Synthetic Bag/Nonwoven Bag For Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description:

Detailed Product Description

1: Synthetic filter bag

2: paperboard collar

3: 3 layers

4: Excellent packaging


Model number W010
Colour White
Layer 4
Filtration efficiency ≥80
Volume 5.5L
Material 120g/m2 composite filter media
Testing Standard ASHRAE52.2: Flow volume(cm/s): 5.3;

Size Range(μm):0.3-0.5

Available additional function Can be customized

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Q:What about the filtering effect of the lubricating oil filter bag
With the development of the industry, the lubricating oil filter bag is widely used in various fields of industrial occasions, lubricating oil filter bag is one of the most critical steps in the process of the filter.
Q:What materials are commonly used in liquid filtration bags?
1, good heat resistance, can be used under 280 ℃ for a long time Dust is easy to peel off The dimension stability is good, the fiberglass itself does not contract at the standard temperature
Q:How do you use a filter bag?
In order to improve the use of filter bags, we should pay special attention to this knowledge in ordinary times. If we have different problems, we need to find solutions. First, the bag is broken. The shape of the filter bag and the installation method of the filter bag determine the location of the filter bag easily broken, which can be inspected and repaired. Secondly, the filter bags age. For reasons that are caused by the following reasons, reasons should be investigated, taking the elimination measures and changing the filter bags. (1) hardening and contracting due to unusually high temperature; (2) due to contact with the vapor of an acid, alkali or organic solvent; 3) react with water.
Q:What are the advantages of fiberglass filter bags
The bag filter is a type of dry filter. It is suitable for small, dry, non-fibrous dust. Filter bag used textile filter cloth or non textile mat is made, using the fabric filter effect of dust filters, gas when dusty gas into the bag filter, large particles, major dust, due to the effect of gravity settling down, fall into the hopper, contains the fine dust of gas through the filter material, the dust were blocked, the purified gas. The dust removal efficiency of the new filter is not high enough. Filter material to use after a period of time, due to the screen, collision, stranding, diffusion, electrostatic effect, such as a layer of dust accumulation on the surface of filter bag, at the beginning of the dust layer is called layer, after the movement process, early become the main filter to filter material layer, depending on the role of the first layer, large mesh filter material can also get higher filtration efficiency. As in the accumulation of dust on the surface of the filter material, filter efficiency and resistance are corresponding increase, when the pressure difference on both sides of the filter material is very big, can put some tiny dust particles are attached to the filter material has been squeezed in the past, the dust collector efficiency decline. In addition, the high resistance of the dust collector will cause the dust removal system to decrease significantly. Therefore, when the resistance of the dust collector reaches a certain number, the dust should be cleared in time. Do not destroy the initial layer when clearing ash, lest the efficiency decline.
Q:How clean is the bag filter bag
Surface filter mainly adopts nylon monofilament filter bag, metal wire mesh filter bag), the surface of the filter the way for the hole interception, the interception of impurities in the filter material surface, the surface of the filter can be cleaned and secondary use. Remind: liquid filter bag this is a one-time product, under normal circumstances do not recommend repeated use, repeated use of a filter bag filter failure caused easily, at the same time also can cause cross contamination.
Q:How to use a home cleaner filter bag properly
If vacuum cleaner dust bag, dust bucket inside the dust is too much, should remove dust as soon as possible, keep the dustbin clean, lest influence the dust Heat dissipation of effect and motor. When the dust is vacuuming or not vacuuming, it should be examined or repaired in time. The vacuum cleaner should pay attention to be put in the drying place, when washing, avoid with wet cloth wipe switch, otherwise may cause leakage or short circuit.
Q:Filtration efficiency of liquid filtration bag
Absolute filter: filter is absolutely intercept surface filtering method, is greater than a certain size particles of 95-99.9% were intercepted, less than the size of the particles by all. Pore size must be same size on the surface of the filter bag material, weave fabric must be tight and firm, material requirements after joint can bear high pressure, can prevent leakage occurs, absolute filtering effect can be assured.
Q:How about the filter bag of the washing machine
One hand holds the middle position in the net and the other hand is pressed from the lower pressure, which can be removed and must be careful not to break the card. Note: to prevent filtering or filter box breeding bacteria, it is recommended that users be taken apart.
Q:How to remove the washer filter bag
Remove the water from the washing machine and use a screwdriver to press down the square hole above the filter door. Hold the plastic pipe and pull out the sewage flow, although it is ready for a container of water, which is then inserted into the sewage stream. Restore the sewage pipe. Go counterclockwise to remove the filter bag. Rinse with water. Put it back in place and rotate clockwise.
Q:What do you do when the washing machine is connected to a filter bag
Remove the filter and wash it down or use something. The washing machine is loose, but the laundry is boring.
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