Swing Check Valve Wafer Type Double Disc DN 300 mm

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Product Description:

Products Description of Swing Check Valve

Check valves are used in pipes under pressures between PN1.6~16.0MPa(Class150~2500Lb), working temperatures-196~600, They are used in industries include oil, chemistry, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, and power gene-ration to prevent the backward flux of the media.

The main structure features of Swing Check Valve:

1The products feature a reasonable structure, reliable seal, good performance and nice modeling.
Either soft or hard seal can be selected for the product upon different working conditions.The sealing face is built up with Co-based 
carbide alloy, leaving a better wearability, corrosion and scrap resistance and a longer duration.
Small opening pressure, the disc can be opened fully with a very small pressure differential.
Inside-set bolt-bearing structure reduces leakage and reliable use.
PN≥16.0Mpa (class1500), the middle cavity uses a self-tightening sealing structure to have the sealing performance reinforced along 
with the pressure rise so as to ensure the sealing performance.
Different parts materials and different sizes for flange, butt-welding are available for sensible combination according to different working facts and customers' requirements.

Parameter of Swing Check Valve:

Standard Criteria

 GB customize 

Pressure Rating

 1 Mpa  1.6 Mpa  2.5   Mpa  4 Mpa  6.4 Mpa  10 Mpa  16   Mpa customize 

Valve Size

 50 mm  65 mm  80   mm  100 mm  125 mm  150 mm  200   mm  250 mm 300 mm  350 mm  400   mm  450 mm  500 mm  600 mm customi


 Automatic customize 


 Wafer customize 


 Oil  Steam  Water customize   

Medium Temperature

 -196~600 customize   

Structural style

 Swing double-clack   structure customize 

Application Fields

 Agriculture  Electricity  Medical  Petrochemical customize   

1-Body Material

 CF3  CF8C  CF8  WCB  CF8M  CF3M customize   


 CF3  CF3M  WCB  CF8  CF8M  CF8C customize   


 1Cr13  1Cr18Ni9Ti  0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti  2Cr13 customize   


 60Si2Mn  1Cr18Ni9Ti  4Cr13  0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti customize   

Design Standard

 GB/T 12224 customize 

Connection Standard

 GB/T 9113  HG   20592  JB/T 79 customize 

Test Standard

 JB/T 9092-1999 customize 

Face to Face

 GB/T 15188.2-1994 customize 

Images of Swing Check Valve:

Swing Check Valve Wafer Type Double Disc DN 300 mm

Swing Check Valve Wafer Type Double Disc DN 300 mm

Swing Check Valve Wafer Type Double Disc DN 300 mm

FAQ of Swing Check Valve:

Q1:I can’t find the type of steel check valve which I need. what can I do?

The chart above only lists out some common composition of steel check valve parts.We may provide other different parts material composition according to the customer's request or the actual valve working condition.

Q2:Which certification do your products pass?

  Our products are in accordance with ISO 9001ISO 14001API 6AAPI 6DTS CEAPI607/6FA/BS6755.

Q3:How can I place an order?

  The only one thing you should do is to tell us the sepecification about type quantity and  mode of transportation, then we will send you quotation within 24 hours.

Send a message to us:

Remaining: 4000 characters

- Self introduction

- Required specifications

- Inquire about price/MOQ

Q:How to drill hole through pipe for saddle valve?
My under sink filter hooked up the the cold water supply valve with compression nuts. There was no need to use a saddle valve. You could consider getting another type filter or follow mrrosema's instructions.
Q:is valve working on portal 3?
What Valve has made Half Life 1 2 Portal 1 2 Team Fortress 1 2 Left 4 Dead 1 2 What Valve has not made Half Life 3 Portal 3 Team Fortress 3 Left 4 Dead 3 Seems Valve has a problem with making trilogies :'(
Q:Broke my trucks gas valves?
The first step is to realize that you need a professional to work on your truck. This is good. By gas valves I assume you mean fuel injectors. But since you did not know that name it would appear as you have not had your truck properly diagnosed. Sounds like you're not getting fuel? spark? air? compression? in five cylinders in your 4.3-W six cylinder. Might want to find out why. Call around and ask whoever answers the phone if you can speak to an ASE Certified tech. If you talk to one then you have probably found a shop to which it would be worth taking the S10.
Q:Hot Water Heater Pressure Valve?
Tap that valve gently a couple of times with a hammer. Those valves are rarely used and sometimes stick. Remember, I said gently. If that doesn't make it close, replace the valve. Keeping the cold water shut off prevents the heater from filling. If there's enough pressure in there to keep allowing hot water out, it will eventually lower the water level in the tank and could damage the heater. Here's how to fix it. If it's a gas heater, turn the thermostat to pilot. Open the drain and lower the water level in the tank, or use this opportunity to drain it completely and flush the system. Remove the old TP (temp and pressure) valve and take it to the hardware store to use as an example for a new one. Replace the valve and hook up the drain. Close the drain valve near the bottom of the tank and open the cold water valve on the top. You can leave the TP open until water starts to come out of it, to allow you to burp the system. Now, turn the heater back on and set the temp to 120 degrees f. I'm a little concerned that the heater is not plumbed to drain into the house plumbing or at least to the outside where it won't cause any water damage. Good luck.
Q:Mazda MX-3 EGR Valve?
One thing people don't do is bring the old EGR Valve with them to match it up with the new one before leaving the auto parts store. I would suggest doing this FIRST, if it is possible to get a ride to the parts store. I know you can't do this if the MX-3 is your only car lol. Be careful and take your time, do not rush and take digital pics before job is started so you know how or where things were durring re-assembly. And I do hope it is warm wherever you are doing this job,lol. Good question!
Q:Where can I order foot valves?
Any plumbing supply shop should have them as well as most home stores, but they are generally for a specific purpose such as at the bottom of a well pick up pipe. Basically a check valve to prevent water from draining back to the well when the pump is off, thus eliminating the need to prime the pump for every on cycle. Al
Q:my valve cap is leaking slowing how do i fix it on my 95 jeep cherokee?
It might be just the core that is leaking but I would have a new stem put in to be on the safe side.
Q:What does an EGR valve do?
The EGR valve diverts exhaust gas back into the intake manifold to take up space and prevent the formation of NOx, a polluting gas formed inside the cylinder at temperatures above 2500 degrees.
Q:valves adjustment in 6 cylinder in line mercury marine?
From 0 lash turn the rocker arm nut 3/4 turn. Before you start, lay some rags under the engine to ketch the oil. The engine needs to be running. Loosen each nut until you hear the rocker arm stat to click, then tighten it slowly until the clicking stops, your now at 0 lash, now tighten the nut down 3/4 turn or 270 degrees, don't do this to fast the lifter needs to adjust. After adjusting, take a center punch held at 45 degree angle and punch the stud and top of the nut, this will assure the nut stays adjusted and wont back off. Put the valve cover on and wash the oil off, a spray can of brake cleaner works great. Remove the rags and your done. Happy boating. .
Q:how can I buy a useful ball valve??
Hi here in the united kingdom the only place you would find a ball valve is in a tank like a header tank in the loft or in a toilet. then it would be a low pressure one or a high pressure one. what you have described sounds more like a stopcock which is a tap to switch off the main water supply to the property. which you should consult the water company about as it maybe there responsibility. so i would consult with them first.

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