Swtich Disconnector NDW1G Series Swtich Disconnector AC 400V/690V; DC 1000V

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· Standard: IEC60947-3:2005

· Certificates: TÜV, CE, CCC, CB, DIN

· Rated voltage: AC 400V/690V; DC 1000V

· Rated current: 400A~6300A

· Number of poles: 3, 4

· Rated short-circuit making capacity Icm: 84kA~143kA (@AC 400V/690V); 50kA~85kA (@DC 1000V)

· Rated short-time withstand current Icw (1s): 50kA~100kA (AC 400V); 40kA~75kA (AC 690V)

· Break-time: ≤30ms;  Closing time: ≤60ms

· Installation type: Fixed type; Drawout type

· Mechanical Endurance: 20000 times (for NDW1G-2000, NDW1G-3200)

10000 times (for NDW1G-3200 4000A, NDW1G-6300).

· Electrical Accessories: Auxiliary Contact, Shunt Release, Closing Release, Undervoltage Release, Motor Operator for Electrical Charging



· High breaking capacity and zero arc.

· Compact contacts system, separate arcing chamber, more reliable operation.

· Various configuration of 3-pole and 4-pole, fixed type and drawout type, vertical wiring and horizontal wiring, multi-choice.

· Switch disconnector can be supplied from both the top and the bottom.

· Reliable interlock and insulation protection, high safety performance.

· Module structure, extendable with various accessories.

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Q:Where will the circuit breaker auxiliary contacts be used? ,
general electromagnetic molded case circuit breaker for the non-selective circuit breaker, only long delay and instantaneous two kinds of protection, electronic molded case circuit breaker has a long delay
Q:The difference between the leakage switch of the air switch circuit breaker
Circuit breaker It is a switch function, but also to automatically protect the low-voltage distribution of electrical appliances. Its role is equivalent to the knife switch. Fuse. Thermal relay and other electrical components of the combination
Q:What is the difference between open air and circuit breakers?
China Electric Trading Network in the previous reports introduced the air switch is our usual familiar, it is the correct name called air circuit breaker. Air circuit breakers are generally low pressure, that is rated operating voltage of 1Kv
Q:Switch switch, disconnector, circuit breaker difference? What are the possible functions of each?
Circuit breaker, it can be on the line voltage, current and other parameters to monitor, alarm, action, not only as a break poin
Q:Frame circuit breaker, molded case circuit breaker difference
and they usually buy some of the experience to sum up, here that under the molded case circuit breaker and Frame circuit breaker difference between the two,
Q:How long does the circuit breaker last?
Circuit switch is the number of letters in front of the number p, you say 2p, is the two pole switch.
Q:How to choose the home of the circuit breaker air switch?
Modern home electricity should be in accordance with the bright circuit, power outlet circuit
Q:How to choose a circuit breaker for home and small office circuits
When overload or short circuit, the small circuit breaker handle, the leakage attachment handle does not move. When the leakage occurs, both handles are activated.
Q:What is the length of time that the circuit breaker can delay?
that is to say the greater the overload the greater the tripping time, overload current tripping time is long
Q:Is the isolator and circuit breaker able to switch to each other?
Can he just provide a clear breakpoint now has a clear breakpoint of the breakout in our "construction site temporary electricity safety technical specifications" which referred to

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