Supply 0.965mm Bead Wire with High Quality

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1. Product Introduction

Bead wire is a kind of steel wire clad bronze, copper or brass, used to strengthen tire bead. The tire bead bears tension, compression, torsion and centrifugal forces in traveling Bead wire is applied in all types of tires, including car tires, truck tires, aircraft tires, motorcycle tires and bicycle tires. With the continuous increase of tire production, the demand for its quality requirements is also increasing and being more stringent.


2. Product Characteristic

Our company produces the high performance of bead wire and can effectively reduce the tire weight, saving fuel, reducing energy consumption, high tire safety factor, and can also reduce the tire manufacturing cost, adapt to the requirements of the tire industry, "green" and sustainable development.


3. Product Specification




Tensile Strength

Yield Ratio

Breaking Elongation








Time/ 360°200d

















400mm No "S" shape


4. Reference Picture



Supply 0.965mm Bead Wire with High Quality

Supply 0.965mm Bead Wire with High Quality

Supply 0.965mm Bead Wire with High Quality



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