Synthetic Bag/Nonwoven Bag For Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description:

Detailed Product Description

1: Synthetic filter bag

2: paperboard collar

3: 3 layers

4: Excellent packaging


Model number W010
Colour White
Layer 4
Filtration efficiency ≥80
Volume 5.5L
Material 120g/m2 composite filter media
Testing Standard ASHRAE52.2: Flow volume(cm/s): 5.3;

Size Range(μm):0.3-0.5

Available additional function Can be customized

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Q:What is the reason for the dust bag to be broken for a period of time
Hot or hot? 1, the quality of filter cloth has problems, premature ageing. The operating cycle is over, the filter is aged. 3, flue gas overtemperature, cloth damage. 4, the filter bag is contaminated by oil or the flue gas belt water, the filter bag fails.
Q:How can the washing machine's filter bag be clean?
Take out the filter bag, dump the dirt, and turn the bag over and rinse.
Q:What is the filter bag made of foam tea?
Made of paper. Tea, the leaf or bud of a tea tree. Don't tea, based (ji) m:, nameplates, Chuan (chu m: n), camellia shrubs or small trees, twigs glabrous. General evergreen shrubs of tea leaves can be used to make tea, and using the leaves a bottle of drink, later extended to all the plant flowers, leaves, seeds, roots steeped herbal tea, such as "chrysanthemum tea"; The "cold tea", which is made from all kinds of herbs, is also called the bud in Chinese literature. Some countries also have tea made from other plants, such as fruits and herbs, such as "fruit tea". The leaf leather, long round or oval, can be drunk directly with boiled water, and divided into six categories according to the variety and method of production and the shape of the product. Tea drinks are known as "one of the three biggest drinks in the world". Tea contains catechins, cholesterolenone, caffeine, inositol, folic acid, acid, etc., which can improve human health. Tea originated in China, and tea drinking originated in China.
Q:Can liquid filtration bags be cleaned and reused
According to the mechanism of liquid filtration process, surface filtration and deep filtration are classified.
Q:How about all the filters in the washing machine
Diy, with thick silk stockings points instead of filter bag, the general look on filter bag frame of a quadrilateral layering pressure filter bag, be careful to pick it out, to cut the size of the filter bag, pressed firmly clip flat on back frame can use. New ones are easier to sell.
Q:How many types of filters are in the filter bag?
Alien: shape specific filter bag, whose specification is represented by the characteristic parameters of its construction.
Q:The filter bag is very thick and it's hard to wash everybody how to do it
When you cut through a knife, you must first wipe the surface of the oil with peanut oil so that it won't stick to the blade. By the way, to teach you how to reduce the mucus in the jackfruit: amount of mucus in the jackfruit is and is inversely proportional to the familiar with degrees, that is, the more the more immature mucous, usually just picked from the tree of jackfruit is not mature enough, must put a few days time to eat, to reduce mucus and shorten the time of the park, you can take a little insensitive, section size and jackfruit hanging in a tree when the hanging rattan almost went,
Q:What is the filter bag for the washing machine?
Some clothes make it easy to get a ball, which is to filter the little ball
Q:How to remove the washer filter bag
Remove the water from the washing machine and use a screwdriver to press down the square hole above the filter door. Hold the plastic pipe and pull out the sewage flow, although it is ready for a container of water, which is then inserted into the sewage stream. Restore the sewage pipe. Go counterclockwise to remove the filter bag. Rinse with water. Put it back in place and rotate clockwise.
Q:How to buy the paint filter bag in the car painting
The best two come together, so the water can't be in the paint, actually see you use in what place ~ 2 effect should be same Cleaning machine with a wide range of applications in the area of industrial cleaning, car factory should also prepare a few sets of washing machine wash paint, welding slag effect is fairly good, suggest you use force in chengdu feng cleaner, washing machine not only depends on the management and maintenance of late, select a... Again, we have to repair the paint, and I suggest we do it well. According to the coating process of plastic parts, and do not bake, it will be deformed. There is also a choice, which is a good choice. Go to the steam distribution city or paint shop... The cleaning machine has extensive application in the area of industrial cleaning, and the car factory should also prepare several, wash the machine wash the paint, the welding slag effect... Rinse thoroughly. It is suggested that you use the chengdu lifeng cleaning machine, and the cleaning machine should not only look at the management and maintenance of the latter, but choose one...
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