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A plane bearing, thrust bearing is also called plane needle roller bearings or thrust plane needle roller bearing, thrust bearing radial needle roller bearing has the advantages of compact structure, plane diameter size and load capacity and other types of bearing at the same time, minimum diameter, especially for radial support structure and installation size restricted. The thrust plane needle roller bearings use according to different occasions,can choose the inner ring bearings or needle roller and cage assemblies, the shaft necksurface and the surface of shell holes matched with a bearing directly as bearing inner. The outer rolling surface, in order to maintain the load capacity and operating performance and have the same ring bearing, shaft or housing holes raceway surface the hardness and surface machining accuracy and surface quality shall be similar raceway of the bearing rings. These bearings can only bear radial load. Plane thrust needle roller bearings byplane with a needle or cylindrical roller cage assembly and flat washers. The main types are: AXK/AX/AXW/NTA plane thrust K811/K812/K89thrust cylindrical roller and cage assembly.



1 Structure




Metric thrust needle roller and cage assembly


1mm thick metric dimensions of gaskets


With stamping stamping center set of thrust needle roller and cage assembly


The thickness of 0.8mm inch size gasket


With needle roller thrust bearings, control ring


The thickness of 1.6mm inch size gasket

K811, K812, K893, K894

Thrust roller and cage assembly


Thrust ball bearing


Inch size thrust needle roller and cage assembly

AXK type thrust needle roller and cage assemblies is a main component of thrust needle roller bearing. The holder with cold forming steel plate, the small cages are made from plastic, the high accuracy of G2 grade needle, so as to ensure a uniform load distribution.Thrust cylindrical roller and cage assembly and similar type AXK module, which can endure high thrust load.

The production of imperial thrust needle roller and cage assembly and supporting the use of pads, such as TC, TWA, TWB, TWC series.

AXW type needle roller thrust bearing is composed of a AXK type thrust needle roller andcage assembly components and a stamping center set.

The main components of AX type needle roller thrust bearing is AXK component and the thrust washer, and a control ring two are connected into an integral body.

2 thrust washers

The thrust washer mainly high quality spring steel strip (sheet) stamping, thicknessdepending on customer needs. The washer after quenching - Plastic - polishing. He is mainly used for adjacent parts cannot be quenched, but with sufficient rigidity and geometrical accuracy of the occasion, the support surface should be completely thebearing washer.

The shaft ring WS, ring GS and bearing washer is made of bearing steel LS quenchedentity washer, surface grinding and polishing, outer surface and the inner hole of the shaft ring seat by grinding. Entity washers general and thrust cylindrical roller and cageassemblies.

Type NTA is a British size thrust needle roller bearings, bearing structure and manufacturing process to be more complex than the AXK type.

Use the plane thrust bearing is very extensive: automobile, motor, electrical appliances,machinery, furniture, toys, printer, engineering machinery, sewing machine, packaging machinery, printing machinery, food chemical machinery, machine tools, textile machinery,fitness equipment, electronic products etc.. 

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Q:Working principle of one-way needle roller bearings
One way bearing is a type of bearing that can only be turned in one direction and locked in another direction.The metal shell of the one-way bearing, contains a lot of rollers (or needle ball), and the rolling block (acupoints) shape so that it can only roll in one direction, (because the installation direction of the rolling direction opposite spring, so spring is compressed). In another direction when the rolling direction and spring mounting same direction, not to cause the compression spring, up roller, roller to produce a lot of resistance in between the inner shell and outer shell (the so-called "one-way"), stop rolling bearing.
Q:What is the bearing capacity of needle bearing and copper sleeve?
The copper sleeve and the shaft are surface contact, and the bearing capacity is large;The needle roller of needle roller bearing is several line contact, and it has less bearing capacity than copper sleeve;The sliding friction, friction force is large, suitable for low speed and heavy load, preferably with good lubrication, in static pressure under the condition of high speed, such as grinding machine is of high speed and heavy load static and vibration resistance than good bearing;The latter is rolling friction, and the transmission efficiency is higher, suitable for medium speed.
Q:Needle roller bearing model NK what does it mean?
Outer ring double block (or double lock ring) with cage, needle roller bearings NA, NKI, NA and NKI bearings without inner ring, that is, RNA, NK needle roller bearings
Q:What are the differences between cylindrical roller bearings and needle roller bearings?
What are the differences between cylindrical roller bearings and needle roller bearings? In particular, if the roller and needle diameter is about the same, cylindrical roller bearings and inner ring needle roller bearings seem to be difficult to identify it
Q:Needle roller bearings are how to process the needle, so smooth finish?
The process of needle: blank forming, deburring, heat treatment, coarse and fine grinding, end rolling surface, super finishing rolling surface polishing or sawdust.For flat head or taper head needle roller, such as blank forming, it is difficult to guarantee the length and size tolerance, and the grinding double end process can be increased. If the convex generatrix rolling surface is needed, it can be carried out directly in the process of super finishing, rolling or channeling.Needle roller bearing (needlebearing) is a roller bearing with cylindrical roller, relative to its diameter, the roller is thin and long. This roller is called needle roller. Although it has a small section, the load bearing capacity of the bearing is still high, with thin and long needle bearing roller (roller diameter of D = 5mm, L/D = 2.5, L roller length), so the radial structure is compact, the minimum diameter of the diameter and load capacity and other types of bearings, bearing the same, especially for the radial installation size limited. According to the use of different occasions, can choose the inner ring of the bearing or needle roller and cage assembly, the shaft neck surface and the surface of shell holes matched with a bearing directly as the bearing inner and outer rolling surface, in order to ensure the load capacity and operating performance and have the same ring bearing, shaft or housing bore raceway surface hardness the machining precision and the surface quality of bearing ring raceway and similar. This kind of bearing can only bear radial load. The needle roller bearing for stamping outer ring is needle roller bearing with thin stamping forming outer ring.
Q:What are the needle roller bearings with an inner diameter of 14, an outer diameter of 20 and a width of 20?
I didn't find a modelIt should be non-standard
Q:Needle roller bearing is also called cam bearing?
Needle roller bearings are needle roller bearings
Q:The difference between NK type and NKI type in needle roller bearings
NK and NKI are light series needle roller bearings. The difference is that one with inner ring and one without inner ring. The following problems are shown. Relevant technical data of the model are compared. Are they in line with your requirements?:INA needle roller bearing NK40/20-TVLight seriesFw 40, mmD 50, mmC 20, mmRmin 0,3 mmM 78 g qualityCr 26000 N basic rated dynamic load radialC0r 47000 N basic rated static load radialCur 6700 N fatigue limit load, radialNG 10900 1/min limit speedNB 6400 1/min reference speedINA needle roller bearing NKI35/20-TVLight seriesD 35, mmD 50, mmB 20, mmF 40, mmRmin 0,3 mmS, 0,5, mm axial displacement distanceM 122 g qualityCr 33500 N basic rated dynamic load radialC0r 56000 N basic rated static load radialCur 9800 N fatigue limit load, radialNG 11500 1/min limit speedNB 6200 1/min reference speed
Q:Many one-way needle roller bearings have small holes in the inner and outer rings. What's the function of these small holes?
It should be the oil storage hole, whose main function is to store grease and lubricate the needle roller.
Q:Dimensions of needle roller bearings
Needle roller bearings are cylindrical roller bearings, the roller is slender, the cross-section is smaller, and the bearing capacity of the load is higher, so it is suitable for radial installation size limited supporting effect. Needle roller bearings are equipped with a thin and long roller (roller length is 3~10 times the diameter, generally less than 5mm diameter), radial structure is compact.A complete bearing code is composed of the basic code number plus one or more supplementary codes. All standard bearing SKF have certain basic types, there are usually three, four or five numbers, or letters and numbers, the first number or the first letters said bearing type, followed by two digits identifies the size of ISO series.Because the model of needle roller bearings is relatively complex, only a few specific classification and model control of needle roller bearings are introduced here:1, centripetal needle roller and cage assembly (type K)2, outer ring with double lock ring needle roller bearings (NA, NKI, RNA, NK)3. Single row needle roller bearings with double retaining rings (NA, NKI, RNA, NK)4. Double row needle roller bearings with double retaining rings (NA, RNA)5, stamping outer ring needle roller bearings (HK type, BK type)The bearing has low cost and large carrying capacity, and is suitable for the supporting structure with limited size of installation.

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