SZ Series Liquid Ring Type Vacuum Pump

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SZ Series Liquid Ring Type Vacuum Pump


    SZ series liquid ring type vacuum pump and compressor is used to suction or compress air and other gas that is non-corrosive, unsolvable in water and with no solid powder, so that vacuum and pressure can be obtained in the sealed container. However, small amount of liquid is allowed in the suctioned gas. The pump is widely used in several sectors such as mechanical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, sugar making and electronic industry.

     Since the air compression is operated under the same temperature, it won′t easily lead to any danger, when the pump is suctioning or compressing any flammable or explosive gas. Therefore, the pump is widely used.

Technical parameters:


1. When the vacuum percentage range is 40% to 90%, or the pressure range is 0.05Mpa to 0.15Mpa, the gas suction and drainage will be subject to the amount of the supplied water amount and the crevice between the impeller and the side cover. If the flux is rather small, and the adjustment is not accurate enough, the gas suction and drainage tends to be smaller.
2. The value in the table is obtained under the following condition: ① water temperature is 15℃ ② air temperature is 20℃ ③ relative humidity of the gas is 70% ④ air pressure is 0.1013Mpa
3. The performance difference in the table will not exceed 5%

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Q:Water hand pump for invention?
your question is not clear, do you need to build the pump from scratch or you should find one? what is the water flow rate? how high the water need to go? what the helmet has to do with the problem? simplest solution will be to go to the store and buy small hand pump (for fuel).
Q:Which water pump do you recommend?
Nobody can accurately answer this question until you give more information. To size a pump, you need to know the flow rate you are trying to acheive (gallons per minute) and the total head (feet) you are trying to acheive. GPM is based off the max flow rate of the fixtures you are using at any given time. Fixtures such as toilets and sinks have typical flow rates. Head is calculated by taking your incoming water pressure (psi) and subtracting pressure losses from pipes and fittings (psi) and working pressure of your furthest fixture. For a small building, like a house, you can probably estimate your head to be the height of your building (incoming water pipe to ceiling of top floor). If that distance is 30 feet, you'll want a pump to acheive 30 feet of head at about 5 gpm. 5 gpm will allow for a shower and a sink to run at the same time. Toilets are low gpm unless you are using flush valves instead of flush tanks. I've never heard of Valco or Davey. In commercial applications, I've always used Bell and Gossett, but that may be overkill. Just make sure the pump you are getting is a pressure booster pump and not another kind of pump.
Q:Thermostat or water pump problem?
first check the coolant level, make sure it is full, this may be all it is, it could also be the thermostat went bad, this is not that unusual for a new thermo. to fail, make sure the belt to the pump is good, unlikely the pump is bad if it is not leaking or making any noise at all! but, when the new thermo. was installed did you purge all the air from the system, at times and in some autos air will become trapped and you have to bleed the air out of it, some have a bleeder screw and some don't, the ones that do not have a bleeder then you have to raise the front end of the car to the point where the radiator top is higher than the engine and make sure the heat is turned on and set to high!
Q:What is a 1 inch water pump?
The caliber of the water inlet and outlet pipe is 1 inches of water pump,
Q:40 hp mercury outboard water pump not working.?
Check the water intake is not blocked. Then the water impellor. Then lastly check the water tell tail outlet hole is not blocked/obstructed.
Q:What is the aprox. GPM of a 1HP water pump?
many times the water pumps are AC grant pumps. in AC grant, you could not exchange the enter voltage and hence the area of utilising a million hp pump as 0.5 hp does not upward push up. ofcouse you could utilise 0.5 of its potential to pump water however the relax 0.5 would be wasted as warmth capability or frictional loss. the element is a a million hp pump will consume a similar potential what ever potential u choose to apply it.
Q:can I use copper spay gasket to seal my water pump gasket on my truck?
Sure, why not? Usually, the metal area when most water pumps are bolted too are cleaned with a scraper of some kind and old gasket matter is removed. That surface should be cleaned, flat, and free of irregularity. Most mechanics, if they use any kind of stickum - like contact cement from a tube, or the costlier, but not-needed specialty sealers, is applied to the pump surface so the gasket stays put and not move when installing the bolts. The glue does not do any actual sealing, just the fiber gasket will. None needs to be applied to the engine side that you scraped clean. Make sense to you? It's probably a good idea to service the cooling system with a non-caustic flush cleaner before hand -since all the coolant will come out during the change. Then add a additive that neutralizes acids with the new anti-freeze.
Q:can a non-mechanic replace a water pump?
I don't work on cars, but my dad does. It seems like a water pump would be just as easy to replace as an alternator. Remove, replace, reattach hoses and/or belts. Get one of the repair manuals for your car from the auto store; that will walk you through it.
Q:Tips on proper maintenance on water well pump and service tank?
Q:Sewage treatment plant design how many pumps should be selected, head how to calculate the maximum design flow is 833M3/h
Maximum design flow of sewage treatment plant is 833m^3/h, water pump can choose 2 or three units, the flow rate is 1000m^3/h. The amount of information in the head according to the problem can not be determined.Sewage treatment plants, water plants and other pumps are the key equipment, usually 1~2 units standby. Therefore, to choose 2 or three units of the same type of pump, each pump flow should be able to meet the use requirements. General pump selection, the pump rated flow should be 1.1 times the design flow of sewage treatment plants, that is, 833x1.1=916 (m^3/h), round 1000 (m^3/h).Pump head should be based on the actual work lift h determined. When calculating the actual lift, we should not only consider the actual geometric elevation difference of the pump installation, but also consider the factors such as pipe water loss and elbow water loss. The rated lift of water pump must have a certain margin, generally choose 1.1h, h for the actual required lift.

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