sunshade net 80% shade factor UV 10years

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Product Description:

sunshade net 80% shade factor UV 10years

Material:  100% virgin HDPE

Using life:  5 ~10 years Gurantee

Export market:  Europe ,America,Japan, the Middle East ,Africa

Shape:  Square, Triangle , Rectangle

Net weight:  160g/m2--320g/m2

Size:  3x3m, 3.6x3.6m 3x3m, 3x3x3m,5x5m,5x5x5m and so on UV block:  85-95%

Packaging & DeliveryPackaging Detailsunshade net 80% shade factor UV 10years:

Each piece of sail will be put into a pvc hadle bag with a color label inside, seveal pcs packaging into a paper carton with shipping mark.

Application sunshade net 80% shade factor UV 10years:

It could be used in the outdoor in home and garden , kindgarden.

Delivery time  sunshade net 80% shade factor UV 10years:

we could ship at once if our regular size .

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