SVC LED Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

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SVC(LED) automatic voltage stabilizer consists of contact voltage regulator,sampling control cir-cuit and servomotor as well.It has excellent features,such as small waveform distortion,highefficiency,high power factor,free from the effect or frequency variation of supply.It can bewidely used in most situations where the voltage stabilization is required.
2. Specification

Input voltage150V-250V
Output voltage220V±3%, 110V±3%
Response time<1sec.(against 10% input voltage deviation)
Ambient temperature-10oC~±40oC
Relative humidity<90%
Waveform distortionNon-lack fidelity waveform
Power factor cos∮0.8
Insutalion resistance>5MΩ

3. Outline and packing

SVC-D5000VA283046191PC (Cabinet)
SVC-D10000VA443256311PC (Cabinet)

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Q:Three - winding transformer winding problem
In theory, these two arrangements can meet the needs of the operation, manufacturing the same difficulty. If it is a step-down transformer. Low - medium - high permutations are commonly used, while mid - low - high permutations rarely encounter.
Q:Altium designer DXP transformer in the same name how to change?
I am only familiar with PROTEL, PROPERTIES I am not familiar with
Q:250KVA transformer maximum load how much KW power?
Transformer economic operating coefficient is 0.75. Transformer output capacity and power factor, the power factor is 1 when the transformer output current is the largest, generally require more than 0.9. When the power factor is 1, the transformer output current I = 250KVA / (1.732 * 0.4KV * 1) = 361A. The observed current is the most intuitive. Three-phase active power P = 1.732 * U * I.
Q:Does the production transformer require 3C certification? Does the country have any specific requirements?
In general, the production of power transformers do not require 3C certification. The state does not have specific requirements, but if you want to tender, is certainly qualified, the most important is: the state authority of the type of test report (often: National Transformer Quality Supervision and Testing Center (Shenyang)) and model registration Certificate, then ISO9001
Q:Transformer Wiring and Principle
Three-phase transformer works: the basic working principle of the transformer is the principle of electromagnetic induction. When the AC voltage is applied to the primary winding, the AC current flows into the winding to generate the excitation effect, and the alternating magnetic flux is generated in the iron core. The alternating magnetic flux passes through the primary winding and passes through the secondary winding , Which induces the induced electromotive force in the two windings, respectively. At this time if the secondary side and the external circuit load connected, there will be AC ​​current out, so the output power.
Q:Transformer cooling method AN stands for what
The cooling mode of the transformer is determined by the cooling medium and the circulation method. Since the oil-immersed transformer is also divided into the internal cooling mode of the tank and the external cooling mode of the tank, the cooling mode of the oil-immersed transformer is represented by four letters.   The first letter: the cooling medium in contact with the winding. O -------- mineral oil or ignition of more than 300 ℃ of insulating liquid; K -------- Insulation liquid with ignition point greater than 300 ℃; L -------- ignition can not be measured insulation liquid;   The second letter: the way the internal cooling medium is circulated. N -------- The oil flow flowing through the cooling equipment and the windings is a natural thermal convection cycle; F -------- The oil flow in the cooling equipment is forced to circulate and the oil flow flowing through the windings is the thermal convection cycle; D -------- The oil flow in the cooling equipment is forced to circulate, at least in the main winding oil flow is forced to guide the cycle;   Third letter: external cooling medium. A -------- air; W -------- water;   The fourth letter: the way the external cooling medium is circulated. N -------- natural convection; F -------- Forced circulation (fan, pump, etc.).   Therefore, the transformer cooling method AN represents the air convection cooling method.
Q:315KVA transformer high-voltage side need to use the specifications of the high-voltage cable
315KVA transformer high-voltage cable 50 square how much, but in accordance with the local power supply from the power supply program to set, not how much is their own
Q:What is the power transformer, what is the rectifier transformer
Power transformers generally refers to the power of the Department of power supply transformers, transformers in the power grid are mostly power transformers. Rectifier transformers are designed for rectifier systems. Rectifier transformer function: 1. is the appropriate voltage to supply the rectifier system, 2. It is to reduce the pollution caused by the waveform distortion caused by the rectifier system.
Q:Transformer Lightning
Transformer by lightning over-voltage damage, usually the primary coil over-voltage burned one is short-circuit two open. Most of which is caused by the line called the induction mine (lightning) instantaneous damage, the shell (surface) no burn traces. Unless it is just in the transformer over the formation of direct lightning damage effect.       Transformer lightning is the most vulnerable to the transformer insulation problem, in fact, the structure of the transformer, insulation is a particularly important assessment factor. Transformer insulation damage, the other performance will be affected, including: three-phase voltage is not balanced, no load and load test pass. Detection method is usually: first with a shake table measured insulation resistance, in the measurement of the winding resistance, and finally can be hanging core to do no load test. You can gradually know what part of the lightning damage!
Q:Transformer 1250KVA Dimensions
10kV grade distribution transformer oil immersion 1250KVA appearance size 1786X1170X1410 (length X width X height); dry 1250KVA appearance size 1470X1200X1450 (length X width X height), for reference, the specific best asked suppliers.

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