SY-TSS Series Low Voltage Reactive Power Compensat

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Application Scope

Reactive compensation and harmonic filtering of electric power, petroleum, steel, chemical, metallurgy, wind power, semiconductor manufacturing, water supply and drainage industry.

Technical Features:

There exists serious 3-phase unbalance situation in some power grid, especially in automobile welding workshop. If three phases work together, it will cause overcompensation or undercompensation of the single phase. Single phase split phase compensation adopted is to solve the above issue.

Selection List



Installed Capacity


Fundamental  Capacity


Grading Manner


Single-Phase Compensation precision


Compensator Num.


Compensation Cabinet Size


Compensator Capacity


112096Constant capacity 8 grade switching1:1:1:1:1:1:1:1411100*1000*2200120
2240192Constant capacity 8 grade switching1:1:1:1:1:1:1:1811200*1000*2200240
3360288Constant capacity 8 grade switching1:1:1:1:1:1:1:11211200*1000*2200360
4480384Constant capacity 8 grade switching1:1:1:1:1:1:1:11611200*1000*2200480

Description: While grading the capacity, the same capacity cabinet can be extended combining. For example, split compensation cabinet of 240kvar installed capacity, can add one more cabinet with the same capacity to reach 2×240=480kvar.

Note: 1. The voltage grade, capacity and grading manner can be made according to customer requirements.

2. The data in the table are for reference only, we reserve the right to change the data.

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Q:US Industrial Electricity Voltage
3. Motor rated voltage: 115V, 230V, 460V and so on. Lighting rated voltage: 120V, 240V and so on. US industrial electricity for the three-phase four-wire 227V / 480V; civilian is a single-phase 3-wire system 120V 60HZ (working zero line and the protection of the zero line is separate). In China, long-term single-phase second-line and three-phase four-line to the residents of power supply, industrial, civilian mixed in a system, a great interference. The United States, Japan, the United States some countries are single-phase three-line to the residents of power supply, and industrial systems are separated.
Q:Industrial switching power supply which brand is good, including imported.
Japan LAMBDA Taiwan Ming Wei switching power supply (MW) MEANMALL Shanghai Heng Fu switching power supply (HF) Shanghai Lan Fu switching power supply (LanFu) Chaoyang Power Jinwei source power supply Nuclear in the pass Japan Kosovo Siemens
Q:Driving recorder dedicated power box for what use
3) to stop the process has been video, the need to split from the car line out of the conversion, the installation of a called "power through" adapter, the battery voltage can be automatically stopped when the recorder power supply (to prevent the battery voltage is too low Do not burn fire)
Q:Power for ups power supply which well-known imported brands
PROTEK US original imported power dedicated models, good quality, the price is not cheap.
Q:Do you need a separate dedicated power supply for each color dome camera?
General color hemisphere no infrared lamp power consumption is small, a 1A power supply if it is safe, then with 2 is no problem
Q:Industrial control system power supply Why is the choice of DC24V power supply? Why not 17V? 11V?
This is a series of standards in the power of the standard, which is a long time after the practice summed up and set the standard,
Q:Site with industrial power 380V / 50hz, electrical equipment is 110v / 60hz. Is there a solution?
The simplest solution, no 380v, 220v direct lighting, then 220v turn 110v transformer, output 110v, 50hz, then the equipment. Not a big problem
Q:Switching power supply S-120-12 monitor dedicated 12V / 10A camera power supply how to meet the amount of power
Second, the switching power supply S-120-12 Switching Power Supply S-120-12 is Shanghai Mingwei production of switching power supply, type: DC switching power supply , Model: S-120-24,   Input voltage: 100-264 (V), output power: 120 (W), output voltage: DC12V (V).
Q:Dell 9020MT business computer can only use 290W dedicated power?
That is, the power of a machine usually said, the rated power of the machine is certain, P = Fv, so the machine produces the force and the running speed is inversely proportional. For example, when the car is running on a flat asphalt pavement, the required traction force F is small and the speed can be larger; if the traction is large when the road is not flat or up the mountain, it is necessary to switch to low speed.
Q:Military grade power supply, industrial power supply, civil power supply where the difference?
These requirements are graded, the level of the points is based on the quality of the power supply, and the use of classificatio

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