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Product Description:

1.Product Description

Sapele color is red brown, ruled the Sapele flash and the three-dimensional sense of texture. General in the decoration, decoration using Sapele wood will bring environment, festive atmosphere. Chebbi Leigh M in the decoration, it is an active decoration style of good material.

Sapele wood is exquisite, feel is very smooth. Under the irradiation of natural light shows brilliant, with a strong cultural atmosphere and noble quality, it is traditional in building materials, decoration materials.

2.Product Characteristic

Staggered Chebbi Leigh M wood, sometimes with wavy texture, unique fish shaped black markings, Sapele wood high gloss; sapwood Sapele wood show pale yellow, light red or dark brown Chebbi Leigh M heartwood; Chebbi Leigh M weight, bending strength, compressive strength, corrosion resistance and durability are belong to medium; Sapele wood toughness, steam bending can be relatively low


Grade: I

Moisture content: 8%-14%

Apparent density :polishing

Heat conduction :coefficient

Use :window line

Using range :indoor

color:red,light yellow

Specifications :2.5*12.5px, 75px*12.5px

4.Reference Picture

Supply High Quality Sapclli Wood with Low Price.

Supply High Quality Sapclli Wood with Low Price.

Supply High Quality Sapclli Wood with Low Price.

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Q:Building decoration commonly used in wood decorative products which
1, wood classification Wood according to different classification criteria can be divided into different types, there are two general classification methods, one by tree species; the second is by the degree of processing points. According to tree species: divided into coniferous trees and broadleaf trees Wood Category 1: by tree species points conifer Leaves slender as needle, mostly long green trees pine, pine, shirt wood, ginkgo and so on. Trunk material is straight and tall, easy to get great material; material uniform and soft, easy processing, is a soft wood; material strength, surface density and expansion and contraction of small, strong corrosion resistance. It is suitable for the load-bearing structure of the hidden part of home improvement. Broadleaf trees Leaves large, veins reticulate, deciduous. Ash, camphor, walnut, cherry, teak, red sandalwood, poplar, boxwood, red beech, white beech and so on. Trunk straight part of the shorter, hard material, processing more difficult, is a hard wood; hardwood swelling and warping deformation, easy to crack; texture natural beauty. It is suitable for making the main finishes of home improvement decoration and furniture manufacturing. According to the degree of processing points: divided into the original article, logs and board three kinds of materials Wood classification 2: according to the degree of processing points The original: the trees are cut, the pruning, remove the skin, roots, trees, but no processing of wood
Q:How to make wood live, wood products can be electrostatic spraying?
Wood electrostatic spraying need to measure the moisture content of wood, too dry no conductive spray to the effect of poor, and weather and humidity have a certain relationship,
Q:How to process woodwork
An object if the axis in any position to do cross-section, are round, then, is the roundabout. Such as sticks, columns, balls, bowls, tubes, cones and so on.
Q:How to fill out the export of wood products and wood furniture business self - control situation
Second, the scope of application 1, the use of wood within the company, adhesives, paint, PU leather, sponge and other raw and auxiliary materials; 2, the company produced samples, finished and so on.
Q:What are the characteristics of wet and dry shrinkage of wood?
high moisture content will nail corrosion, wood moisture Too high to increase the certain brittle and so on ,,,, wood moisture content detection SH-01
Q:The law required for timber import and export, and the relevant international agreements
Second, the relevant international agreement In May 2003, the European Union introduced the FLEGT Action Plan proposal; in July 2004, the European Commission proposed the EU import timber resource approval system proposal, it is proposed to negotiate with the partner countries on the signing of the partnership agreement, and report the assessment of the FLEGT action plan on the timber Export countries and the EU may have the impact. 2. International and EU trade in timber At present, the international timber key markets include the EU, Central Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, the United States, Japan, China and Russia. Russia and African countries mainly export logs and plates; Asia and South America mainly export high value-added wood products, such as furniture, paper and wood. According to OECD, the world's annual timber trade volume of up to 150 billion euros. The EU imports hardwood, logs, veneer and slabs from North America; logs are imported from Russia; timber imports from Africa, Asia and Latin America are modest. The proportion of timber trade within the EU is as high as 80%. But the EU is not only an important market for legally logging timber trade, but also a third country's illegal logging market. 3. Illegal logging of timber trade is rampant The World Bank report shows that a significant portion of the global timber trade is for the illegal logging of timber trade. Illegal logging mainly occurs in developing countries and "threshold countries". There are indications that large quantities of timber illegally harvested by developing countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar and Cambodia are mostly exported to other countries and processed locally and sold at low prices to Europe. European legally harvested wood processing products are therefore not price competitive. As furniture, paper and wood products such as the longer delivery time, more varieties, and a wide range of timber, it is difficult to check the legitimate sources of raw materials used.
Q:How to completely remove the stickers on wood products
6. Bad toothpaste, a dollar, poor quality toothpaste used in the filler material coarse, just as a grinding agent, emergency use; 7. carburetor cleaning agent, 7 yuan a bottle, but will hurt the paint, with caution; 8. Water sandpaper grinding, generally do not test their own, this method is applicable to experienced old pull gold technician.
Q:What are the maintenance methods for wood products
This time you can use thin plastic wood products and the ground separated.
Q:Do you want to do electrostatic spraying?
Yes, our electrostatic spraying machine can not only spray metal products and can spray wood products. Using a powder coating, not a liquid coating.
Q:Why moldy wood products after cleaning will be moldy
As the household goods and more, to have to concentrate on every one to have a certain degree of difficulty, the most critical thing is to do a good job home moisture protection. When the air is wet, do not open the window, remember to close the windows, especially south and southeast windows, as well as the highest air humidity sooner or later. But if you think the indoor air can not flow, you can open the doors and windows at noon and afternoon Dehumidification coup Moisturizing box for wardrobe, shoe moisture absorption, generally containing calcium chloride particles, most also added the essence, so set dehumidification, aroma, anti-mildew, deodorant and other functions in one. The use of absorbent bags is wider, in addition to dry clothing, but also on leather goods, books, cameras, computers, discs and other dehumidification. If placed in a confined space, the effect will be very good. Charcoal dehumidification is now the most popular moisture-proof way. Can be black wood charcoal in advance to boil for 10 minutes, filter out moisture, ventilated dry, put two days later placed in a breathable basket, placed in the room diagonal position can be. Each room put 5 to 10 kg or so. Charcoal cheap, and can be reused after the dry, affordable.

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