Super Rose Blue Shaggy Carpet

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6000 m²/month

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Product Description:

Product Description

1 Item :Carpet

2 Material:100% polyester  

3 Pile Height:2.5 or 3.5 cm

4 Pile Weight:600-650g/sqm

5 Backing:TPR backing or plastic non-woven back

6 Size:120cm×180cm,140cm×200cm,160cm×230cm,170cm×240cm,200cm×200cm,200cm×300cm Or other customed size

7 Color&Design: according to customer's request

8 MOQ:300sqm/color

9 Payment Terms: 30%T/T in advance + 70% T/T before shipment or L/C at sight

10 Packing: Rolls in the polybags, your specific packing is available

11 OEM Welcome

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Q:How do you get candle wax out of carpet?
Where the wax is puddled, you can whack it and break small pieces off. Some you can pull off. The part that's melted into the fiber is the part I've always ironed off. You need an iron that's trashed (second hand store) or will be after this project. The iron can be used later for crafts. Rip a paper grocery bag open so it'll be one big flat paper. Put it over the wax. Place the heated iron on the bag and pull the bag as you leave the iron in the same spot, until no more wax melts into the paper. You keep doing this until you've removed all the wax that will come up. I've been able to get so much out that it nearly felt soft and supple again. Best wishes.
Q:Cost to repair / replace carpet?
Depends on the type of carpet that was installed. Some apts have a cheaper grade carpet in them and some times you just can t make a repair not show . Even a good seam job it may show because getting the exact same carpet you ll have a different dye lot and that sticks out worse than a bad seam. Even if you have a left over scrap pc the installed carpet can be dirty, ( even a cleaning won t get it back to the exact same) sun faded or even worn. This will all depend on the LL and what he/ she will accept.But be prepared to have to replace the carpet.If you have renters insurance , check into that. GL
Q:It's easier to carpet the concrete staircase
According to the actual amount of the size of cutting carpet; adopts full frictioning adhesive glue binder; top-down trowel to tread on the stairs sit up and take notice and play on the surface, the appropriate hanging carpet is stuck, and then use the flat shovel rolling pressure, make the carpet roll flat, compaction; step by step and step by step, to avoid scraping the laying of large a shave gel slab carpet, no place to stay; if required to install metal anti slip strip, with fixed pressure rod; the prohibition of abortion from the shop after in 24H.
Q:Rent a carpet cleaner?
Carpet cleaning machines can be rented at tool rental centers, old fashioned hardware stores , DIY stores, and even at larger grocery stores. I worked part time in high school for a carpet cleaning company. Rent a canister style machine. This machine applies water to carpet ,vacuums dirty water and is very user friendly. This style is what pros use. Here are some tricks of trade. ( 1) Clear the room of every thing / furniture leaves shadows and you will leave more indents on wet carpet. (2) Get good lighting in area.( 3) Vacuum carpet ( 4) Clean the carpet in sections/ The traffic areas of carpet will need more attention. (5) Do not over apply soap mixture/ if the padding gets too wet takes forever to dry. (6) Go over carpet indents a few times and the will blend into existing carpet. ( 7) Buy the recommended soap for the machine/ Good soap does the job right with less work/ Its a concentrate and mixes with water.(8) Upon completion the room will be feel humid and a little damp/ Box fans on the floor speed up drying time.(9) Clean the machine and reservoirs or the rental co. will charge you.
Q:make-up on rug?
Baking soda and finger polish remover always work.
Q:What is the carpet trace made of?
there are a variety of carpet materials, generally are polypropylene fiber,acrylic fibers, nylon wool and blending .
Q:Removing Cat vomit from carpet?
Here is a great site that has many high quality stain removal techniques. I would suggest repeating the process twice, rinsing the stain out with warm water in between applications. Best of luck!
Q:carpet cleaner job?
For the most part, it is a fairly easy job, but this does not mean it is not challenging. You may get several jobs in a row where the carpet is immaculate and they homeowner's have moved everything for you. Then, you'll get a job where there are spots everywhere, that have been set (made into stains) by previous cleaning attempts and the homeowner will be expecting miracles. Easy or hard, it can be a rewarding job. You work a miracle on someone's carpet and the smile on their face makes it worth it.
Q:What's the best way to clean a rug?
Take it to a professional laundry.
Q:What size is the carpet of 0.4-0.6?
0.4*0.6 length * width 0.24 square meters

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