SYV-50 Series Solid Polyethylene Insulated RF Coaxial Cable

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According to the standards of GB/T14864-1993.For analog signal below 1GHz, and high-speed digital signal transmission.

      Cable insulation imports of polyethylene insulation material, to ensure the stability of the transmission performance and mechanical properties.

  Suitable for singal transmission in the television,communication,computer and electronic system etc.

TypeInner conductorInsulationOuter conductorJacket
Materialsn/mmdiameterdiameterbraided screendensitythicknessdiameter
SYV-50-2-1soft copper7×0.160.481.50single≥91%0.432.8
SYV-50-2-41soft copper1×0.680.682.20single≥91%0.564.0
SYV-50-3-1soft copper7×0.320.962.95single≥91%0.755.0
SYV-50-3-4soft copper1×0.900.902.95single≥91%0.755.0
SYV-50-3-41soft copper1×0.900.902.95single≥91%0.805.8
SYV-50-5-1soft copper1×1.401.404.80single≥91%0.887.2
SYV-50-5-41soft copper1×1.401.404.80double≥91%0.927.9
SYV-50-7-2soft copper7×0.752.257.25single≥91%1.0510.3
SYV-50-7-41soft copper7×0.752.257.25double≥91%1.1011.0
SYV-50-9-41soft copper7×0.952.859.0single≥91%1.1812.2
SYV-50-12-41soft copper7×1.153.4511.5single≥91%1.3015.0



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Q:Where can I find a power cable for an HP Photosmart C3180 printer?
I'm in the same boat you are - except I have a #6310. I was foolish enough to go ahead and buy an HP printer when friends warned me against it (supposedly, only Lexmark is worse). Having said this, I am checking the cables on my printer at this moment. I honestly believe that their location and duties are similar (but not exactly the same) on all HP printers. This is what I see: 1. All of the cables are in the rear left-hand corner; 2. They are in the following order: USB cable (light grey or beige in color) with the trident sign. If this is not clear, go to any search box - Yahoo would be good - and enter USB cable picture; or go to USB Cable and Wikipedia. 3. Immediately to its right is what I believe to be the power cable (black with white or yellow dots on the cable itself). On some models there is actually a green light on the plug-in part. GOOD LUCK!
Q:is 400V submarine power cable available?
The power cables should be stored on the submarine by the Electrician Mates as ours were on a destroyer. 60KW is not that much power and one three phase cable can handle it.
Q:Flat power cables?
Hi Allotted, The best thing to do is cut into the wall and run the cables down the inside. By the time you have power, DVD/VCR, cable connection and a dozen other things you have a huge bundle of cables. Cut a opening behind the TV and run the wires down the inside to the floor. Make an opening to bring them out there. I did mine like that and while it took some effort the results were a great looking installation. Norm
Q:Is there any difference between power and ground cable for sub. Amplifier? ?
for the most part, all wire is the same. Just a bunch of stands of copper and sometimes aluminum. So yes, go ahead and use the power cable.
Q:Power cable fuse to amp keeps blowing?
you got a short to ground, make sure ANY part of the Positive (hot) wire is not touching the chassis
Q:How do you run the amp power cable through the firewall in a 1994 Mitsu Eclipse?
If your car is an automatic, you can go through the plug that seals the hole where the clutch would be. If you have a clutch, you will need to drill a hole in the firewall if there are no other available plugs.
Q:Can I connect CD drive to the same SATA cable.?
Power cables YES Data cables YES *but not recommended. (you would require additional hardware.) Normally the 7 pin DATA cables are considered 1 to 1. BUT with some hardware its possible to change that. Power cables are dependent on your power supply being big enough - 850W certainly sounds big enough but you need to know what is being used, such as is it powering hungry graphics cards etc?
Q:Why dont overhead power cables have rubber/plastic cover so that if they fall they cant cause serious injury?
Let's see... First of all ONLY high voltage power cables do not have protective polymer insulation. Low voltage cables, like the ones that bring outlet tension to homes do have an insulation, usually made of PVC, rubber, silicone and such. The large, 10000Volts, up to and over 200000 volts and so on do not for several reasons: 1. It would be impractical to make. For usual materials, like PVC the thickness of the insulation would be extreme (I think as thick as several centimeters) as to protect from such high voltages. Such insulations would make the cables break under their own weight. 2. The cables heat up really good under the enormous currents and voltages so the insulation plastic would be close to melting point all the time. 3. PVC is quite senzitive to weather curing. It becomes brittle and cracks if left under weather condition for several years so the insulation would still serve to no good. Furthermore, regulations regarding aerial wiring state that they should avoid crossing populated areas, roads, etc. unless absolutely necessary. Also, wires fallen on ground should definitely not be messed with. Furthermore, if high voltage cables were insulated, this would only serve ready made combustion materials for fires in case of short circuits and damages. I guess this takes care of your question...
Q:Are the 20 to 24 pin motherboard power cables safe?
Q:6-Pin Cable for Graphics Card?
Is it the AGP model or the PCI-e model? You don't need a separate power cable for an AGP card. The 4 pin and 6 pin power connectors on the newer motherboards are for PCI-e video cards. Do you even have an AGP slot? If so, then I doubt your motherboard even has a 4pin or 6pin SLI power connector. Just plug the card into your AGP slot and that's it. If it's the PCI-e model, then see if your MB even has a 4pin or 6pin SLI power connection on it. If so then see if your power supply has a 4pin or 6pin power cable and plug it into that slot. Depending on the power supply, you may not even need the extra power connect unless you are running 2 SLI cards at once.

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