Surface Resistance Tester

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It is simply operated. The user just need place tester on the surface of tested items, and directly read the figure indicated via LED lights. The testing method follows the ASTM D-257.







±1/2 decade



Testing Voltage


Working Temperature


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Q:How to use the multimeter to determine whether the ground wire is properly earthed?
First line of fire, zero line. Ground wire: use multimeter to switch to AC voltage, and gear is higher than 220V. The red pen pen is black hole insertion voltage, plug, then use the red pen is inserted into a socket plug therein, observe the reading. The maximum reading is for the line of fire, the readings are smaller, the lines are zero, and the readings are virtually untouched. If 2 readings are small, one readout indicates that the ground wire is not grounded and the ground wire is connected to the zero line. The next second steps do not need to be measured.
Q:What is the difference between the insulation resistance tester and the ground resistance tester, what's the general use of the three?,
A ground resistance tester is used to measure the contact resistance between ground electrodes (plates) buried in the ground and the measured resistance values, such as below 20 ohms, are generally small
Q:Can the resistance values on the circuit board be directly measured by the universal meter?
Generally, only the voltage is measured on the line, and the resistance will be very large. The two ends of the resistor will be connected with many components
Q:Measuring method of resistance
Electrical resistance measurement is the most basic and relatively easy part of electronic components.
Q:What are the differences between the six bit digital multimeter, the two-wire method and the four wire method?
Four systemmethods: at the two ends of the resistance connecting two wires is called four wire: the two leads to resistance to provide a constant current of I, the resistance R is converted into a voltage signal U; the other two leads to voltage signal to the U instrument. This method of lead can completely eliminate the influence of the resistance of the wire. This method is mainly used for high-precision resistance measurement.
Q:Instrument for measuring insulation resistance
In the course of power consumption, there is safety in electricity, in electrical equipment, such as motors, cables, household appliances, etc.. Modern life is changing with each passing day, and people can not live without electricity. One of their normal operations is the degree of insulation of their insulating material, i.e., the value of the insulation resistance.
Q:What is the function of measuring insulation resistance?
Measuring insulation resistance of electrical equipment is the simplest auxiliary method to check its insulation state.
Q:What is the difference between the grounding resistance tester and the grounding resistance tester?
Earth conduction resistance tester, referred to as conduction tester, is a device that uses high current principle to test the enclosure of electrical equipment and the safe grounding of wire, so as to check the quality of the grounding of equipment
Q:How to test the motor DC resistance?
Remove junction box and connecting piece;
Q:What are the rules for measuring insulation resistance of transformers?
The absorption ratio is not specified, but should be considered in the comprehensive review of the measurement results. Usually no less than 1.3.

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