Supply 8-12mm High Quality Density Board

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Product Description:

1.Product Description

Density board (Density Board High (wood)), a kind of plate, according to the density of low density, medium density, high density.

According to the different density, it is divided into high density board, medium density board and low density board. Density board due to the high quality and high impact strength, good after the density is uniform, it is easy to re - processing, the production of furniture is a good material, but the disadvantage is poor waterproof. Medium and high density board, it is the small diameter wood grinding and crushed under high temperature and high pressure to press down, for now the general

2.Product Characteristic

High density board density fibreboard (referred to as high density board (HDF), wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw materials, the applied urea formaldehyde resin, or other synthetic resin by heat and pressure conditions are pressed into a plate. Smooth, in the environment temperature, humidity changes, the size of good stability, easy to surface decoration. Internal organization structure is fine, and is particularly dense edge can be processed into various shaped edge, and do not have direct edge finishing, can obtain good modeling effect. Organizational structure is even and consistent, so it can be for surface carved machining and processing into various sections of decorative lines, suitable for instead of the natural wood as a structural material.


Product encoding: dngpym8/12E2-830

Product specifications: 8/12*1220*2440mm

Production line: domestic multi-layer production line

Mill: domestic production line

Special process: add wax

Material: Yang Za

Color: light color wood color

Environmental protection grade / glue: E2

Density: 830kg/m fand

4.Reference Picture

Supply 8-12mm High Quality Density Board

Supply 8-12mm High Quality Density Board

Supply 8-12mm High Quality Density Board

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Q:What are the requirements for wood exports to Europe and the United States?
In recent years, the global timber supply has continued to tighten in the context of countries' tightening of timber export policies. However, the last two years, China's timber imports have been rising sharply, has been caught in the plight of raw materials scarce. At the same time, the introduction of new laws and regulations in Europe and America, but also to many Chinese wood products export enterprises feel pressure. It is expected that the second half of this year, China's timber industry is facing "suffering" will be increasing. This year, the relevant enterprises are really apprehension! Recently, the new regulations introduced in Europe and America to many Chinese wood products export business is quite a headache. Industry experts, the first July 1 this year, the implementation of the United States, "composite wood products formaldehyde standard bill", so that many low-cost market in China's small and medium-sized furniture enterprises feel unprepared, after the introduction of the EU "country of origin label Law "increased the difficulty of furniture exports to the EU. For a time, China's wood products export enterprises in a dilemma.
Q:Wood products processing to apply it ?, I am a rural carpenter master, others to sell wood to me, I processed into wood products need to apply for what documents?
But if you do not have the store, but in the internal Lane Lane home a person to start their own, did not ask the workers, then do not do business license and tax registration certificate, the problem is not big.
Q:South wet and humid, cabinets, beds and other wood products are shelter are long mold, and how to prevent moldy it?
Normal weather is good window ventilation. But do not open the weather to the south, and buy some water-absorbing agent (desiccant) on the cupboard.
Q:Wood preservatives
Woody mildew rot the main reason is: L, the raw material storage time is too short, the wood in the mold nutrients and lipids can not be more thorough decomposition damage. 2, bone glue (bovine) itself is the mold nutrients, but also did not add fungicides. 3, wood wool board degreasing, drying does not meet the requirements, too much water. 4, the arrival of the rainy season (spring), mild climate, humid air.
Q:Taobao sell wood products with what packaging is better, what courier is better
as to which courier, this It is hard to say that the general small pieces are the most fragile, because the parcels in the sorting time are flying, thrown to throw. Relatively speaking, one can pass, of course, Shun Feng, is Shunfeng prices too expensive.
Q:Wood products how to minimize the cost of color and brush once can not repeat the brush or do not fade Oh
The name of the color material used in this construction process is called "oil palm" and can be purchased at the paint store. The order of construction is before the end of the paint construction, the rest of the last time when the spray, spray the end of the paint can be a time after the end.
Q:Steamed rice edible wood products moldy mold, how to deal with
Common mycotoxin food poisoning are: (1) aflatoxicosis (aflatoxicosis) aflatoxin is Aspergillus flavus (A.flavus) and parasitic asparagus (A.parasiticus) produced a class of similar metabolic mixture of products, there are 17 species. The basic structure is two furan ring and coumarin, the former is the basic toxicity structure, the latter for the carcinogen. Aflatoxin is very stable, heat, in the melting point (200 ℃ ~ 300 ℃) will not break down, and its toxicity is very strong, the main damage to the liver, so that liver cell necrosis, bleeding and bile duct hyperplasia, a significant carcinogenic effect. Produce fungus of aflatoxin mainly contaminated food and its products, peanuts, peanut oil, rice, cottonseed and so on, milk, salted fish also have pollution.
Q:How to make wood live, wood products can be electrostatic spraying?
Wood electrostatic spraying need to measure the moisture content of wood, too dry no conductive spray to the effect of poor, and weather and humidity have a certain relationship,
Q:What kind of adhesive for wood products
Instructions 1, at room temperature (25 ℃) will be sticky treatment clean, and then A glue and B plastic to visual 1: 1 ratio of overlapping coating or in a sticker coated A glue, another sticker coated B plastic, And then stick together, before and after doing 2-3 times after running fixed 5-10 minutes. 2, at room temperature (25 ℃) will be sticky treatment clean, and then A glue and B plastic to 1: 1 ratio of plastic film with a plastic mixture, 3 minutes to be coated on the surface to be bonded, fixed 5- 10 minutes to locate. The glue in the paste after 30 minutes to reach the maximum strength of 50%, 24 hours after the highest strength. In the environment of -60 ℃ -100 ℃ can be used.
Q:How do you print or pattern on wood products?
2, gelatin film on the original version of the paper on the rules line, multi-color version of the rules are used as installed version of the rules. Put the engraved version together with the original, placed in the appropriate position of the screen plate, according to the rules of the original rules of the rules of the binding rules with milky white paste attached to the screen plate, and paste with a paper sheet. There are several sets of color with a few screen plate set a unified rules. The original with the engraved version, placed in the rules of the board, put down the screen box, in the top of the screen with an iron aligned engraved Gelatin version of the four corners of the edge of the ironing, so that gelatin version of sticky on the screen after the original release. Put some thick paper on the plate, put down the screen frame so that the gelatin carved paper pad flat, and then covered with a polyester film on the film from the role of the interval, with iron back and forth several times, so that gelatin film Hot on the screen. After a good version of the natural dry, and then peel off the liner and the use of ketone to the opposite side of the liner and the interval between the coated PVC overshoot scrub clean. If the version of the place can be used to retreat glacial acetic acid, if the knife edge of the knife marks and small strokes off, you can use the pen dipped in plastic repair. 3, nitro varnish modified film on paper version of nitro-varnish modified film on the version of the same method. (5) closed network The screen is about the screen outside the screen with colloidal sticky block up, so that the printing plate in the printing does not leak ink. Wax grams of film version of the network can be used nitro-varnish, gelatin solution can be sealed gelatin film version and nitro-varnish modified film version. The printed plate is printed and dried. Second, the photosensitive screen printing plate

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