Supply 4.5-9.0mm Good Quality Wood Fiber Board

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Product Description:

1.Product Description

Wood fiber (xylem fiber) is a natural renewable wood after chemical treatment and mechanical processing organic flocculent fiber material.

It is widely used in field of mortar and concrete gypsum composite recruiting materials, wood fiber pulp sponge, asphalt road etc., to prevent cracking of the coating, increase water retention and improve the stability of production and construction of conformance, increase strength, has a good effect on surface adhesion. Its main function is: thixotropic, protective, absorption, carrier and filler

2.Product Characteristic

1.The cellulose is insoluble in water, acid and alkaline solution; neutral pH value, can improve the corrosion resistance of the system.

2.lignocellulose the proportion of small, large specific surface area and has excellent heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, insulation and air permeability, thermal expansion uniform can not afford to shell cracking; higher wet film strength and cover effect.

3.lignocellulose has excellent flexibility and diversification, the mixed form three-dimensional network structure, enhances the system support and durability, and can improve the system stability, strength, density and evenness.

4.wood fiber structure of cohesive, the uniformity of the processing of precast slurry (dry and wet materials) remained intact stability and reduce the contraction and expansion, the construction or prefabricated parts precision is improved greatly.

5.wood fiber has strong anti freeze and heat resistant ability, when the temperature reaches 150 DEG C insulation for a few days, when up to 200 DEG C insulation dozens of hours; when more than 220 DEG C to heat for several hours.


Encoding products:dndwhz4.5NE2-800Dndwhz4.5NE2-800

Product specifications: 4.5*1220*2440mm

Production line: Germany full set of imported 4 feet continuous flat production line (Simbel Campo)

Mills: Siempelkamp

Material: all poplar wood, all pine, pine, miscellaneous, Yang miscellaneous.

Color: light color wood color

Environmental protection grade / glue: E2

Density: 800 kg/m, 830kg/ m fand fand

4.Reference Picture

Supply 4.5-9.0mm Good Quality Wood Fiber Board

Supply 4.5-9.0mm Good Quality Wood Fiber Board

Supply 4.5-9.0mm Good Quality Wood Fiber Board


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Q:Can the wall paint brush the colored wood products?
Temperature: preferably at room temperature (15-30 ℃) conditions, the temperature is too low, paint film becomes slow; temperature is too high (more than 35 ℃), brushing performance will be adversely affected. Humidity: Avoid moist air, most of the paint are not conducive, especially nitro paint, polyurethane paint and so on. In the wet rainy weather construction, will cause whitening or slow drying and other ills. Light: plenty of light will help to see the paint, to identify the construction coating is uniform, in time to avoid leakage brush or sagging, it should be selected in the light of the room for construction. Ventilation: The construction site should have ventilation equipment to maintain the right amount of fresh air circulation.
Q:Wood products out of the United States is not directly open fumigation can prove that?
In international trade, countries to protect their own resources, some imported goods to implement a mandatory quarantine system. Wood packaging fumigation is a precautionary measure taken to prevent harmful pests from harming the forest resources of the importing country. Therefore, the export of goods containing wood packaging, it must be shipped before the wood packaging for pesticide treatment, fumigation is a way to deal with pesticides.
Q:Wood products in what kind of temperature and humidity placed the most appropriate?
Temperature: +5 to + 35 ° C   2. Humidity: no more than 85% RH   3. Atmospheric pressure: 80KPa when 106KPA Avoid direct sunlight or other direct heat radiation.   5. Flammable, corrosive gas environment.   6. Strong turbulence and convection around a strong electromagnetic field, strong vibration effects.
Q:How to handle the business license and tax registration certificate for wood products processing plant?
he first to go to the local Trade and Industry Bureau to apply for the name of the pre-nuclear, that is, they want a business name, to the Trade and Industry Bureau inquiries are available, if not available have to change one, if available, find an accounting firm issued a capital verification report (private Limited shareholders more than two people, the registered capital of 30,000 yuan can be).
Q:Taobao sell wood products with what packaging is better, what courier is better
This depends on your size, if the small wood products, then use the tin box, which is fixed with a good foam to prevent the pressure, if the big wooden products do not matter, and generally will not be pressure,
Q:What are the characteristics of bamboo products?
For example ~ 1, solid wood flooring: Solid wood flooring is made of wood after drying, processed after the formation of ground decoration materials. It has a natural pattern, comfortable feet, the use of safe features, is the bedroom, living room, study and other ground decoration of the ideal material. Solid wood decoration style back to nature, texture, natural, in the forest coverage rate, and vigorously promote environmental protection today, solid wood flooring is even more precious. Solid wood floor AA grade, A grade, B grade three grades, AA grade the highest quality.
Q:Outdoor wood products, with wood wax good oil is good?
if you do not consider the cost, of course, is better than wood wax oil, but wood can meet The basic requirements of the outdoor (anti-corrosion, moisture, anti-cracking) later or the need for regular maintenance. -
Q:Wood preservatives
Woody mildew rot the main reason is: L, the raw material storage time is too short, the wood in the mold nutrients and lipids can not be more thorough decomposition damage. 2, bone glue (bovine) itself is the mold nutrients, but also did not add fungicides. 3, wood wool board degreasing, drying does not meet the requirements, too much water. 4, the arrival of the rainy season (spring), mild climate, humid air.
Q:What is the color of wood products painted
Is a propylene pigment, which is characterized by bright, easy to fade, dry faster, insoluble in water and the price is reasonable. If you try to draw pictures at home you can buy 12ml each, 32 colors, a box of twenty or thirty dollars Ma Li
Q:What woodworking woodworking lathes can be processed?
The basic functions are the same: processing a variety of roundabout. What is the gyroscope? An object if the axis in any position to do cross-section, are round, then, is the roundabout. Such as sticks, columns, balls, bowls, tubes, cones and so on.

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