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1.reinforced palm, stripe cotton back
2.rubberized cuff, half lining
3.welding glove

1.reinforced palm, cotton back,

2.rubberized cuff, half lining

3.use for construction,maintainance,agriculture etc

Cow leather working gloves
Yellow cow split leather
White cotton back and pasted cuff
Flannel half lining

To be made in accordance with EU Directive 89/686/EEC , EN 420 and EN388 requirements

Good abrasion resistance

Economical style.

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Q:The two stage chemical protective clothing is an integral structure
The chemical protective clothing for class two firefighters is a one-piece structure made up of chemical protective hoods, chemical protective clothing, chemical protective boots and chemical protective gloves, and is used in conjunction with an externally pressurized fire air respirator.
Q:Who knows what kind of labor protection gloves (protective gloves) better, decoration used?
Currently on the market are many kinds of protective gloves, ordinary domestic gloves are more opaque and the price, performance and related material certification are not complete, it is not very good hand protection to ensure the user.
Q:Is it harmful to use medical gloves? Dry hands
It is best not to wear too long, will cause the skin hypoxia, try Han Xirun hand cream.
Q:What are the safety protective equipment in chemical gloves
Fluorine rubber glovesThe fluorinated polymer substrate, similar to Teflon (PTFE), the surface activation energy is low, so the droplets will not stay on the surface, which can prevent the chemical osmosis, has a good protective effect for chlorinated solvents and aromatic hydrocarbon.8, chlorinated polyethylene glovesMost chemicals have protective properties. They can protect alkalis, oils, fuels and many solvents, and have excellent resistance to high temperature and low temperature, wear resistance, bending resistance, etc..
Q:What should we pay attention to when using labor insurance products?
In the production process, there are a variety of dangerous and harmful factors, it will harm the health of workers, damage to health, and sometimes even death. Using labor protection products as the last barrier for the safety and health of employees in the production process.The State implements the system of safe production license for special labor insurance products. The special labor protection articles purchased, issued and used by enterprises must have a safety production license, a product qualification certificate and a safety assessment certificate. Enterprises should establish and improve labor protection products procurement, acceptance, storage, distribution, use, replacement, scrap and other management systems. Safety department should purchase insurance products inspection and acceptance.
Q:What protective equipment should I wear when using oxalic acid?
No need for anything. Just wear gloves. We were added to the water. No problem. No taste, no skin contact, no problem.
Q:What is the shelf life of insulated gloves?
Insulating gloves to prevent electric shock injury is the main body through the current cause, so the insulation performance is good or bad depends on the size of the glove by leakage current at a certain voltage, if the leakage current is within the safe current numerical range is safe, otherwise it is not safe. If a certain voltage is applied, even though no breakdown occurs, the leakage current is too large, which can cause bodily harm.
Q:What safety labor protection products does the manufacturer need?
There is no process seen in glass production factory, check the relevant information to understand the process of the manufacture of glass, glass is also extracted from ore and oil, in order to keep certain hardness and various occasions it added some chemical principle and some metal material at the end of Finland like material, after the high temperature melting and heating, cooling.
Q:How many kinds of protective gloves are there on the construction site?
(1) labor protection gloves. The utility model has the function of protecting hands and arms, and workers usually use gloves of the same kind when they work.(2) insulated gloves for live working. To choose the appropriate gloves according to the voltage, check whether the surface cracks, sticky, crisp and other defects, if there is an exception prohibited use.
Q:Hazardous chemicals, spills, and personal protective handling procedures
It can neither reduce the concentration of harmful chemicals in the workplaces nor eliminate harmful chemicals in the workplaces, but is only a barrier to prevent the entry of harmful substances into the human body. The failure of the protective equipment itself means the disappearance of the protective barrier. Therefore, individual protection can not be regarded as the main protective measure to control the harm, but can only be used as an auxiliary protection.

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