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1.Product Description

Sapele color is red brown, ruled the Sapele flash and the three-dimensional sense of texture. General in the decoration, decoration using Sapele wood will bring environment, festive atmosphere. Chebbi Leigh M in the decoration, it is an active decoration style of good material.

Sapele wood is exquisite, feel is very smooth. Under the irradiation of natural light shows brilliant, with a strong cultural atmosphere and noble quality, it is traditional in building materials, decoration materials.

2.Product Characteristic

Staggered Chebbi Leigh M wood, sometimes with wavy texture, unique fish shaped black markings, Sapele wood high gloss; sapwood Sapele wood show pale yellow, light red or dark brown Chebbi Leigh M heartwood; Chebbi Leigh M weight, bending strength, compressive strength, corrosion resistance and durability are belong to medium; Sapele wood toughness, steam bending can be relatively low


Grade: I

Moisture content: 8%-14%

Apparent density :polishing

Heat conduction :coefficient

Use :window line

Using range :indoor

color:red,light yellow

Specifications :2.5*12.5px, 75px*12.5px

4.Reference Picture

Supply High Quality Sapclli Wood with Low Price.

Supply High Quality Sapclli Wood with Low Price.

Supply High Quality Sapclli Wood with Low Price.

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