SVC NEW Single-phase And Three-phase High Accuracy Full Automatic AC Voltage Stabilizer

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1. Summary
SVC-D Series AC automatic voltage regulator is the latest product studied and produced by ourselves. These products adopt 8 digits CPU control produced by the well-known MOTOROLA company, which can stabilize the precision and set up the delay time. The products also have many protection functions on delay, over-voltage invert-delay, lack voltage, over load invert-delay, lack voltage, over load, over temperature, machine malfunction and so on. They have digital display, blue-screen lightproof, dynamic panel display and it can show the working status of the machine. When the machine works abnormally, on the panel there is corresponding due and short or long warning.

Input Voltage(1)AC 150V~250V
(2)AC 70V~130V
Output VoltageAC (1)220V (2)110V
Stabilization PrecisionWhen 220V,±3%
When 110V,±3%
Delay TimeLong:180s;Short:5s
Protection Value
(1)250V/5s delay;
(2)275V/2s delay;
(3)295V/1s delay;
Lack-voltage Protection Value180V/5s delay
Over-load Protection Value2.8times than rated capacity
Over-temperature Protection Value90oC
Load Capacity Factorcos 0.9
Regulating TimeWhen input varies 10%,less than 1s
Waveform DistrotionNo additional waveform distortion
Reactance Strength1500V/1min
Insulation Resistance>5MΩ
Insulation GradeE grade
EnvironmentTemperature:-10oC~+40oC Humidity:<90%

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Q:How do I select a transformer connection group?
Both transformers are center-point direct-to-ground transformers. Dyn11 wiring group of the transformer because of its high-voltage winding is triangular wiring, so when the user produces three and three times the harmonic, can be formed in the triangular winding circulation, resulting in magnetic flux to eliminate this harmonic pollution for the grid. The Yyn0 transformer because there is no triangular winding, without this function. If only an independent power supply of small capacity transformer, you can use Yyn0 transformer, such a transformer everywhere, good production. If there is a transformer that may be supplied in parallel with other transformers, or as a backup power source for other power supplies, the same wiring group as other transformers should be selected. If it is recommended for large-capacity industrial transformers Dyn11 transformers are recommended to reduce the contamination of the grid by three or three times the number of harmonics.
Q:Is the secondary current rating of the transformer line current or phase current?
For star-wiring products, the line current = phase current For triangular wiring products, the rated current refers to the line current (phase to phase current)
Q:How to make a current transformer more linear?
Ideal linearity is reached when B and H are linear. Use air as medium. It may give less output but linearity will be perfect!
a) (5,000/200) x 900V 22,500V. (5,000/200) 25:1. b) (20 x 25) 500A. c) (900 x 500) 450,000W. (22,500 x 20) 450,000W. (450KW). Both must be the same, if no losses.
Q:Should i get the Asus Eee Pad Transformer?
asus transformer is definately better than the ipad2. so far ipad 2 is nothing more than a fancy toy to glare at other than design cant give it any props. it makes even less sense to buy if you already have an iphone cause the only difference between the two is the size of the screen.
Q:I want to include a planer transformer in my Factory?
The winding of a planar transformer are on a printed circuit board. Planar transformer are operated at high frequncy in order to make this practical. It would not be very useful at 60 Hz. See:
Q:What are the pins of a flyback transformer?
reference 1: The flyback circuit diagram calls for two sets of coils: a primary coil and a feedback coil. The turn ratio is really not that critical so usually ANY two coils in the flyback primary will work. Locate two sets of coils on the horse-shoe-like configured pins by testing the flyback pins for continuity. Often times there are more than two pins connected to a single coil in the transformer. You will need to try the different positions to see which configuration works better for your application. After you have located two independent sets of coils on your flyback, hook them up to the circuit with any polarity. If you turn on the power any you don't hear a whine or hum, try reversing the polarity (switch the leads) of ONE of the coils. If nothing now, reverse the polarity of the other coil. If nothing now, reverse the polarity on the first one you switched again. So the take home message is trial and error. Flybacks can be very picky as to coil polarity because some of them have a rectifier built in them. So try each configuration (8 of them with two sets of coils) until it whines (Occasionally I'll find one that doesn't wine but VERY rarely). Any two sets of coils in a potted flyback should work, so don't try new coils until you're sure you've exhausted all possible combinations. The high voltage will come out of the fat wire from the top of the flyback-usually connected to the CRT with a suction cup. You will not be able to locate the high voltage return pin with a multimeter. The only way to do it is to bring the high voltage line down to the pins and whichever one it arcs like mad to is the one yer looking for. Try to stay away from arcing to any of the pins used for coils. High voltage is not so good for your transistor or power supply. second reference has a lot of useful info plus photos. . .
Q:Power transformer primary current and secondary current
Once refers to the power side, the second refers to the load side
Q:electronics -pls explain about transformers,ICC,etc?
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Q:What is the difference between the main transformer and the transformer used?
Main Transformer: Main transformer, referred to as the main transformer, English name: generator step-up transformer, referred to as GSU transformer or GSU. The main transformer refers to a unit or substation of the total step-down transformer, its capacity is generally relatively large. Other transformers used as power distribution, commonly known as distribution transformers, the capacity is slightly smaller. On the main transformer protection, as the main transformer, in general, relatively large capacity, requiring a higher reliability of the work. For different capacity of the transformer, the required installation of the protection category is not the same. Transformers used: In general, substation high voltage switchgear need to provide 220V power supply, DC screen also need 220 power supply continued float. As in the operation of high voltage cabinet, there is no low-voltage power supply, so in the high-voltage cabinet set a very small capacity of the transformer. Thus providing the first power supply required for the operation of the high voltage cabinet. When the transformer is put into operation, the low voltage cabinet has the second power supply of the low voltage power supply circuit, and then automatically switches to the normal low side power supply as the operating power source. Features: Thermal stability, high reliability, long service life. Low loss, low noise, maintenance-free. Small size, light weight, less space, low installation costs.

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