Super Wide 0.67X For Mobile Phone Zoom Lens Universal Clip Lens 3 In 1

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0.67x wide + macro + fish eye lens 180 


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Q:Camera lens why so many lenses?
The combination of multiple lenses can correct aberration to some extent. Second, if the lens zoom requires multiple lenses to change the spacing to achieve.
Q:Is the camera's lens longer and more expensive?
The longer the lens, the more lenses, the more heavy, the more expensive materials, the more expensive. Of course, the longer the lens is thicker, its optical design and mechanical design more difficult, High design costs, high manufacturing process requirements, low cost. Less demand, low yield, will push the price of the big lens. The lens is easy to do.
Q:SLR camera lens SLR lens classification
The first is wide-angle lens. The traditional sense of the wide-angle lens is the focal length of 35mm in the following lens, such as 28mm, 24mm or even 16mm lens. In general, the lens below 24mm are called ultra wide-angle lens. However, because the vast majority of digital SLR on the market is not the full range of digital SLR, the lens of the focal length to multiply by 1.5 or 1.6, so for this type of SLR, 16mm can be considered ultra wide-angle lens.
Q:The digital camera shows what the lens is wrong
General digital camera display lens error is due to the machine's self-test function of the machine so that the machine does not work. It will prompt you how to deal with, such as can not reply to machine failure, please repair the local brand service
Q:Canon SLR camera lens d100 and Canon 5d series lens can be universal?
And full-frame body, such as 5D 6D 5D2 5D3 1Dx and so on these, in order to ensure the superior quality, can only use better quality EF lens.
Q:SLR camera lens with a magnifying glass before going to shoot macro, so there is no problem photography, right?
Although this can be, but the ordinary magnifying glass will seriously reduce the image quality, and the higher the impact of the more serious; so it may choose to use optical experiments with high-quality lens or buy close-up camera is more suitable for taking pictures
Q:What should the camera lens be used?
Glasses cloth certainly not work Lens paper is tantamount to sandpaper, the lens if you do not want to use it to rub Deer skin is not very good, it is easy to filth
Q:Do professional studio photo, what is the type of camera and lens?
The choice of the lens is generally considered the same as the fuselage, if the money to buy the original head, if the money less, vice head can still do business! In general, the election D300 such a non-full, the lens in the configuration to be cheaper! For example, 50 / 1.4D of the header, that is, studio head (not part) can be full body can be close-up, but also large scene shooting, depth of field virtual enough, high definition! And inexpensive, both inside and outside the scene are practical! As if it is now less than 2000!
Q:Digital camera lens suddenly shrink back? Camera is the Canon IXUS 210 how to do?
Shaking the camera. Once I focus on the lens when the problem, and then thrown well
Q:What does the lens on the camera lens mean?
The new actor in the camera before the fear of fear, stage fright A lens turntable on a camera or television

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