Sunshade net with aliminium for energy saving greenhouse

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Thermal Screens Save on Costs, Maximum. Plant Growth

Cost and Energy Savings for your GreenhouseThermal screens are by far one of the most effective energy and cost saving technologies for modern greenhouses. Power plants’ brings the growth-max. Thermal Shade Screens to all over the world. Our thermal screens open when light is limited and close when light is excessive. They also reduce heat loss, dew drop, heating costs, and help to maintain a more constant and comfortable greenhouse climate for your crop and your staff.


How do Thermal Screens Work?  

Reflect light when it is excessive China is one of the hottest, driest countries in the world. While this is great in winter, summer heat is a big problem. High temperatures are caused by excessive light getting into the greenhouse. Our Thermal Screens are made of polished aluminum strips, which reflect light straight back out of the greenhouse.


Retract when light is limiting On cloudy days or in the mornings and afternoons, light becomes limited and plant growth slows down. So CNBM’ Thermal Screens retract automatically in order to maximum growth.


Reduce heat loss at night The screens are automatically closed at dusk in order to trap as much heat as possible for the night. This means that heating costs are greatly reduced by 20 to 70%.


Reduce condensation on leaves and fruit The screens keep the crop warmer, reducing the possibility of condensation forming and leading to fungal disease. CNBM’ Thermal Screens are made from aluminum and polyester, which are excellent insulators. Aluminum reflects long wave radiation from the crop back down to the crop, and polyester absorbs long wave radiation and provides a warm ‘blanket’ above the crop, reducing radiation heat loss. With gas and energy prices still rising, can you afford not to save even 20%? By reducing the amount of energy you consume, you will also be doing your part to reduce global warming, too.


Increase production & quality, decrease costs, increase profit! With a lifespan of 8 to 10 years, CNBM’ 
Thermal Screens give you a phenomenal return on investment.




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