SVC-D LCD Series Fully Automatic A.C. Voltage Regulator

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1. Summary
SVC-D Series AC automatic voltage regulator is the latest product studied and produced by ourselves. These products adopt 8 digits CPU control produced by the well-known MOTOROLA company, which can stabilize the precision and set up the delay time. The products also have many protection functions on delay, over-voltage invert-delay, lack voltage, over load invert-delay, lack voltage, over load, over temperature, machine malfunction and so on. They have digital display, blue-screen lightproof, dynamic panel display and it can show the working status of the machine. When the machine works abnormally, on the panel there is corresponding due and short or long warning.

Input Voltage(1)AC 150V~250V
(2)AC 70V~130V
Output VoltageAC (1)220V (2)110V
Stabilization PrecisionWhen 220V,±3%
When 110V,±3%
Delay TimeLong:180s;Short:5s
Protection Value
(1)250V/5s delay;
(2)275V/2s delay;
(3)295V/1s delay;
Lack-voltage Protection Value180V/5s delay
Over-load Protection Value2.8times than rated capacity
Over-temperature Protection Value90oC
Load Capacity Factorcos 0.9
Regulating TimeWhen input varies 10%,less than 1s
Waveform DistrotionNo additional waveform distortion
Reactance Strength1500V/1min
Insulation Resistance>5MΩ
Insulation GradeE grade
EnvironmentTemperature:-10oC~+40oC Humidity:<90%

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Q:What current transformer do I need for this set up?
Current transformer coupling the 40kv line then produce about a few hundred volts depending on how many turns existed in the current transmitter. It needs many such transformers to do different step down. If you require over 5kv per step,current transformer coupling might not be the best way. The better way is control the high voltage 40kv source.Vary the supply source shall do.
Q:What is the meaning of the transformer capacity unit KVA?
KV.A is the capacity in the transformer KVA for apparent power, its size and power factor! For example: power factor cosΦ = 0.8 active power P = 1Kw Then tgΦ = 0.75, so the square of the apparent power S = the square of P + the square of P * tgΦ When the power factor is 1, 1KVA = 1KW
Q:How to check watts of a voltage transformer?
Watts is the volts x amps. You will know the supply voltage and you can use an amp meter to find out the amps. For example 230V x 3A is 690 Watts.
Q:What is Transformer: UNiverse?
Transformers universe is a hasbro line Its not a company
Q:What does S11-M-500/10 transformer mean?
The first floor has been very accurate to answer my answer that M is sealed!
Q:Question on transformers?
Since there is no evidence to indicate any inefficiency of this transformer, you have to assume that it is 100% efficient, with input power equaling output power. Input power Vin * Iin Output power Vout*Iout Equate: Vin*Iin Vout*Iout Solve for Iin, our unknown: Iin Iout * Vout/Vin Data: Vout 110 V Vin 230 V Iout 0.15 A Result: Iin 0.072 As for the ratio of loops, the number of turns in each coil is proportional to the voltage across each coil. Thus, the turns ratio equals the voltage ratio of 110/230 0.478. That is to say, there are 2.1 turns in the primary coil for every individual turn there is in the secondary coil. The primary coil is the coil plugged in to the line voltage of 230 V. The secondary coil is the coil in to which the load plugs in, at load voltage of 110 V.
Q:Can a capacitor type voltage transformer be used with electronics?
You seem to be asking about a ferroresonant transformer. You can use this type of transformer with electronics. There is an advantage to this type of transformer, but there are 2 shortcomings with them. A ferroresonant transformer does a better job of filtering noise than a standard transformer. Unfortunately, they are inefficient, wasting more energy than a standard transformer and they also create a lot of heat. If you use this type of transformer make sure it's well ventilated. The web site below has a very good article on transformers. The ferroresonant transformer article is just over half way down the page.
Q:How to test E-I Transformer having 10 terminals (pins) 5 on each side ? thanks?
With an ohm meter determine the resistance of each winding.Resistance will be determined by wattage(input) of xformer
Q:how to maintain dry transformer winding?
there is no oil for transformers. they are kept dry by all the heat they generate. it cooks the moisture out. if there is a specific reason you are worried, please do tell. is it going to be stored or go unused for a while? is there a lot of moisture in the area of operation? if not, i would not worry about it. it sounds as if it might be near the end of its life cycle as is. on the bright side transformers dont just burn out. there must be a reason for the failure. moisture is not too bad, but water is.
Q:Transformers or Go-Bots?
As a kid, I would buy ANY transforming robot!!! I even had the Radio Shack knock-off of Shockwave LOL. the one with the trigger that stuck straight out, making it look like he just saw Arcee naked in the oil showers. (Anyone remember that?!? The trigger, not Arcee)

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