Super Brightness Ul Listed 4014 Smd Shenzhen Led T8 Tube

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50000 Pieces pc/month

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Product Description:

-It is optimized to provide light outputs comparable to fluorescent and delivers the immediate benefits of white-LED lighting;

-Long lifetimes, no maintenance, high efficency, no mercury, no recycling, no flickering, no buzzing, instant start, cold temperature operation, and high quality light.
-It provides energy savings of up to 75% over fluorescent applications that require long hours with low occupancy rates such as stairwells, corridors, warehouses, and remote locations.



 Product Details

Model  NumberColor Temperature
LED Type
LED Quantity
CRILight Output



Why choose our T8 led tube light ? 



a.We use the UL approved isolated driver with RUBYCON capacitor on it. PF>0.95, THD<14%

b.100% High-Pot test on AC3000v for all tubes.

c.Comply with the latest new CE ,ROHS standards. 


2) Reliability:

a.72h aging test with automatic switching before each shipment.

b.100% vibration test.

c.100% over-voltage test on AC85-265v, make sure the tubes suitable for 120v, 220v, 240v and 277v.

d.-40°C to 50°C extreme environment workable.


3) Performance:

a.Quality LED chips such as SAMSUNG, EPISTAR,BRIDGELUX…

b.High light output up to 100 lm/w, very low energy consumption.


d.Color temperature: 2700K~3000K, 4000K~4500K, 6000K~6500K,

e.Lower thermal output


4) Lifespan and Warranty

a.50,000h lifespan.

b.5 years warranty from the EXW date.

c.Lumen maintenance guarantee refer to LM80.

d.Free replacement for quality issues.


About us

1.We were founded in 2010,which is a leading manufactory on the indoor LED illumination,currently there are over 100 employees and a fabrication are of more than 2500 square meters.

2.We just focus on the LED tubes,LED bulbs,LED spots light,we desigh and manufacture,all of our products have 3 years warranty(tubes have 5 years warranty).

3.every product undergoes multiple QC stages to ensure optimum performance and functionality

4.Advanced and professional equipments are utilized to aid LED assemblies of LED tubes,array and various luminaire.

5.The equipments include SMT assembly,ato soldering lines,opto-electrical test devices,light and potical distribution analysis devices.



Trade term

1.Our goal is to help customers solve problems, to provide them with satisfactory products.

2.Fast deilvery: For samples 3 working day. For bulk order: 7-10working days.

3.Sample service is OK, but also we can help customers design or customize the products they want.

4.Professional sales team, engineer team, and good after-sales service.For any inquiries, we will give you the most professional answer within 24 hours.


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Q:Can normal LED fluorescent tubes be used in a vacuum?
Can normal LED fluorescent tubes be used in a vacuum?
Q:What lamps and lanterns are used to save the LED fluorescent lamp
The most radar microwave-sensing LED fluorescent lamp is better, and it is always bright when someone is on the radar
Q:Is a three-male LED fluorescent lamp? How the quality?
An LED fluorescent lamp, depending on what part of a computer is, is like a computer, it's bad from a brand, it's hard to say. Less detailed specification parameters.
Q:Fluorescent lamp fire line zero connection
The fire line is different from the zero line Both the wire and the zero line are charged lines, and if the two phase power is connected to the electrical appliance, the current flows through the wires General feeling of fire electricity, because if people (including some indirect contact with) the contact wire, part of the electric current is passed from the body, like a ShuiGuanZi, originally from the middle points of a faucet. The zero line is not charged because the other side of the power supply (zero) is connected to the ground, and when we reach the zero line on the ground, because there is no difference, there is no current. So there's a zero line of uncharged feeling. The zero line and the fire line are originally generated by the power supply, and the current direction of the current is the one that goes through the external device and comes in from the other end, forming a circuit. The difference between the zero and the wire is one of the two terminals of the power supply So the fluorescent lamp will not be bright!
Q:Can the T5 light tube be free of ballast?
Your home is long and thin lamp tube connect seat, that is electronic town flow, the element is installed on which small base, some pack on both sides, cannot not have no!
Q:I hope my answer will help you
Rotate it, or you can move the tube to the right and try it.I hope my answer will help you.
Q:Feasibility analysis report of LED lamps
With the advent of ultra bright white leds, applications in lighting have become possible. According to the international authorities, the 21st century will enter the era of new lighting, which is represented by leds, and is called a fourth generation new light source. At present, the lighting consumption accounts for about 20% of the whole power consumption, reduce lighting electricity is an important way to save energy, in order to achieve the goal of the industry have developed many kinds of energy-efficient lighting apparatus, and achieved certain results. However, the requirement of "green lighting" is not enough, and it is imperative to develop and apply a new source of efficiency, reliability, safety and durability. LED with its inherent superiority is attracting the world's attention. According to the forecast the U.S. department of energy (doe), around 2010, the United States will have 55% of incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp is replaced by LED, power saving value of up to 35 billion dollars a year, may become a $50 billion industry. Japan suggested that leds would replace traditional incandescent lamps in 2006. LED development history has for decades, but the application in the field of lighting and new technology, but with the rapid development of LED technology, gradually improve the luminous efficiency, LED the market will be more widely used, especially in the rising again under the background of global energy shortage, the LED in lighting market prospect is more highly attention around the world, is considered by the industry in the next 10 years to become the most promising markets, as well as the biggest markets will be replace incandescent lamp, the greatest potential for tungsten filament lamp and fluorescent lamp.
Q:If the led lamp is replaced, the lamp power should be small
Yes, there is a difference in color temperature between 14 and 18W.Yeah, how else to say energy efficiency
Q:A 36w daylight light with a watt LED lamp?
Again, the traditional fluorescent lamp is an all-round (360 °), a most of the waste in the back, actually the total quantity of light for lighting only 60% ~ 65%; General LED fluorescent light emitting Angle 120 ° ~ 180 °, is essentially effective light. Calculate this method.
Q:Now there is no led lighting, just like the fluorescent light bulb, which is universal
Yes, it is installed directly on the original lampstand, remove the regenerator.

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