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Product Description:

1.Product Description

Sapele color is red brown, ruled the Sapele flash and the three-dimensional sense of texture. General in the decoration, decoration using Sapele wood will bring environment, festive atmosphere. Chebbi Leigh M in the decoration, it is an active decoration style of good material.

Sapele wood is exquisite, feel is very smooth. Under the irradiation of natural light shows brilliant, with a strong cultural atmosphere and noble quality, it is traditional in building materials, decoration materials.

2.Product Characteristic

Staggered Chebbi Leigh M wood, sometimes with wavy texture, unique fish shaped black markings, Sapele wood high gloss; sapwood Sapele wood show pale yellow, light red or dark brown Chebbi Leigh M heartwood; Chebbi Leigh M weight, bending strength, compressive strength, corrosion resistance and durability are belong to medium; Sapele wood toughness, steam bending can be relatively low


Grade: I

Moisture content: 8%-14%

Apparent density :polishing

Heat conduction :coefficient

Use :window line

Using range :indoor

color:red,light yellow

Specifications :2.5*12.5px, 75px*12.5px

4.Reference Picture

Supply High Quality Sapclli Wood with Low Price.

Supply High Quality Sapclli Wood with Low Price.

Supply High Quality Sapclli Wood with Low Price.

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Q:Outdoor wood products with what paint
Outdoor wood products, the lowest cost, the best effect, with tung oil. (The disadvantage is that long drying time, taste unpleasant) Brush paint, the cost of general, the effect of the general, protective effect deviation.
Q:How do I bleach wood products?
then add 50 grams of bleaching powder, with this solution brush the surface of wood, to be bleached with 2% soapy water or dilute hydrochloric acid solution clear...
Q:How is the commonly used wood products?
5, to avoid being scratched hard, there are some details, when you are cleaning or picking things, be sure to take care, should not let the hard metal products scratched the wood products. 6, away from heat, in the cold winter, especially in the north of the people, there will be heating experience. But in the warmth of the group, as far as possible the heating equipment away from wood products 1 m place, in order to allow wood products to avoid prolonged baking, so that the wood crack, deformation and local film deterioration.
Q:American wood products formaldehyde emission standards
 The letter also pointed out: "HUD standards were adopted in 1984, has been nearly 25 years, the standard is not enough to protect human health." "Now, we already know that if more than formaldehyde exposure level, Formaldehyde will cause cancer.     In February, the Federal Emergency Management Agency announced that 14 million Gulf hurricane victims were housed in government-provided activity rooms that were tested to show that formaldehyde exposure at these levels was at a high level.
Q:What are the requirements for wood exports to Europe and the United States?
In recent years, the global timber supply has continued to tighten in the context of countries' tightening of timber export policies. However, the last two years, China's timber imports have been rising sharply, has been caught in the plight of raw materials scarce. At the same time, the introduction of new laws and regulations in Europe and America, but also to many Chinese wood products export enterprises feel pressure. It is expected that the second half of this year, China's timber industry is facing "suffering" will be increasing. This year, the relevant enterprises are really apprehension! Recently, the new regulations introduced in Europe and America to many Chinese wood products export business is quite a headache. Industry experts, the first July 1 this year, the implementation of the United States, "composite wood products formaldehyde standard bill", so that many low-cost market in China's small and medium-sized furniture enterprises feel unprepared, after the introduction of the EU "country of origin label Law "increased the difficulty of furniture exports to the EU. For a time, China's wood products export enterprises in a dilemma.
Q:How to prevent wood from "dehydrating"?
2, construction attention to detail In the home decoration, the quality of wood is the key to the construction, especially the details of the treatment: all wood products in the installation, to immediately brush once again paint. This layer is called "overcoat" paint, not only can protect wood products, but also play a role in isolation of water to maintain the normal moisture content of wood; binder can not be mixed. At present in the home decoration, the general use of white latex for wood products joints of the binder. Some workers in order to cut corners, in the white latex watered. This not only reduces the strength of the binder, and wood products absorb moisture, it is prone to quality problems; all the wood to be placed for a few days. You in the decoration with the wood to buy home, the best place in the decoration site for a few days and then use. The purpose of this is to make the moisture content of the wood close to the level of new homes.
Q:Building decoration commonly used in wood decorative products which
Glulam board board, Olsen Sakamoto boardboard, Ou Song board glued together Wood is one of the earliest materials used in architecture and decoration. Woody light, high strength, strong elasticity and toughness, easy processing and surface finishing, especially wood with natural texture, warm visual and tactile feel, which is unmatched by other materials, so they are still in the building Decoration is still occupying a very important position. Here to learn about the basic classification of wood knowledge, as well as home improvement in the common wood products.
Q:Is it good to use wood products?
Personal recommendations of the steel frame of its partition or wood because there is no cabinet frame restrictions than the operation of a wooden cabinet more convenient shape than the wooden cabinet fashion more
Q:Wood printer or wood printing function directly on the wood products printed on the pattern of equipment?
Printed images arbitrary landscape characters, flowers and insects birds, idol stars, cartoon animation, corporate logo, until your own photos and other words, the image can be printed directly on any item, lifelike, colorful, stand and so desirable. Printed material, metal, plastic, wood, porcelain, glass, yakley, stone, bamboo, crystal, building materials, leather, fabric, couple suit, oil painting board ... ... only you can not imagine the material, s material. Printing effect of the United States and the United States and the United States, the use of eight colors even for ink, product waterproof, anti-oil, sunscreen, do not bleach, do not fade, resolution up to 2880dpi, printed color vivid, clear pattern, unparalleled, low cost. The number of printed should be more should be a single item printed or mass production can be, the number of unlimited, no plate, ultra-low cost. As simple as the ordinary printer, the image can be printed on the computer, long, thicker platform can make the length of printed materials up to 48.3cm, thickness 10cm, weight up to 20kg.
Q:Bamboo products are good or good wood products
I also went to check a bit, really told her that the longer use of bamboo products, the better gloss, no dust

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