performance.
Q:Is the Dacron suit all right? Is the quality good? Is it expensive?
Also known as polyester terylene, and the Americans called it "dacron". When it appears on the market in Hongkong, according to the people of Cantonese translated it as "really cool" or "Dacron" [cool], good Cantonese homonym, meaning "really cool", a name known to every family.
Q:What is Gong Sijin
Gong Sijin is for a term on the wool fabric weave. From the appearance point of view, the most intuitive sense is Gong Sijin surface mesh ma.
Q:What is the nylon taffeta fabric
Now many derivatives are called nylon taffeta, nylon taffeta, satin, twill, jacquard lattice, etc.. Generally according to the weight per square meter, can be divided into medium thickness (80g/m2) and thin (40g/m2). The whitening, dyeing, printing, calendering, embossing nylon spinning, fabric formation of fine silk, surface smooth, soft, thin and strong wear resistance, bright color, easy to wash and quick drying. Mainly used as clothing materials for men and women. Coated nylon shioze windtight, waterproof, and anti down, can be used as a ski jacket, raincoat, sleeping bags, mountaineering clothes and fabrics
Q:What's the density of the four piece cotton fabric?
There are many ways to judge the quality of a fabric. Generally, people ask, "how many yarns are there?"". In fact, the number determine just how many a small part of textile fabric, usually in our bedding textile fabrics, is such a distinction, 40 for ordinary yarn yarn (excluding 40 yarn), 40 above the yarn yarn, and yarn count higher, cotton prices more expensive, the current domestic market the price of cotton yarn is still very large difference (like 30 yarn only more than 20000 fast money a ton, while the 40 yarn will be around thirty-two thousand yuan a ton), woven cotton per meter price so it has 2 - 4 yuan price difference. It also affects the quality of the bed products.
Q:Excuse me, chemical fiber, blending and polyester is not very different, if you choose these two kinds of clothes as the main fabric, which is good?
Polyester fiber is an important variety of synthetic fiber, and it is the commodity name of polyester fiber in our country. It is a pure terephthalic acid (PTA) or terephthalic acid methyl ester two (DMT) and ethylene glycol (EG) as a fiber polymer, polyethylene terephthalate as raw materials by esterification or transesterification and polycondensation prepared (PET), the spinning and postprocessing fibers.
Q:What are the materials of cashmere and cotton more comfortable?
It's also a kind of fabric structure. The common fabric structure with plain weave, twill, satin etc.. I would like to ask you, is to compare the quality of cashmere fabrics and other types of pure cotton fabric?. Personally feel that cashmere fabric is more suitable for winter, plain and so on more suitable for summer and autumn.
Q:What's the material of velvet?
Velvet products require high grade, small linear density, long length and good maturity. Velvet products have special requirements for twist of terry yarn. When cotton is used, it requires less twist and small twist of cotton yarn
Q:What do you mean by "glossy fabric" in general? What kind of knitted and elastic fabric do you have?
Fabric: smooth fabric finish (refers to relatively good luster and neat) side, also known as the front face of the fabric, taking positive

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