Submersible Water Pump, Sewage Pump with Base WQD7-10-0.75

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It's more compact,light on weight,easy for use.
It's suitable for home water supply,garden irrigation,building site,aquaculture


Applying for building site ,hotel,restaurant,ship,mine,urban sewage,dejecta  discharge,garden and farm irrigation, it also can be used for transporting liquid feed for fishing aquaculture and transporting dilute paper pulp.


· Pump body:Cast iron

· Motor housing:Stainless steel

· Motor wire:Copper

· Impeller:cast iron

· Mechanical seal:Ceramic&Graphite

· Shaft:45#steel

· Bearing:China

· Insulation class:B

· Protection class:IP68

Electrical Data

Rated power:0.75KW

Rated voltage:220/380V

Mains frequency:50/60Hz

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Q:What would be a compatible water pump?
If or just your local pet store and see if you can't buy a pump with a similar/same output.
Q:Does performance improve after timing belt/water pump change?
You made a wise decision to have your car timing belt/water pump changed at the dealership as they are major components. I believe the $900 was well spent and will serve you well for many more years of safe driving. Unless the old belt was loose or slipping, thus possibly causing the valves to open at wrong timings, I don't think you will notice any difference in the car performance after the replacement, especially if it was a preventive maintenance at the recommended mileage. But I do believe you will feel some difference in terms of the engine smoother acceleration and responsiveness. The $900 spent can really do wonders sometimes, at least in your mind.
Q:Cars water pump went or going out?
The water pump may be leaking causing the coolant loss. But it is certainly not leaking into the engine. You may have misunderstood the mechanic's explanation of the problem. Where is the white smoke coming from? The engine compartment? Then the water pump may actually be leaking coolant into the engine compartment and onto the exhaust manifold. If the white smoke is coming out the exhaust, it's not your water pump. Car repairs are more expensive today because they are more complex and shops prey on the lack of knowledge that car owner's have about their cars. You wil be charged for the VALUE of the repair, not the actual COST (plus a reasonable profit) of repair. You'll pay about 2x-3x the retail price of the water pump than you would have paid if you bought the water pump yourself. Without that water pump, your car is junk. My daughter paid $700+ to have a $149 alternator replaced.
Q:water pump?
If you don't see drip marks under your car when you come out in the morning or when it's parked, it's probably not the water pump. Either way, that coolant is going someplace. Might it be possible that you had the AC on when you heard the clunking sounds? When you have the AC on and the AC compressor comes on it puts an extra drain on the engine and makes a noticable change in the way the engine sounds. What I would do is find a way to get under the car with a flashlight and take a look around and see if anything is wet. I had a 1999 Chevy Tahoe and had all these same sort of things you are describing, so I climbed up under it and looked around and saw a drip around one of the seals on the water pump. For about three weeks I kept my eye on it and noticed the drip marks under my car. Eventually one day on a quick trip to the corner store, the pump finally went and and deluge of coolant came pouring out the bottom of my car. It could also just be a loose hose or a blown headgasket. Check your oil and see if you have any coolant in the oil (you'll be able to tell). If you do, take it to a garage ASAP or you'll be really screwed! Either way, if it's the pump you'll know it sooner or later when it blows out!
Q:Decoration Water Pump Supplies?
Home Depot, Lowes, Michael's craft stores, waterfall and water feature stores, Target, WalMart and sometimes Big Lots. I've also found supplies to build decorative water pumps at my local nurseries, Green Thumb and Armstrong.
Q:So im trying to take out a screw on my water pump?
use minny vice grips it slow or grind head off take rest of bolts out pull water pump an alot more bolt to grab with vice grips an turn out a little lube blaster an screw back in an walk it out like that till all the way out an get a new bolt
Q:Water hand pump for invention?
your question is not clear, do you need to build the pump from scratch or you should find one? what is the water flow rate? how high the water need to go? what the helmet has to do with the problem? simplest solution will be to go to the store and buy small hand pump (for fuel).
Q:Water pump pressure for shower?
if your sink does not need a pump, you shower won't either....most water systems are pressurized
Q:The water burst how to repair?
The general water burst positions for the pump body, pump cover, if not very serious welding can be used to trap, at which point the attention electrode material, most of the water pump are cast iron, so the welding difficulty is not small.If it has become deformed or has split into parts, replace it.
Q:Water Pump replacment?
Price, Water-pumps and serpentine belts are very easy to change in all rear wheel drive cars

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