SVC2 Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

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SVC(Three) automatic regulator voltage consists of contact voltage regulator,sampling control circuit and servomotor as well.It has excellent features,such as small waveform distortion,high efficiency,high power factor,free from the effect or frequency variation of supply. It can be widely used in most situations where the voltage stabilization is required.
2. Specification

Input voltage280V-430V
Output voltage380V¡À3%
PhaseThree phase
Response<1 sec. (against 10% input voltage deviation)
EfficiencyBetter than 90%
Ambient temperature-10oC~+40oC
Relative humidityLess than 90%
WaveformNon-lack fidelity waveform
Insulation resistance>5MΩ

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Q:How much W?
1. And your material related. If the good material, high frequency loss is relatively small. You can do 15W. For example, 200KHZ switching frequency. 2. If you are on the general market, the maximum control in the following 10W. Switching frequency 50KHZ.
Q:Define output specification on a transformer 16V 10VA? Is the output AC or DC and how many watts?
Are you testing the transformer or the door bell solenoid coil? If it's the transformer: 1. ANY transformer has to be AC doesn't it? 2. 16V. x 10A. 160VA. 3. With your multi -tester set for continuity or OHMS: a. test both coils for continuity.(Low resistance) b. test both coils for non-continuity to the frame, (ground). There should be no flow, very high resistance. If it's the chime coils: Test both coils for continuity, (There will probably be a 'common' 'return' connection) and for insulation, (no continuity to ground - the frame.) If the above check out, the unit should work unless there's some mechanical damage. Look for a jammed operating rod etc.
Q:Can someone explain transformers for me please?
The voltage is transformed up to thousands of volts and low current for minimum heat loss in the wires. Then down to low voltage at high current to the neighbor hood.
Q:1000KVA transformer no-load loss is how much?
I am in the "China Electromechanical Product Catalog" found a data, 10KV, S9-1000KVA no-load loss is 1.7KW, so the annual loss of power: 1.7 * 8760 = 14892KWH (degrees).
Q:Engineers Question about Transformers?
This is about the practices of your local power company. One transformer could be for 3 phases (see reference for a sample). Two transformers could be two split phase transformers or one split phase and one 3 phase. You can get a better idea by counting the number of wires going into the transformer.
Q:Transformer how to do no load test
Transformer no - load test 1, the transformer no-load test power capacity of choice: To ensure that the power waveform distortion does not exceed 5%, the test sample of the no-load capacity should be 50% of the power capacity; the use of pressure from the pressure, no-load capacity should be less than 50% of the regulator capacity; The no-load capacity should be less than 25% of the generator capacity. 2, no-load test is to measure the rated voltage under no-load loss and no-load current, test high side of the open side, low side pressure, the test voltage is low voltage side of the rated voltage, test voltage is low, the test current is rated current percentage A few or a few thousandths.
Q:Does a transformer burn and blast with overloading?
A transformer is just like any other circuit. The only difference is the primary of the transformer induces a current and voltage in the secondary without a direct electrical connection. But the induction comes from the collapse of the magnetic field in the primary which induces a current in the secondary. That current generated in the secondary follows the same laws as any other circuit. If you overload those terminal wires or short circuit it it will overheat and melt the wires possibly if you don't have it fused protected. In fact they make induction furnaces which are just transformers with the secondary that forms a short circuit in the coil. The temperature gets hot enough to melt iron and non-ferrous metals just from the heat of the short circuited (overloaded) secondary coil. Transformers are the same as any solenoid or electromagnet with AC electricity. So if you can't find info directly on transformers, then just use coil formulas for AC circuits
Q:AC-DC transformer?
You will never be able to increase voltage by using DC in a transformer.
Q:Why the new operation of the transformer to be charged
Do the pressure test, measured insulation performance. Although the discharge of a transformer said, but no charging function
Q:This transformer outputs AC or DC
Hello, the transformer is normally working when the input and output should be alternating current, some inverter transformer input may be pulsating DC, but the output must be AC. Because the transformer is by electromagnetic conversion to achieve voltage conversion, the primary changes in the current to produce changes in the magnetic field, through the magnetic field changes in the magnetic flux in the secondary electromagnetic induction, induced secondary electromotive force, is the secondary output. Pure DC power through the transformer coil can produce a magnetic field, but can not produce a continuous change in the magnetic field, and the transformer from the primary induction to the secondary, the medium is the change of magnetic field changes in the magnetic flux.

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