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Quality carbon structural steel is introduced


Quality carbon structural steel (GB/T699-1999):

Steel in addition to containing carbon (C) elements and for deoxidizing and contains a certain amount of silicon (Si) (generally not more than 0.40%), manganese (Mn) (generally not more than 0.80%, higher to 1.20%) alloy elements, excluding other alloy elements (residual element except). This kind of steel must also ensure that the chemical composition and mechanical properties. The sulfur phosphorus (S), (P) the content of impurity elements in the general control 0.035%. If the control is in 0.030% person that senior high quality steel, the brand should add behind "A", for example, 20A; if P 0.025% control in the following, the S control is in 0.020% the following, called super high quality steel, the brand should add behind "E" to show the difference. For by raw material brought into other residual alloy elements in steel, such as chromium (Cr), nickel (Ni), copper (Cu) etc. the content general control in the Cr = 0.25%, Ni = 0.30%, Cu = 0.25%. Some grades of manganese (Mn) content reached 1.40%, known as manganese steel.

This kind of steel is to rely on the adjustment of carbon (C) to improve the mechanical properties of steel, therefore, according to the carbon content of the steel, this can be divided into:

Low carbon - carbon content is generally less than 0.25%, such as 10, 20 steel etc.;

Medium carbon - carbon content in general 0.25 ~ 0.60%, such as 35, 45 steel etc.;

High carbon steel -- the carbon content is generally greater than 0.60%. This kind of steel is generally not used in the manufacture of steel pipe.

In fact, they are between the carbon content and no clear boundaries.

This kind of steel production is large, wide purpose, generally more rolling (forging) made of round, square, flat and profiles, sheet and seamless steel pipe. Mainly used in the manufacture of general structure and mechanical structure parts, components and structural parts and pipes conveying fluid. According to the use requirements, sometimes requiring heat treatment (normalizing or quenching and tempering) after use.


Quality carbon structural steel according to the different carbon content can be divided into three categories: low carbon steel (C = 0.25%), carbon steel (C 0.25-0.6%) and high carbon steel (C>

Dear friends, I am glad to receive your mail, we will give you the tracking number in the time in October 14th, in October 16th the goods by customs returned, in October 16th we re transport, this is the new tracking number,

Dear friends, I am glad to receive your mail, we will give you the tracking number in the time in October 14th, in October 16th the goods by customs returned, in October 16th we re transport, this is the new tracking number,


Quality carbon structural steel is divided into normal manganese content in manganese containing different amount (containing manganese 0.25%-0.8%) and high content of manganese (Mn containing 0.70%-1.20%) two group, the latter has the mechanical performance and good processing performance.

1, hot rolled quality carbon structural steel sheets and strips

Hot rolled quality carbon structural steel plates and strips for automobile, aviation industry and other parts. The grade of steel boiling steel: 08F, 10F, 15F; killed Steels: 08, 08AL, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50. The following 25 and 25 for low carbon steel 30 and more than 30 for the medium carbon steel.

2, hot rolled quality carbon structural steel plates and wide strips

Hot rolled quality carbon structural steel plates and wide strips used for various mechanical parts. The grade of steel is low carbon steel include: 05F, 08F, 08, 10F, 10, 15F, 15, 20F, 20, 25, 20Mn, 25Mn; medium carbon steel include: 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 30Mn, 40Mn, 50Mn, 60Mn etc.; high carbon steel including: 65, 70, 65Mn.


The content of sulfur and phosphorus quality carbon structural steel is less than 0.035%, mainly used in the manufacture of parts is more important. In the project is generally used for steel wire, steel strand and anchorage of prestressed concrete production, and high strength bolts, important structural steel castings.

Full of responsibility and do not break free, full of compatible without losing individuality. For example, the number 20 represents the average steel carbon content of 0.20% high quality carbon steel. For the boiling steel in the rear plus F, such as 10F, 15F etc.. 08, 10, 15, 20, 25 grades and belongs to the low carbon steel, which has good plasticity, easy drawing, stamping, extrusion, forging and welding.

Quality carbon structural steel in 08, 10, 15, 20, 25 grades and belongs to the low carbon steel, which has good plasticity, easy drawing, stamping, extrusion, forging and welding. The most widely used of the 20 steel, used to manufacture screws, nuts, washers, a small shaft, stamping parts, welding parts, sometimes also used in the manufacture of carburized parts. 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 grades is medium carbon steel, because of increased steel pearlite content, its strength and hardness are improved than before, after quenching hardness can be increased significantly. Among them, with 45 steel is the most typical, it not only strength, high hardness, and has better plasticity and toughness, namely excellent comprehensive properties. 45 steel uses in the mechanical structure of the most widely used to manufacture, screw, shaft, gear, a connecting rod, a sleeve, keys, an important screws and nuts etc.. 60, 65, 70, 75 grades belong to high carbon steel. They not only after quenching and tempering strength and hardness, and excellent elasticity, used to manufacture a small spring, spring, steel wire rope, such as roller.

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Q:Steel plate pile length, adjacent two steel plate pile joints should be staggered what position?
Hello, due to site transportation restrictions and insufficient length of existing materials and other reasonsSome projects need to meet the design length by using the site connection method.
Q:What material can be used for A36 steel plate?
Q means yield strength, and Q345 indicates the yield strength of this steel is 345MPa. Q345 will decrease the yield value as the thickness of the material increases. And domestic may be small high strength steel plate in 345, so in mechanical design, the strength must be less than 345 this value, otherwise there will be problems.
Q:How much is 2 millimeters per square meter?
With the development of science and technology and industry, put forward higher requirements on the materials, such as high strength, high temperature, high pressure, low temperature, corrosion resistance, wear and other special physical and chemical properties, carbon steel has not fully meet the requirements.
Q:What is a fixed length steel plate?
Please check the standard: GB/T706-2008 hot-rolled steel fixed length is in accordance with customer requirements made of length, usually 6 meters, 9 meters look
Q:How is the weight of the steel plate calculated?
The weight of the steel plate is calculated in this way:Weight = length (unit m) * width (unit m) * thickness (unit mm) *7.85
Q:How much is one meter for laser cutting steel plates?
The length and width are smaller than 300MM and the thickness is less than 12MM, because of good nesting material, we provide. By weight, the carbon steel is 8~9 yuan per kilogram and the quantity is large, 7~8 yuan per kilogram.
Q:What is a water stop steel plate?
The main application areas of water stop steel plate are tunnel, subway, dyke, culvert, water conservancy and hydropower project, construction joint, basement of high-rise building, underground parking lot, etc..
Q:What is the difference between color steel plate and hot galvanized sheet?
Color steel plate is divided into two kinds, one is hot galvanized after spraying color, not a hot galvanized plate directly after spraying, hot galvanized and color steel plate is a kind of anti-corrosion measures, galvanizing after spraying outdoor powder, not only has good antiseptic effect, and the color is beautiful, just hot galvanized plate no antiseptic, decorative effect
Q:Is the pattern steel plate hot-dip galvanized steel?
A steel plate with a raised (or dented) surface on a surface (patterned, section). Pattern steel plate, also known as checkered steel plate, is its surface with diamond or protruding steel plate. The pattern can be a single diamond, a lentil shape or a round bean shape, or two or more than two patterns can be properly combined to form a composite pattern board. Pattern mainly from anti-skid and decorative effect. The comprehensive effects of antiskid, bending resistance, metal saving and appearance of the combined pattern board are obviously better than that of the single pattern board. Checkered steel plates are widely used in shipbuilding, boilers, automobiles, tractors, railway cars and construction industries.
Q:Is PCM steel better than galvanized steel?
Color plate refers to the color coated steel plate, color coated steel plate is a kind of organic coating plate.PCM color steel plate positive general selection of linear polymer oil free polyester resin paint, add amino resin and special catalyst design,

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