Supply For Silicon Steel and Electric Steel

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Silicon steel containing silicon content is 0.5 to 4.5% of very low carbon ferrosilicon alloy, due to the different structure and use is divided into non oriented silicon steel and grain oriented silicon steel. Silicon steel is mainly used for motors, generators, compressors, motors and transformers core, is the electric, home appliances and other industries indispensable raw materials products.

Silicon steel sheets cold rolling, hot-rolled two, the use of more cold-rolled silicon steel sheet. Cold-rolled silicon steel sheet along the rolling direction with excellent magnetic properties, not only in the strong magnetic field has high saturation magnetic flux density and low loss, but also have good magnetic properties (initial permeability) in the weak magnetic field. Because of the cold rolling process, the impurity content of the steel sheet is decreased, and the coarse grain is caused, and the magnetic permeability is increased and the hysteresis loss decreases.

2.Product characteristic:

The main requirements for the silicon steel properties are:

1, low iron loss, this is the most important quality index of silicon steel sheet. All core loss grades according to the lower grades, the iron loss, the higher.

2, a strong magnetic field of magnetic induction (magnetic), which makes the motor and transformer core volume and weight, saving silicon steel, copper and insulating materials, etc..

3, the surface is smooth, flat and thickness uniformity, can improve the core fill factor.

4, good film, for manufacturing micro, small motor is more important.

5, the adhesion and welding of the surface insulation film is good, can prevent and improve the film.
3.Specifications :

Material: B50A470

0.5*1200*C, 0.5*1000*C

4.Reference picture:

Supply For Silicon Steel and Electric Steel

Supply For Silicon Steel and Electric Steel

Supply For Silicon Steel and Electric Steel

Supply For Silicon Steel and Electric Steel

Material: B50A470

Origin / manufacturer :Shanghai Baoshan Iron & Steel Co.

Stock:Jiayin Stock

Specifications :0.5*1200*C, 0.5*1000*C

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Q:What is silicon steel and what kinds do they have?
The high magnetic induction cold rolled silicon steel strip is a single oriented steel strip. It is mainly used in the manufacture of various electromagnetic components such as transformers and chokes in the telecommunication and instrument industry. The application has two main features, one is that the small current condition of weak magnetic field, the requirements of the material has in the weak magnetic field within the range of high magnetic properties, high value and high 0 mu B; the second characteristic is the use of high frequency, usually in more than 400Hz, even up to 2MHz. In order to reduce the eddy current loss and the effective permeability under alternating magnetic field, the thin strip of 0.05-0.20mm is usually used.
Q:Instrument for measuring insulation resistance of silicon steel sheet coating
As far as I know, at present, there is no quality inspection institution in China to carry out quality inspection of this instrument. If you would like to know more details, please send it to me. I will send you the details.
Q:2.5x3.5x21 silicon steel sheet do electric fishmachine around, at the beginning of time, the line number of turns
For each V turns 55/ (3.5*2.5) =6.29 ring, primary with 12 volt battery, primary turns to 12*6.29=75.4, take 76 laps, secondary 300 volts, secondary turns around the 300*6.29=1887 ring on the line, the conversion efficiency of platinum machine is about 60%, we design 300 Watt secondary, primary battery output to 300/60%=500 watts, the battery to output 500/12=41.7A, 3.7 line for, or 2 of the 3 side by side with around 76 laps, secondary 300 Watt 300 volt current is 300/300=1A, about 0.57 of the line for more than, will increase the weight of the fish machine, wire diameter is taken according to the current reference table.
Q:When the silicon steel transformer frequency is many, the effect is good
The core permeability of low frequency transformer for 600-12000 Gauss. And then high with ferrite core.
Q:Why should the stator and rotor core of asynchronous motor be laminated with silicon steel sheet?
Eddy current loss and hysteresis loss are reduced. Reduce core heating.
Q:Does the Nippon Steel silicon steel sheet steel silicon steel sheet wasgood.
Under the same conditions, the iron loss is lower, the flux density is higher, and the heat resistance of the coating is better.
Q:At the same time, cut aluminum and silicon steel sheet material, what NC blade?
The main problem of aluminum alloy is that it is easy to stick the knife in cutting, that is, serious accretion. Usually rely on large front angle, large back angle, and sharp blade, the front face of the knife, smooth surface, to ensure non stick knife, that is, by the angle of the tool to solve the problem, rather than material.
Q:What kind of silicon steel sheet is good?
Suggest that you go to see some information about silicon steel sheet, such as B-H loop, in practical work to simplify the use of DC magnetization curve and so on.
Q:Silicon steel sheet annealing and Bluing production with the motor surface yellow, blue layer slightly off, Guiqiu solution!
Try to use low temperature open type (no gas protection), temperature 550 degrees plus or minus 10 degrees, can improve the quality of annealing
Q:When the silicon steel sheet is out of the factory, it has been insulated Then why do you paint insulating paint sometimes?
If it is imported from * * * of silicon steel sheet, the original surface can not, then it is necessary to apply a layer of insulating paint.

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