Super fashion great quality for car tyre wheel Pattern 531

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Size ETCBHoleP.C.DFinish
15x6.5407341001black  with red lip
17X74057.1/7441001black  with red lip


Production Procedure:

1) Casting Machine Melting & Full Heat Treatment

2) CNC machine CNC made in Taiwan

3) Painting Line Full automatic Painting

4) Quality Control Certifications : JWL.VIA Japanese Standard

   Impact fatigue testing

   Bending fatigue testing,

   Radial run out testing

   Dynamic balance testing.

   Air-tightness testing。


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Q:The peak slip coefficient corresponds to the wheel slip rate
We know that the number of direct factors moving forward is related to ground friction, and when the friction is too small and the drive force is large, the car will slip. There is a proportional relationship between them is the adhesion coefficient. The attachment coefficient of the road is greatly changed by the wheel structure, material, road surface shape, material and the nature of the road. The general dry and clean leveling cement, asphalt pavement (called good road) longitudinal peak adhesion coefficient is as high as 0.8 ~ 0.9, While the vertical peak of ice and snow surface adhesion coefficient as low as 0.1 to 0.2. The maximum value of the adhesion coefficient is the peak adhesion coefficient, and the adhesion coefficient when the car is locked is called the sliding adhesion coefficient. Usually the sliding adhesion coefficient is 15% ~ 20% less than the peak adhesion coefficient. The lateral adhesion coefficient is basically the same as the slip rate (the slip ratio is the proportion of the sliding component in the wheel movement, in order to obtain the best braking effect, To control its slip rate in the range of 15% to 20%) increase and monotonically decline, when the slip rate of 100% when the wheel is fully locked drag, the lateral slip coefficient is zero, said the wheel at this time completely lost Resistance to lateral force, if the lateral force on the wheel, can only cause the side slip, can not turn, then the car lost steering maneuverability, which is very dangerous.
Q:Gyro and wheel feel writing
: The end, with the ratio, metaphor, reference and other rhetoric again to reiterate your point of view, the end of the full text
Q:why don't animals have wheels?
Wheels are not good for animals. That is because if they are on a slope, they will roll backwards as soon as they stop moving uphill. Wheels are not an efficient way to travel uphill. An ox or a horse pulling a set of wheels is different, because horses and oxen are powerful animals that can use their weight and the fiction between their hooves and the ground to stop the cart they may be pulling. An animal would not have the same ability to stop a set of wheels. further, when going downhill, the weight of the beast of burder can help slow the speed of descent. Small animals with wheels would not have the same ability to stop and are therefore accidents waiting to happen. Contrast the wheel with wings and legs. Birds can slow themselves down by stalling their wings, and an animal can stop themselves with their legs by creating friction. The wheel is not so easy to stop. An animal with wheels would probably be as difficult to stop as a train.
Q:The first sentence of the lyrics is the wheel rolling grass flying what song? Thank you
The wheels rolling on the grass flying, along the way bright spring, what song
Q:SRAM Road Bike Wheels ?
Wheel choice involves compromise. A wheel that is very lightweight for climbing might not be stiff enough for sprinting. A lightweight wheel might also not be the best for aggressive cornering. If you buy a wheelset based on looks, you might discover that you have made the wrong choice. You are looking for wheels that have to do many different things, so you have to find a good all round wheel that will not be perfect in specific areas. I would say the S40 or S30 wheels are probably the best all round choice
Q:Why can not wheel ads rise?
Increase the promotion in the off-season, if the start of a large-scale, strong end-consumer groups advertising and promotional activities, rebate on the people, it may appear off-season consumption, to achieve unexpected results.
Q:Vehicle maintenance (wheel bearings)
Two-in-one bearings generally do not have to break the oil ah but also sub-models ah I am now a diesel engine that is necessary to break up the oil ah gasoline engine is rarely broken down ah
Q:What is the round of hygiene?
Rolling frictional resistance is smaller than sliding frictional resistance.
Q:Where is the Ecoxpower wheel generator sold? (Shop)
We are the manufacturer
Q:The Lyrics to Ride Till The Wheels Fall Off?
Kelis - Till The Wheels Fall Off Lyrics [Verse 1] I'm traveling off the cliff just to fall in love with you (I'm serious, i'm serious) And we ain't got no plans on coming back soon, yeah (I'm serious, i'm serious) I got my bags packed just to hit the road with you, cause (I'm serious, yeah, i'm serious) And when it gets bumpy I'll be rollin' with you, cause (I'm serious, yeah, hey baby) [Chorus] Till them wheels fall off Till them wheels fall off Till them wheels fall off Till them wheels fall off Till them wheels fall off Till them wheels fall off Till them wheels fall off Till them wheels fall off [Bridge] Oh baby, I'm runnin' on metal plates Oh baby, I'm never gonna walk away Even though we runnin' on metal plates Oh baby, I'm runnin' on metal plates [Verse 2] My tank is all empty, but my heart is filled with fuel (I'm serious, oh, i'm serious) I never run from nothing, but I'm running straight to you (I'm serious, i'm serious) And I don't have no plans on coming back soon (I'm serious, i'm serious) I know you scared, but they're coming on soon (It's serious, oh, serious) [Chorus] Till them wheels fall off Till them wheels fall off Till them wheels fall off Till them wheels fall off Till them wheels fall off Till them wheels fall off Till them wheels fall off Till them wheels fall off [Bridge] Oh baby, I'm running on metal plates Oh baby, someday we'll see better days Oh, we'll be running on metal plates Oh, we'll be running on metal plates [Verse 3] Ridin' shot gun baby Keep on through Emergency break off, pedal to the floor We gonna move Movin' fast hit the gas, crash We gonna move And remember the wheels fall off Carry me through [Chorus] Till them wheels fall off Till them wheels fall off Till them wheels fall off Till them wheels fall off Till them wheels fall off Till them wheels fall off Till them wheels fall off Till them wheels fall off

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