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It is simply operated. The user just need place tester on the surface of tested items, and directly read the figure indicated via LED lights. The testing method follows the ASTM D-257.







±1/2 decade



Testing Voltage


Working Temperature


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Q:Can multimeter measure the breaking and closing of circuits by measuring resistance?
Measure the loop resistance with a multimeter and determine whether or not the short-circuit depends on the loop resistance. Home power is best to switch all the switches on and unplug them with electrical appliances. Electronic circuits may be more complex, high power appliances or small resistors do not interfere with your judgment.
Q:What is the qualified value of the grounding resistance in the measurement of ground resistance?
Repeated earthing:According to the relevant provisions, the low-voltage power grid directly grounded in the terminal and along the trunk and branch line of overhead lines every kilometer zero line should be repeated grounding, each repeat grounding resistance should be less than 10 ohm; in the grounding resistance of 10 ohms to allow for the occasion, every repeat the grounding resistance should be less than 30 ohm, but shall not be less than 3 repeat grounding.
Q:What is the measuring range of the DC resistance tester for 100A?
DC resistance of the transformer is the transformer manufacturing semi-finished products, finished product testing, installation, commissioning test and electric power department of preventive trials will test the project, can effectively find material, transformer coil welding, the loosening of the connecting part, lack of stock and breakage of manufacturing defects and hidden after operation. In order to meet the need of fast measurement of transformer DC resistance, the ED0204-100A transformer DC resistance tester was developed by our company. The instrument uses a new power supply technology, with small size, light weight, large output current and so on. The whole machine is controlled by single chip microcomputer. It has high automation, and has automatic discharge and discharge indicating function. The instrument has high precision and easy operation, and can realize fast measurement of direct resistance of transformer.
Q:Measuring the DC resistance of low voltage motor windings has never been able to stabilize them
Measurement and judgement of cold DC resistance of motor winding
Q:How can I use a resistance meter?
Resistance measuring instruments generally use the four line Kelvin test, the V+, I+, the resistance to be tested at one end, V-, I-, and then the other end, and then select the appropriate range for measurement. BFZD10 DC low resistance tester 10A, professional resistance test manufacturing
Q:Why is the resistance value on the circuit board different from that measured by the universal meter?
The circuit board and the circuit diagram is one-to-one, the corresponding physical components on PCB symbols in circuit diagram, circuit board copper wire corresponding to the circuit diagram of the connection pad is a component and connection connection point. Circuit board and circuit diagram of the corresponding, you can clearly understand the composition of the circuit and device appearance, location and other characteristics, but also the maintenance and PCB design basis. I don't know how to explain your question. I hope it will help.
Q:What is the difference between transformer leakage test and insulation resistance measurement?
The principle of measuring leakage current is the same as the principle of measuring insulation resistance. The defects can be approximately the same, but because of the high test voltage, it is easy to expose the weakness of the insulation itself.
Q:Measurement of resistance, the pen to answer?
Multimeter to measure the AC voltage, and parallel circuit; measuring AC current, and circuit; because no alternating current polarity, two pen also can connect to any;
Q:Measuring insulation resistance, why is the greater the voltage, the greater the insulation resistance?
You said that the standard of insulation resistance is that the higher the voltage, the greater the required insulation resistance. General requirements >1M/KV.
Q:Do I need to measure DC resistance when current transformer is connected? Why?
There is no such project in the calibration of transformers. Generally not required.

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