Supply 8-12mm High Quality Density Board

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Product Description:

1.Product Description

Density board (Density Board High (wood)), a kind of plate, according to the density of low density, medium density, high density.

According to the different density, it is divided into high density board, medium density board and low density board. Density board due to the high quality and high impact strength, good after the density is uniform, it is easy to re - processing, the production of furniture is a good material, but the disadvantage is poor waterproof. Medium and high density board, it is the small diameter wood grinding and crushed under high temperature and high pressure to press down, for now the general

2.Product Characteristic

High density board density fibreboard (referred to as high density board (HDF), wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw materials, the applied urea formaldehyde resin, or other synthetic resin by heat and pressure conditions are pressed into a plate. Smooth, in the environment temperature, humidity changes, the size of good stability, easy to surface decoration. Internal organization structure is fine, and is particularly dense edge can be processed into various shaped edge, and do not have direct edge finishing, can obtain good modeling effect. Organizational structure is even and consistent, so it can be for surface carved machining and processing into various sections of decorative lines, suitable for instead of the natural wood as a structural material.


Product encoding: dngpym8/12E2-830

Product specifications: 8/12*1220*2440mm

Production line: domestic multi-layer production line

Mill: domestic production line

Special process: add wax

Material: Yang Za

Color: light color wood color

Environmental protection grade / glue: E2

Density: 830kg/m fand

4.Reference Picture

Supply 8-12mm High Quality Density Board

Supply 8-12mm High Quality Density Board

Supply 8-12mm High Quality Density Board

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Q:What is the classification of wood products?
Wood products are made of wood raw materials, processed, the formation of the product. Wood products are divided into the following categories: furniture, wood products, office wood products, wood products, gardening wood products, wood products, and now high-tech wood products. Wood carving is only a branch of woodwork.
Q:Wood products by polishing and then Varnish, dry after not smooth it?
after a paint on the paint after the need for dry, estimated time in 10 hours or more, and then about 480 # sandpaper And then slightly polished, and remove the polished dust, and then brush twice paint, and then polished, and then brush the third paint on it
Q:How do you print or pattern on wood products?
2, gelatin film on the original version of the paper on the rules line, multi-color version of the rules are used as installed version of the rules. Put the engraved version together with the original, placed in the appropriate position of the screen plate, according to the rules of the original rules of the rules of the binding rules with milky white paste attached to the screen plate, and paste with a paper sheet. There are several sets of color with a few screen plate set a unified rules. The original with the engraved version, placed in the rules of the board, put down the screen box, in the top of the screen with an iron aligned engraved Gelatin version of the four corners of the edge of the ironing, so that gelatin version of sticky on the screen after the original release. Put some thick paper on the plate, put down the screen frame so that the gelatin carved paper pad flat, and then covered with a polyester film on the film from the role of the interval, with iron back and forth several times, so that gelatin film Hot on the screen. After a good version of the natural dry, and then peel off the liner and the use of ketone to the opposite side of the liner and the interval between the coated PVC overshoot scrub clean. If the version of the place can be used to retreat glacial acetic acid, if the knife edge of the knife marks and small strokes off, you can use the pen dipped in plastic repair. 3, nitro varnish modified film on paper version of nitro-varnish modified film on the version of the same method. (5) closed network The screen is about the screen outside the screen with colloidal sticky block up, so that the printing plate in the printing does not leak ink. Wax grams of film version of the network can be used nitro-varnish, gelatin solution can be sealed gelatin film version and nitro-varnish modified film version. The printed plate is printed and dried. Second, the photosensitive screen printing plate
Q:Wood products have cracks, how to cover transparent wood wax
If the cracks are large, you need to strengthen the structure, you must hit the butterfly tenon, dug on both sides of the appropriate depth, shape, such as butterfly wings of the groove, and then cut a piece of the same shape depth of wood (grain direction and cracks to be vertical) , Glue, into the groove, and so dry and then polished. The use of the outer width of the narrow shape on both sides of the cracks will be pulled to avoid the cracks continue to expand.
Q:How to repair wood products broken
2, and then find a jewelry processing shop, with silver wrapped fixed, absolutely solid, and can increase the appearance.
Q:Whether it belongs to wood products
Wooden household items: Loudspeaker Lamps Candlesticks Photo Frames Frames Frames Vases Storage Boxes Remote Control Brackets CD Racks Magazine Brackets Tissue Boxes Trash Cans Boxes Cosmetic Boxes Toilet Articles Tray Fruit Plate Tableware Tableware Tea Tableware Tableware Kitchenware Pepper Powder Condiments Box Tool Holder Barrel Barrel Bath Supplies Lacquerware Chopsticks Toothpick Bamboo Wooden Wooden Wooden Wooden Cork Wooden Corks Cork Wooden Cushion Wooden Cushions Wooden
Q:Do you want to do electrostatic spraying?
No, electrostatic spraying is mainly used for the spraying of metal objects, because electrostatic spraying is required to spray and spray objects and the formation of the ground loop to complete the spray, dry wood conductivity is not good, so can not, and there are too many wood resin class
Q:Why moldy wood products after cleaning will be moldy
As the household goods and more, to have to concentrate on every one to have a certain degree of difficulty, the most critical thing is to do a good job home moisture protection. When the air is wet, do not open the window, remember to close the windows, especially south and southeast windows, as well as the highest air humidity sooner or later. But if you think the indoor air can not flow, you can open the doors and windows at noon and afternoon Dehumidification coup Moisturizing box for wardrobe, shoe moisture absorption, generally containing calcium chloride particles, most also added the essence, so set dehumidification, aroma, anti-mildew, deodorant and other functions in one. The use of absorbent bags is wider, in addition to dry clothing, but also on leather goods, books, cameras, computers, discs and other dehumidification. If placed in a confined space, the effect will be very good. Charcoal dehumidification is now the most popular moisture-proof way. Can be black wood charcoal in advance to boil for 10 minutes, filter out moisture, ventilated dry, put two days later placed in a breathable basket, placed in the room diagonal position can be. Each room put 5 to 10 kg or so. Charcoal cheap, and can be reused after the dry, affordable.
Q:Laser marking machine engraved wood products will be black
I do not know what type of situation you are using. In this case, by reducing the current, will improve the black situation, and then yellow.
Q:How do I bleach wood products?
and then coated sodium bisulfite solution, repeat the above operation until the wood white. [PAGE]

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