Super Enameled Copper Wire Strip for Building

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Product Description:

Super Enameled Copper Wire Strip for Building

Quick Details
      Application: OtherType: Insulated

  • Conductor Material: Copper

  • Conductor Type: Other

  • Insulation Material: Enameled

  • PEW/130: single&double coating

  • PEW/155: single&double coating

  • UEW/130: single&double coating

  • UEW/155: single&double coating

  • UEW/180: single&double coating

  • PEI/180: single&double coating

  • EI/AIW/200: single&double coating

  • nylon coated series: single&double coating


Enamelled copper wires,
ISO TS 16949, ISO 9001-2000
ISO 14001-2004,
UL Approved(E227047)



Product Description


super enameled copper wire,magnet wire,enamelled copper wire with various kinds, like: PEW/130, PEW/155, UEW/130/155/180, EIW/180, EI/AIW/200.

Annual output: 100,000 metric tons

Production Size Range: 0.05mm-3.20mm (SWG10-SWG47)

production type: Class 130'C to Class 200'C

Certificates: ISO 9001-2000, ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001-2004, UL Approved, RoHS Directive Met

Executive standards: IEC, JIS and NEMA.  


Packaging & Shipping


Standard exported cartons with pallets or wooden case or as per clients's request


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Best sales representatives communicate with the global customers with best serves


With advanced testing equipments and professional test teamers to do all necessary tests before every shipment to ensure the all technical parameters of our wires meet customers' requirement.


Professional packing teamers to keep goods fastness during shipment

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Q:Can a partial short to chassis ground in a wiring harness cause a partial voltage drop, 12 to 9.6V, at its end?
i'm going with no on this one. it must have stopped off at something or has been tapped to another component. can you isolate down the lead where exactly the drop occurs?
Q:Pioneer car stereo wire harness the same?
Compare the wire colors in the plugs since those are standardized. Generally if it is the one that has a fuse, usually 10 amp, below the connector on the back of the head unit they are all the same. My Sanyo, Sony Aiwa (Sony in drag) and JVC all use the same harness and connector pinout and as such swap out in a matter of seconds. I have an older Pioneer that has a different connector (it looks like computer ATX motherboard power connectors) and I found out the hard way that a Clarion with the same connector did NOT use the same pinout. Some of the speaker and power wires were swapped between the 2. Yours should be the same but check them to be sure.
Q:wiring harness un hooked?
I'm Not Sure About bout an 04 but most car manufactures use Vehicle specific harnesses. Unless your Jeep Had A Factory option that has been removed or a dealer add on that wasn't installed, the wires are for something. U can try a Repair manual or they may be optional for your Class of Rubicon.
Q:Is the wiring harness for dodge and crysler the same?
Could be but not necessarily. It depends on engine/transmission combos and optional equipment. Also depends on which wiring harness you need, engine harness, front lighting harness, rear lighting harness, etc.
Q:please help what is a wiring harness for a cd player?
Wal mart does have them, I'm not sure if theyhave one for your car. In the back of your deck you have a square or rectangle plug with prongs and wires it plugs into your deck and the other side is wires. A wiring harness looks very similar. It has a square or rectangle plug with prongs an wires. The wires will be the same colorado as the wire in your decks harness. Except that end goes in the car. You'd wire the wires up together. Plug one plug into the car, plug the other one into your deck. Like I said wal mart should have them, look by the speakers and decks.
Q:Can the floor of the fire pipe line with PVC pipe?
Applicable to industrial and mining enterprises, energy and transportation sector, for the exchange of rated voltage 450/750 volts below the control, protection lines and other occasions, the use of PVC insulated, PVC sheathed control cable
Q:1970s rotax 340 wire harness?
Just cut the power wire and install a kill switch between the cut wire and use the correct voltage kill switch for this unit. You can use a volt meter to find the power wire.
Q:cost of engine wiring harness?
Try okorder
Q:can i use a jdm wiring harness on my swap?
Always !
Q:Older Vehicle - Wiring, Wiring Harnesses, etc. beginning to dry rot, etc any spray solvent or application?
I'm sorry to tell you but they sound like they are already damaged. Especially if your are finding corrosion and the plastic is cracking. What you could do is check in a magazine called Hemming's Motor News and see who might have replacement electrical harnesses for your vehicle. If it is an older vehicle, the harnesses are pretty cheap, and they are easy to change if you work them slowly, one connector at a time. They come with all the wiring pre-done, with all the connectors attached. You just remove the old connector, snap the new one in place, and then move backwards and do it to the next part of the harness. A lot of cars have different harnesses for different functions, so you only need to change maybe 2 harnesses, because the others are OK. The harnesses typically stop at the firewall, where there is a large connector. The body electrical harness will be from the inside of the body to the instrument panel. while the engine harness, and also maybe the forward lighting harness, will start at the firewall and run forward. Good luck!

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