Supply For Silicon Steel and Electric Steel

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Silicon steel containing silicon content is 0.5 to 4.5% of very low carbon ferrosilicon alloy, due to the different structure and use is divided into non oriented silicon steel and grain oriented silicon steel. Silicon steel is mainly used for motors, generators, compressors, motors and transformers core, is the electric, home appliances and other industries indispensable raw materials products.

Silicon steel sheets cold rolling, hot-rolled two, the use of more cold-rolled silicon steel sheet. Cold-rolled silicon steel sheet along the rolling direction with excellent magnetic properties, not only in the strong magnetic field has high saturation magnetic flux density and low loss, but also have good magnetic properties (initial permeability) in the weak magnetic field. Because of the cold rolling process, the impurity content of the steel sheet is decreased, and the coarse grain is caused, and the magnetic permeability is increased and the hysteresis loss decreases.

2.Product characteristic:

The main requirements for the silicon steel properties are:

1, low iron loss, this is the most important quality index of silicon steel sheet. All core loss grades according to the lower grades, the iron loss, the higher.

2, a strong magnetic field of magnetic induction (magnetic), which makes the motor and transformer core volume and weight, saving silicon steel, copper and insulating materials, etc..

3, the surface is smooth, flat and thickness uniformity, can improve the core fill factor.

4, good film, for manufacturing micro, small motor is more important.

5, the adhesion and welding of the surface insulation film is good, can prevent and improve the film.
3.Specifications :

Material: B50A470

0.5*1200*C, 0.5*1000*C

4.Reference picture:

Supply For Silicon Steel and Electric Steel

Supply For Silicon Steel and Electric Steel

Supply For Silicon Steel and Electric Steel

Supply For Silicon Steel and Electric Steel

Material: B50A470

Origin / manufacturer :Shanghai Baoshan Iron & Steel Co.

Stock:Jiayin Stock

Specifications :0.5*1200*C, 0.5*1000*C

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Q:About silicon steel
What's the difference between 50W600 and 50WW600?. The former is the national standard, the latter is the Wuhan Iron and steel enterprises bid. But Wuhan Iron and steel has also used a single W said, after upgrading the brand, 50WW600 equivalent to the previous 50W470 brand. 50W600 is equivalent to "50WW800.", that is, "enterprise standard" should be in accordance with GB standards.
Q:The type of silicon steel sheet silicon steel plate
It is made of cold-rolled silicon steel with silicon 0.8%-4.8% as material.There are two kinds of steel strip with no grain orientation and grain orientation in cold rolled silicon steel sheet. The cold rolled electrical steel strip has the characteristics of smooth surface, uniform thickness, high stacking coefficient, good punching quality, etc., and the magnetic sense is higher and the iron loss is lower than that of the hot-rolled electric steel band. Instead of producing hot rolled motor or transformer with cold strip, its weight and volume can be reduced by 0%-25%. If the cold rolled oriented belt, better performance, use it instead of hot-rolled or cold-rolled low grade, can reduce the power consumption of the transformer 45%-50% transformer, and more reliable performance.Used in manufacturing motors and transformers. Generally, the grain oriented cold rolled strip is used as an electric motor or a welding transformer, etc. the grain oriented cold rolled strip is used as an iron core for a power transformer, a pulse transformer, and a magnetic amplifier.
Q:What material is silicon steel plate?
Silicon steel plate is a kind of good magnetic conductive material.
Q:Why is the transformer made of sliced silicon steel sheet?
If you press the algorithm then changes the resistance type, the whole core sheet resistance and mutually insulating silicon steel sheet piling resistance type natural don't ha... Obviously... Silicon steel sheet resistance more.......
Q:What is the magnetostriction of the core silicon steel sheet?
Alternating induction current turns the iron core into an induction magnet, and the magnetic distribution of each silicon steel sheet is basically the same, and the interaction between them produces magnetostriction.
Q:Why does the motor use the non oriented silicon steel sheet and the transformer oriented silicon steel sheet?
The function of the transformer is to transmit the electric energy. The smaller the loss, the better, and the requirement of the motor is not as high as that of the transformer. Therefore, the transformer should adopt the oriented silicon steel sheet to meet the requirements, and the motor can be made of non oriented silicon steel sheet.
Q:The difference between electrical steel and non oriented electrical steel
Electrical steel has hundreds of years of history, including electrical steel and electrical steel Si<0.5% Si 0.5~6.5% content of silicon steel two categories, mainly used for all kinds of motor, transformer and ballast iron core, is an important soft magnetic alloy electric power, electronic industry and military. Electrical steel is the most important metal functional material in the use of magnetic materials. Electrical steel, especially the manufacturing process oriented silicon steel and complex equipments, composition control, manufacturing process, and the factors affecting the performance, so often the product quality oriented silicon steel is seen as an important symbol to measure a country special steel manufacturing technology, and special steel "art" reputation.
Q:What is the orientation of the silicon steel sheet with or without orientation?
The oriented silicon steel sheet (due to the alternating magnetic field is static), and rotary motor with non oriented silicon steel sheet (due to the alternating magnetic field is rotating, the rotation direction of the motor) is determined in the spatial arrangement of winding and excitation power supply phase sequence.
Q:Difference between oriented silicon steel and non oriented silicon steel
1, from the chemical composition, the silicon content of oriented silicon steel is higher than that of non oriented silicon steel2, the use of oriented silicon steel mainly transformers, non oriented silicon steel, mainly motor3, the grain of the internal structure silicon steel is basically in one direction, so it is called oriented and non oriented silicon steel. The grain arrangement is disordered, so the heat loss of the oriented silicon steel is small, and the heat loss of the non oriented silicon steel is great
Q:What is the stacking action of the alternating current coil silicon steel sheet?
In the transformer core, due to the presence of the vortex, the core heat, temperature rise, causing power loss, the transformer capacity is not fully utilized. In order to reduce the eddy current loss, people used a lot of silicon steel sheet laminated iron core is arranged between the insulating material is separated, at the same time, there is a small amount of silicon silicon steel sheet, to increase resistance in order to reduce the eddy current, eddy current, thereby reducing the power loss,

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